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For every bushel of rock salt exported to parts beyond the' leas, other than Ireland, (43 Geo. 3. c. 14. Sched. A.) 0 0 1 For erery bushel of salt or rock salt brought from Scotland into England, with a- certificate that it hath paid the doty of 4». to be paid by the master or commander of the vessel before tie landing thereof (43 Geo. 3. c. 69, Sched. A.) 0 6 O For every bushel of salt used in curing flesh exported from Scotland to England, and provisions for ships in Scotland, and for foreign voyages, to be paid by the owners or shippers (43 Geo. 3. c. 69. Sched. A.) - - - 0 6 0

Forerery cwt. of salted beef or pork, or of bacon brought by land from Scotland to England, to be paid by tho person brincing the same, upon entry thereof, at the nearest office of excise in England, (on pain of the forfeiture of such beef, porky bactra, or the value thereof, to be recovered and applied according to the laws of excisa (43 Geo. 3. c. 69. Sched. A) 0 2 6

For every bushel of salt of Englhh manufacture used by any Allo>»neei} bleacher of linen or cotton in England in the making of oxygenated muriatic acid, for the sole purpose of bleaching linen or cotton, deducting at the rate of 71. 10s. per cent, in consequence of the increase in the weight of the salt by the moisture of the air (43 Geo. 3. c. 09. Sched. C.) - - 0 10 0 For crcry bushel so used in Scotland (43 Geo. 3. c, 69. Sched. C.) - - - 0 4 O

For every cwt. ofilried ced fish, ling or hake called haber- Uotmtiet. dine, 14 inches or upwards from the bone in the fin to the third joint in the tail, exported to foreign parts (43 Geo. 3. c. 69. SeM.C.) . - - 0 3 0

Fomcry barrel of wet cod fish, ling, or hake containing 31 galloos exported - - - 0 2 0

For every barrel of salmon containing 42 gallons export, ed _ . . - - 04 6

Forerery barrel of white herrings of 32 gallons exported . . - - -02* Forerery barrel of full red herrings of 32 gallons exported - - - - 0 1 9For every barrel of clean shottun herrings of 32 gallons exported . _ - -.0 10 Forerery last of 10000 dried red sprats exported O 1 O Forerery cask or vessel of pilchards or scuds of 50 gallons "ported . - - -' - 0/0 For evcrv cask or vessel <>f pilchards so exported (for seven TW> from July 10, 1805, 45 Geo. & c. Wi.) over and be. "da the aforesaid sum of seven shillings - - 0 1 G Forall pilchards exported directly to the lirilhh West India I'knds or any place in the Mediterranean in casks of 33 gallons or upwards, a bounty in proportion to the bounty payable far pikhanb exported in casks of 50 gallons,

A proyvrtiunablc bounty.

For everv barrel of beef or pork of 32 gallons, salted in Englaud, With salt that shall have paid the duties, exported ^

For every barrel of beef or pork of 32 gallons, salted iu Scotland with foreign salt that shall have paid the duties, without the mixture of any British or Irish salt, exported

0 5 0

Drawbacks. For every bushel of salt made in England, rock salt except

ed for which the duties shall have been paid, exported (43

. Geo. 3. c. 69, Sched. C.)' - - » 10 J

Additional drawback (45 Geo. 3. c. 14. s. 2.) 0 5 0

Total 0 15 0

For every bushel of the like, made in Scotland (43 Geo. 3. "' Additional drawback (45 Geo. 3< c. 14. s. 2.) 0*2 0

Toial 0 6 0

For every bushel of salts called Glauber or Epsom salts, made in Great Britain, for which the duties shall have been paid, exported to foreign parts (43 Geo. 3. c. 69, &cked.L.)^

Additional drawback (45 Geo. 3. c. 14. *. 2.) 0 5 0

Total 0 15 0

Sixrv.five rounds weight avoirdupois of rock salt shall be 2SSS.1 deS a^usi0!, and 56 Sound, of every other kind of salt. 38 el Geo 3 c 89. *. 4. 45 Geo. 3. c.14. s. 4.

And'the commissioners may compound for the duty w.lh the S" -" refiners of rock salt, and also for the duty on mineral alkali or whli refir.eis. flux for crass. 38 Geo. 3. c. 89. s. '• ,

, The dutv for foreign salt, shall be paid by the importer upon Sail imported. and"before landing, and if unshipped or landed, or put

onshore, or into any vessel, before -entered, and duty paid; or without a warrant from the collector, such salt shall be forfeited, together with the packages, vessels,horses, cattle, and carnages, which may be seized by any oiTicer of or customs j aud every person employed therein, or to whose hands the same .hall come after having been so unshipped, knowing the same, shall forfeit treble the value, s. 8. .,,„,»„.

