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And every distiller, rectifier, and compounder, shall cause to Di»tfllen rebc painted, in durable large legible characters, over the outward 1""" l" Put

* i 'in . it uf certain

door of each stillhouse, storehouse, warehouse, shop, cellar, word,, ,,r wait, and other place, by him made use of for making or keep, their stilling of British-made spirituous liq'tors. the words Distiller, houses and Rectifier, or Compounder of spirituous Liquors, (as the case P1"0*** say be); on pain of 100/. 19 Geo. 3. c. 50. s. 6.

Andif any person, other than such as shall hare made entry of all places by him used for making or keeping such liquors, shall put up such words, he shall forfeit '20:>/. s. 9.

Andif any person who shall either make, distil, rectify, or compound any Jiritish made spirituous liquors for sale, or who ■kailsell or deal in any sort of spirituous liquors, shall recede or buj, or procure any person to receive or buy for him, any Britiih spirituous liquors, (except at the public excise sales,) of Mt person other than such over the outward tloor of whose stillhouse such words shall be painted, he shall forfeit 500/. 21 Geo. 3. c. 55. i. 37.

But such offender, if prosecuted for the 500/. by this act, shall not be again prosecuted for the same offence by any former act;and if prosecuted by any former act, not again by this*. ». 38.

And if the person who shall hive "-old such liquors, shall, be. fore information lodged against himself, inform against the buyer, he shall be discharged from all penalties for his own offence. ». 39. ''

Every distiller shall, four days before he begin to brew any Bi»iilleri to ton, or to mix materials for making wash to be distilled into """/'IT'S

a^^ . , • • • , rt. . •"tv vfMielt before.

** wines, make entry in writing at the next oilice, ol all cop- they be^m to pen, tuns, backs, coolers, stills, casks, and vessels, which he pn-p >re for ihall make use of for brewing, mixing, fermenting, working, distilling, distilling, holding, kying, or keeping any wort, wash, or low »ines, or any spirits or feints; and therein insert the day when he shall begin first to brew any corn, or to mix materials, and specify the particular use to which each vessel is to be appropriated; and no such vessel shall be applied to any other purpose than specified; and if he neglect to make such entry, or shall apply any vessel to any other use than specified, he shall forfeit lOO/.together with all the liquors found therein, which shall beieized by any officer. "26 Geo. 3. c. 73. s. 3.

And the distiller i« to shew to the officer every still or vessel w,,ic'"''"" be entered: and the officer is to mark the same with a distinct and market1.

'•The 19 Ceo. 3. c. 50. i. 7, jnflicts only a penally of 501. for this offence; •wi in that case, cither buyer or seller informing against the otter, is di»tlurgeo of his own peualiy. i. So.

Butiileii*. durable mark : and every still and vessel used without bein; $4

i shewn or marked, shall be deemed a vessel,- of which no entry

has been made. And if any person deface any such mark, he

shall for every such offence forfeit 20/. 24 Geo. 2. c. 40.

t. 18.

And no distiller, compounder, or rectifier, who shall have made entry of any stillhouse and utensils for distillation, shall withdraw such entry, whilst wash, low wines,'or other materials preparing or fit for distillation, are remaining in any of tlit places, or utensils entered. 23 Geo. 3. c. 70. s- 2>.

And no distiller for home consumption shall be allowed to ■withdraw his entry of any still or storehouse whilst any duty therein shall be depending, or any utensils for brewing, ferment* jng, or distilling, shall be standing. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73. -. 4.

But nothing herein shall prevent the changing of any entry from the name of one owner, to the name of any subsequent owner; or prevent any distiller from changing his entry for home consumption, to exportation ; or for exportation to home consumption ; or from changing his entry for making spirits from corn or malt, to melasses or sugar, or from melasses or sugar, to corn or malt; so that every new entry be made on tV same day on which he withdraws his former entry; and if not, such former entry shall remain in force. J. 4. And irfTWv And any officer by night as well as by day (but if in th night, then on producing his commission), may enter, by the entered»iiil- vsuai doors, into all entered still-houses, and all other place* pontes. where utensils .are standing; and if any person shall obstruct

such officer, such person [shall forfeit 200/. and, after any oq. strnction, the officer with assistants may break open any doors leading to such entered place, or any of the windows thereof, or break through any of the walls, so far as necessary for obtaining entrance. 26 Geo. 3, c. 73. s. 4. $ut of stills. And no person who shall make or rectify any spirits for sale, or A\ ho shall sell or deal in any spirituous liquors, shall have in his possession, any still, or stills, unless such still, if a single one, or such stills takon together, if more than one, shall contain at the least one hundred gallons, on pain to forfeit for every such still 10Q/. and such stills as shall contain separately less than one hundred gallons, shall be all placed in one room, on pain to forfeit for every still, notso placed, 100/. 2 Geo. 3. e. 5. *. 4,

