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., acting in their aid, from entering any such suspected place, or in seizing or carrying away the bottles and vessels concealed, or in the due execution of any such warrant,the persons so offending shall forfeit 2Q0/. 35 Geo.3.c. 114.*.24. 39 and 40 Gem 3. c. 45.. ot to pre- Nothing in this act for charging the duty on the materials used. ■»eut oftfeers in the making common hottlcs, or vessels of common bottle irom gaging metal, according to the taeiglU of such vessels, shall make it un. metal before it lawful for any officer to inspect, examine, gage, or otherwise n put into pots, ta^e account 0f tne materials, as well before such materials plos. ^^ be put into any pot, as after, or to take a sample not ex

ceeding four ounces in the whole, out of each pot, or other yessel containing Such preparation. 35 Geo. 3. c. 114. s. 26. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45. Officers nower The officers shall at all times, by day or by night, be perto »uTvej. mitted upon request to enter into workhouses or other places

for making glass, and to weigh or take an account of the quantity of materials, before put into the pot, examine, gage, or take an account of the quantity after the same are., put into such pot, and shall thereof make report in writing to the commissioners, leaving a copy .(under the penalty of 40*. if demanded) under their hands with such maker,, which shall be a charge upon such maker. 19 Geo. 2. c. 12. s. 9. Overcharges. But the commissioners of excise or appeals, or. justices of peace, upon complaint by any party, of.any overcharge returned upon him by the gamers, shall hear and determine such complaint, and examine witnesses upon oath, and by due proof . discharge the party of so much as shall be made out before tbem. 1 Will. & Mar. sess. 1. c. 24. s. 13. Officers mav '^n<' the'gagers may take a sample, not exceeding four ounces

take samples, in the whole, out of each pot, paying (if demanded) one halfpenny for each ounce; and if any person obstruct the officers in taking such samples, he shall forfeit 501. 17 Geo. 3 c. 39. s. 39.

And it shall be lawful for the officers of excise, at all times

An ico t * , j i night, upon request, to euter into the workhouses.

OM-scisc may at J J , , ■• i

all tUnesAntcr furnaces, pot chambers, annealing arches, warehouses, room*.

worllioiCes. and other places, entered or made use of by any maker; and to t;ike account of the materials there mixed and prepared, as well before such materials sTiall be put into the pot, as after ; atid of all glass there made or making; and also to take an account of the content of each pot; and to mark and number every such pot; and if any person shall counterfeit or alter any such mark, or connive at such mark being so counterfeited oralteretl, the person so offending shall forfeit bO'Jl. ; and it any person shall wilfully deface or obliterate any such mark, or conuivc at '. such mark being so defaced or obliterated, he shall forfeit 20t«/. 35 Geo. 3 c. 114. s. 1. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45. .

Or adding m- And if any maker shall, alter gage taken by the officer, with'

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terin g"i,c taken

shall forfeit 50/. 17 Geo. 3. c. 39. s. 39. 34 Geo. 3. ft'27. J.

12, 13. ' •

j4n<i /o dfrVr corA-men, servants, and others employed in floss manufactories ^ from putting materials into the puts after the guage has beeii taken by the officer, it 19 En Acted by 3J Geo. 3. c. 27. that, if any workman or servant of, or any other person employed by any maker of glass, shall (after a notice in writing has been given by such maker to the officer, of the filling or charging any pot, and after a gage taken by the officer) put such pot any metal, material, or preparation, whatsoever, without a fresh notice in writing, every such workman, servant, or person aforesaid shall forfeit 40s.; and three commissioners of excise, within the limits of the chief office, and two justices of the peace in other parts, residing near to the place where the offence shall be committed, on confession of the party, or on proof on oath by one witness, may convict feirsach offender; and such offender shall, immediately on conviction, pay the penalty into the hands of the excise officer; and on his refusing or neglecting so to do, the commissioners or justices so convicting, as aforesaid, shall by warrant commit him to the common gaol, or house of correction, for 14 days from thedav of commitment,and not to be discharged until pay. merit be made of the 40s. or until the expiration of the said 14 days. .?. 12.