And if any salt imported, shall not be entered and landed, aud the duty paid within 20 days, such salt shall be forfeited, aud n.ay be seized by any such officer, s. 9.

Salt imported and not entered, forfeited.

But being not Jess than SO bushels, the same may upon entry, Foreign »alt aud before payment of the duty, be landed in the presence of 'n»yb»w«eao officer, aud shall be weighed and warehoused upon bond, given boll(j t'ut pa_ in double the duty, to pay off the duty when sold, if within 12 mom of the months, and if not sold within that time, then at the end of duty. such twelve months, s. 10.

But it shall be lawful for any person, within 12 months after

importation, to take free of duty, for the purpose of exporting

the same in any vessel, uot of less burthen than forty tons, to

Newfoundland for curing fish, any quantity, 50 bushels at a

time, of foreign salt, out of any import warehouses at Poole,

Dartmouth, Falmouth, or Glasgow, upon the person so taking

outsuch salt, first gi\iiig the like security, without stamp, as

is hereinafter required in respect of salt delivered free of duly

for immediate exportation, except thatcvery such security shall

he in treble the amount of the duty. 39 Geo. 3. c. 65. s. 9, 10.

Ami the giving such security together with the exportation of

toch salt to Newfoundlandshall vacate the former security for

the duties. 39 Geo. 3. c. 65. s. 9.

And every such warehouse shall be secured under the joint locks ^ "..houses "> ■f L (i- > . . . i ii t . • , »' secured un

oi such officer and proprietor, and no salt-shall be put into, dcr ,|ie j0;nt

or be delivered out of such warehouse in less quantity than 50 lurk uf dm o(ousbels at one time, and when any such proprietor shall bo do firer and prolines to lodge or take out salt, he shall give twelve hours' pre- PI!01or> vionsnotice in writing to such officer, specifying therein the day and hoar, and also the quantity, and such officer shall atteud ac. tordingly. 38 Geo. 3. c. 89. *. 11.

And no foreign salt shall bo imported, in any vessel of Icis l" * *"*V e^rtnen than 40 Pods, (except for the use of the seamen, not Mceeding 5 pounds for each man), upon pain of forfeiting such "If, together with the packages, and also such vessel with her guns and furniture, which may be seized by any such officer. s.\ 3.

And no salt shall be imported from Ireland into Great Bri- importation teis in any vessel of less burthen than 100 tons, on pain, of for- ifm Ireland, fciture thereof, with the vessel, which may be seized by any oicer of customs or excise. 43 Geo. 3. c. 14. s. 9.

But nosalt or rock salt, whether the produce of Great Bri. l^\^°{^,m tain or any other country, shall be imported from Guernsey, /"eland CuernJersey,Sark, Aldcrney, or Man, except for the use of the ten- .cv, jersey, "•en, not exceeding 2 pounds for each man : and if any vessel Sark.Alderney, shall be found at anchor, or hoverin* within the limits of anyoraii;nport, or within four leagues of the coast, or to have been within such limits, and not proceeding on her voyage, unless in case «f unavoidable necessity, of which the master shall give notice tothecol!ector,then not only such salt aud packages, but also such vessel with her furniture, shall be forfeited, and may be seized, 38 Geo. 3. c. 89. s. 14.

But this shall not extend to fishing vessels having on !"i,hins vesrel hoard no more than a necessary quantity of salt duly received having nxU on from entered warehouses, or from other vessels employ, hoard.

ed in fishing, not exceeding the quantity necessary for preserv

ing such quantity of fish, as may be expected to be taken by the

crew. t. 14.

JMaees for Every person being a maker of salt, or a refiner of rock salt, or

making s.alt in a proprietor of any. «alt miiu-.'-, salt pit, salt refinery, or salt work,

waerei "* ** sha"' before he sha11 beS'r,» make entry t,iereof in writing at the next officeofeKcise,specifying the parish, and also the number and situation of all workhouses, sheds, cisterns, receivers, reservoirs, pans, stoves, rooms, lofts, warehouses, storehouses, and other places used for the making, refining, or keeping of salt, on pain of 100/. together with such salt, and the. packages containing the same, and other articles aforesaid used in the making of salt, or found in any private or unentered place. *. 17. Officer rnayen- And any officer of excise, may at any time by day or by ter anH mke an night upon request, enter into every salt mine, salt pit, salt reaccuunt. finery, or salt work ; and also into every such workhouse, and