And no distiller shall have in his possession any still but as follows, viz. every wash-still shall contain four hundred gallons in the body, exclusive of the head, and every low wineslill, one hundred gallons, on pain to forfeit for every still containing less, 100/. 14 Geo. 3. c. 73. s. 2. Htilestobe And ever)-distiller, rectifier, and compounder, shall before

for officers tu c Pl'g"i to distil, make, rectify, or compound, cause too* ta2.. made (with the approbation of the surveyor) in the breast «f irrrj still, a hole that the gagcrs may take gages and samples, »mium. which in the wash-still shall not be more than five inches square,

and so contrived that the officers may take a gage with a cork and rule; and in every other still, not a wash-still, not less than oac inch and an half in diameter, and so contrived that the offi. cers may fake samples from it with a phial, to Ue drawn per* pendicularly through the same; and the said holes shall be locked and secured, as the still-heads, aud other conveyance* thereinto. 14 Geo. 3. c. 73. *. 3.

And if he distil, rectify, or compound, before sach holes be Bide, he shall forfeit 50/. *. 5.

And every fermenting wash-back shall havra hole or dipping- J*""* '"c** *• placew the top thereof, and be so constructed that the officer jj"" J'"1"" may tatehii gage thereat, on pain of 200/, and every fermenting or other wash-back shall be so placed that the top shall be under the level of the charging.cock of the wash still. 2G Geo. I e. 73. j. 5.

And every distiller shall, after his wash-back shall be empty, Fmli liming fire some of the officers notice in writing, if within the biils wn»b-ba»k» four hours, or in other parts eight hours before, he Ivgin to fresh lime the same, on pain of 50/. for each back limed without notice; and if he shall not begin within one hour after the time mentioned, such notice shall be roid, and a new notice pen. ♦. 6.

And all distillers, rectifiers, and compounders whatsoever, t* siall at their own expence provide sufficient fastenings (to be l)? provided Uf approved of in writing by the surveyors) to the heads tfeach' ha tine-still and zeash still, jcash pumps, and churginsf-cocks, through which worts or tcath are conveyed into luch sash-still, and the same shall be locked and sealed by the officer, and such lotband keys shall be provided by the surveyors, at the ex« penes of the distiller, rectifier, or compounder. 12 Geo. 3. c. «■». 10. 14 Geo. 3. c. 73. s. 1. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73. s. 8, 9.

And every distiller, rectifier, and compounder, shall alt > at Furnace i»<m» kiiown expence provide and affiv sufficient locks, keys, and fetenitigs (to be approved of in writing by the surveyors) <*tke furnace door of every still; and the officers shall lock »nd secure such doors when the stills are not at work. 11 Geo. i (■ 73. «. 4.

And every distiller, rectifier, and compounder, shall at his Dlicluru** •"i expence, alio affix sufficient locks, keys, and fastenings to he approved of as aforesaid, to the discharge cock of every wash Mdlow wine-still; which the officer may, if he see cau*-, lock *>*• such still shall be at work. 14 Geo. 3. C. 73. *. ». Gw-S. c.73. s. 8. »

Awl if any distiller, rectifier, or compounder, shall dis'il, rectify or compound,before he shall hav« affixed sufficient fascen«»gs,to be approved as aforesaid, to ev«ry still-h'-ad and chargf*ck, and to every furnace door and di*charge-cOvk, accjfi

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ing to the acts, or shall refuse to pay for the locks and kcv«,, he shall forfeit 50/. 12 Geo. 3. c. 46. s. 16.14 Geo. 3. c. 73.' s. 5. 26 Geo. 3.C.73.S. 8. 9.

And the discharge-cocks shall be so placed in the body of the stills, that the officers may have free access to the same; and for that purpose every discharge.cock shall be continued in a straight line from the body of the still, and not project more than three feet from the body, nor more than eighteen inches from the brick-work, and il it be fixed otherwise, the distiller shall forfeit 100/. 23 Geo. 3. c. 70. s. 17.