places aforesaid, and by weighing, gaging, tale, or otherwise, take an account of the Quantity and kinds of salt there found.?.18. • Proprietors':» A.nd every proprietor of any saltmine or pit, shall provide a piovide wore, proper warehouse with sufficient fastenings thereto, and ad joinpouse«, and jug to the entrance of every salt mine or pit, into which all row thfir rock jr,^ san sna]i jje put at his expence ; and such warehouse shall sa iere . noj have more than three doors, and shall be locked up by the officer, except at such times as the same shall be opened by such officer for depositing rock salt therein, or- when taking an account of, or weighing, ordcltvcring the same out of such ware, house; and if such proprietor shall make default in providing or supporting such warehouse, or shall not cause such rock salt to be removed to, and stowed in the samc,he shall.forfeit 1001.J.19. proprietors to And every such proprietor shall, before he begin to raise any <:ive notice of salt from any mine or pit, give twelve hours' notice in writing their intention t0 ,hc offi of t|)c d d hour, and if he shall not begin

to take salt out .... .' , J, '. , , ,.".

of the mine. within onp hour after the time mentioned, the same snail be void, and he shall be obliged to give a fresh notice; and in de. fault thereof, shall forfeit 201. s. %0. Rock salt not And no rock rait shall be taken out of any such warehouse from* ware- except in the presence of the proper officer, nor in less quantity houses but in than four bushels at one time, and between fire in the morn. jhe presence of ing apd seven in the evening from 24th March to 29th Septeman officer. fop, and between seven in the morning and five in the evening

from 28th Sept. to 28th March in each year. And all rock salt removed contrary to this act, together with the package and the vessels, waggons, carts, carriages, horses and cattle employed therein, shall be forfeited, and may be seized ; and such proprietor shall forfeit also 40s. for every bushel of salt,or 501. at the election of the attorney general,or person who shall sue.f.21. Mukersanrl re- Every maker or refiner of salt, and proprietor ot any salt provide ware- w0,'t> s*ia" Provide and support proper warehouses, with sulliliouse^fcc. cicnt fastenings thereto, into which all their SJ" '.,0v'- •alteicepted) shall be put, and Do such warehouse shall have more than two doors for delivering salt out thereof, or more than four doors immediately into or communicating with any pan or boiling house; nor shall there be any other door or communication whatsoever between any such warehouse and any other place, except the doors aforesaid; and every such warehouse shall be locked up by the proper officer, except at such timet only as such officer shall be atteuding for the purpose of depo. siting salt therein, or for weighing, or taking account of or delivering salt out of the same; and if such person shall neglect or refuse to provide such warehouses he shall forfeit 501. i. 2?.

livery such maker, refiner, and proprietor shall before he To give previbegin to charge any pan or boiler with brine, or other prepara- "j" "fticr of tion for making or refining salt, give to the officer six hours no- p,^""1' ** n'ce in writing, specifying therein the particular time and hour wicn he intends to begin, and also whether he intends to make *

Jargegrained, commonly called fishery salt, or fine grained salt; and if he shall not b^gin within one hour after the time mentioned, the same shall be void, and he shall be obliged to give afresh notice, and in default shall forfeit 201. for every such of. fence, s. 23.

Every such person who in pursuance of such notice shall And to proceed he§in to charge his pan or boiler, shall proceed without delay, without delay, and with all due dispatch to charge the same with brine or other preparation for making salt, or refining rock salt, and shall charge sach pan or boiler with the whole quantity intended to he worked off at such operation, on pain of forfeiting 201. If Brine may be *»y such person shall have occasion to increase the brine in any "ot^""' P*n or boiler after having been charged, and before any salt iathbeen taken therefrom, he shall be allowed once but not oitener to increase the quantity, upon giving to such officer a notice in writing two hours before he shall add such increase. ».W.

And if he shall put any brine into any pan or boiler after he Tl,e who,< °pcbth begun to take any salt out of the same, and before th.3 fi'1tiis°h"d,°bcbf' re whole operation of such particular charge shall be finished and fres|, t,rmK u all the salt taken out; or shall put any brine into any pan or put in. hoiW after the same hath been fully charged, (except as aforesaid.) he shall forfeit 501. s. 25.

And all the salt taken out of each Dan or boiler at each ope- Saltiaken from Wion, shall be kept separate from all other salt whatever; and "ch P»" lu b* »ithin ten hours after, and before any salt of any subsequent CPC »«?parato. hailing shall be taken from out of the same pan or boiler, such miter .shall deliver to the officer a declaration in writing, specifying the number of baskets, barrows, or troughs of salt made at such bniliiij, and thereupon .such officer shall take an account <rf He uuuiUer thereof: and as soon as he shall have taken

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