And the keys of every charging and discharging-cock shall be constructed in manner following ;. viz. the key shall be made with an open hole in the top, capable of receiving a leaver to turn the cock; and such charging-cocks aud discharge-cocks shall not have any place of discharge, but at the mouth ouly; and no grate, strainer, or other thing, shall be fixed before the mouth of any such cock ; on pain that such distiller, rectifier, or compounder, offending herein-, shall forfeit WO/. 23 Geo. J. c. 70. s. 18. 26 Geo. 3. e. 73. s. 11. .

And if any distiller, rectifier, or compounder, shall rivet or fasten any key into any such cock, so as to prevent the officer from taking out or examining such key, he shall forfeit 50/. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73.*. 12.

And if he shall keep any iron or other cap, or covering, upon any cock belonging to his still, or to any pipe, back, or vessel whatsoever in his entered premiscs,so as to prevent the officer from seeing and examining such cock,lie shall forfeit 50/. *. 14.

And every distiller, rectifier, and compounder, shall at all times when required, by the general surveyor (if within the limits of the chief office, and by the surveyors out of the said limits,) immediately set about repairing, aud within a reasonable time repair and alter, according to such requisition, all the fastenings directed by the acts, to be provided, on pain of 50/. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73. a. 10.

No distiller shall keep any private pipe, stop-cock, or conveyance, by which any wash or liquors fit for distillation may be conveyed from one back or vessel to another, or to their still or other place, or any hole in such back or wash batch, on forfeiture of 100/. for every such conveyance or hole. 10 & 11 Will. 3. c 4. s. 3.

And the officers in the day-time, with a constable, on request and cause declared, may break up the ground, partition, or other place in or adjoining any, to search for any such conveyance, and through or into which any such conveyance shall lead, and may cut the same, and turn any cocks, to try whether they serve for such conveyance. s. 4.

But if no such private conveyance is found, the officers shall make good the place broken up, or make satisfaction to the owner, to be adjudged by two of the uext justices (1 Qu.) or the party may briDg hi» action for damages: and wbat snail be ad- Bitmximmst judged by the justices, or recovered upon action, shall be paid ■

bythecommissionersoutof the revenue; and if any one obstruct wch officer, he shall forfeit 100/. ». 5.

And any distiller, may keep and use any public pipe, stop. enrk, or other conveyance above ground, for letting his wash into his backs, or wash-batches, and his wash or worts from thence bto his public stills. ». 6.

Bat no distiller shall have any pipe, conveyance, or opening, lading to his wash still, except the known charging-pipe, lead. ioiffom the entered wash-back, and such pipe shall empty itself in a shute, open trunk, or -vessel, at not exceeding six feet Iron Ac still, and shall be at least two feet in length, one in bradtb, and not more than two in depth ; from which shuts tbecowvanrc-pipe into the wash-still shall be straight, and not roarealed from view, nor of a greater size than six inches diameter in the clear, on pain of 200/. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73. i.U.

Nor shall any distiller, rectifier, or compounder, hare any? fixed pipe or other conveyance v» liatever, leading to any still, ucept one ch.irging-pipe to each still; nor any conveyance) whatever leading from such still, except the dischargiug-cock, on pain of 200/. 23 Geo. 3. c. 70. *. 23. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73. 1.7.

And no distiller, rectifier, or compounder, shall have any pipe or conveyance, communicating with any worm, belonging to any Hill, on pain of 100/. 26 Geo. 3. c. 73. *. 13.

But they shall leave the end of the worm open for the officer* (•tasteand examine thelow wines and spirits coming from such XiB,aml the spirits coming from the ends of the worms shaM'public1/nmintoan opon vesscl,a!id be conveyed therefrom,into the lovf *«espirit ca.-k, on pain of 100/. 23 Geo. 3. c. 70. #. 16.

And no distiller shall have any pipe or conveyance to the W» nine-stills from any other vessel, except the known and eattrcd low wine cask, on pain of 100/. 12 Geo. 3. c. 46. H5.

The gagers of excise shall keep an account of the liquors, Officer* to t.'-« *orh, and drink, made by distillers or others for making a" "count ot low wines, spirits, or brandies. 7 & 8 Will. 3. c. 30. £'£,, ""*" '•7,14

And the officers of excise shall keep an account of the several torts ef wash found in the hands of any distiller ; and upon decrease of such wash made from corn, (or melasses, 10 & 11 Mi 3. c. 31. s. 22.) charge such distiller with so much low *»«! as cue fourth of the wash decreased shall amount to, and *ith so much proof spirits, or spirits of the second extraction, *»comes to three fifths of the low wines so charged shall amount I > (and a* to melasses as tzco thirds of the lots sines shall amount. ut 10 \ u Will. 3. c. 31. t. 22.) ami upon decrease of wash

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