Where any materials shall be losf, or become unfit for Allowance for making glass, by the cracking or breaking of the pots, upon glass moiled, proof, to the satisfaction of the commissioners of excise, such allowance shall be made to the makers as shall be judged reasonable. 19 Geo. 2. c. 12. s. 11.

And as a compensation for waste, in all pots containing more ^j fov wastft than one hundred weight, used for preparing of materials for making of flint, mantel, stained glass, and of all phial glass, aa allowance shall be made to the makers of one fourth part of the materials therein, and of one inch deep at the bottom of the pot; and in small pots called pile-ends, which will not contaiu one hundred weight, an allowance shall be made of one fifth only of the materials; and in pots used for making crcsn glass, and all nindots glass, whether flashed or spread, or otherwise manufactured, an allowance shall be made of one fourth of tlie materials and of four inches deep at the bottom. 17 Geo. 3. c. 3D. s. 31. 34 Geo. 3. c. 27. s. 7.

And by 34 Geo. 3. c. '17, In all pots containing more than 1-0 weight, used for the making of brown plate, or cast plate gtats, the following allowances shall be made to the makers, viz. one third part of the metal, or other materials, and of fuiir inches at the bottom of the pot for broxen plate glass, anil one half of the metal or other materials, and of four inches at iheboltom of the pot for cast plate glass, which allowances ure declared to be in full compensation lor all waste, damage, or low, •whatsoever, except the allowance made by 10 Geo. i. c. 12. s. 11. where pots shall crack or break. Reworking And if any maker shall be desirous of manufacturing any of

bottoms. the bottoms, for which the allowance shall have been made of

three ipches or of four inches, and shall, six hours before he begins, give notice in writing to the officers, specifying the particular manufacture he intends to make therefrom, and from which pot, and the time of beginning to work, he may mann. facture the said bottoms; and the metal shall be chargeable with the duty; and an allowance shall be made of one inch, and no more, at the bottom of such pot; and if he shall manufacture any part thereof, without such notice, he shall forfeit 60/.* 31. Malcen of flint And the maker of flint glass, on giving to the officer six gla»» may, on },ours previous notice in writing, may glaze any nexo pot pre. MUw'iih TMte- riously gaged, and taken an account of, by the officer and speTiais that have cified in the notice, and for that purpose may take ont of any paid duty. other pot any quantity of metal on which the duty has been charged, not exceeding 40lb. in the whole, and put the same immediately, in the presence of the officer, into such next) pot for the purpose of glazing the same, without being liable to further duty in respect thereof, or incurring any penalty for beginning . to All such new pot without notice. 32 Geo. 3. c. 40. *. 7. And also ^nd on like notice he may cleanse any pot in which stained

that'hwe" g^s hath been mciud and-specified in the notice, by taking melted itained not more than 101b. ol unstained metal on which the duty has glass, been charged, and by lading and unlading the same in the

presence of the officer, into and from such pot, and repeating inch operations, until such pot shall be sufficiently cleansed, without incurring the penalty foi charging without notice. *. 8. Jtfakerstolserp And every mak> r shall keep just scales and weights at the acales and p]ace wj,ere jie ,r,4k.cs glass, and assist the oflirer to make use we'6h"" thereof, under the penalty of 50*. 19 Geo. 2. c'12. s. 10.

And it he snail R.akt use ol insufficient scales or weights, he shall forfeit 100/. * and also the scales and weights, which may be seized by auy officer of excise. 10 Geo. 3. c. 44. *• 1- 28 Geo. 3. c. 37. $. 15.

And if he before or after, or in the weighing of the stock, put any other substance into the stock weighed,whercby the officer may be hindered from taking a just account of such stock, or shall forcibly obstruct, or by any contrivance prevent or impede such officer, he shall forfeit 100f. 26 Geo..3. c. 77. «. 8. Ob«trueting of- Jf anj maker of glass, or other person shall obstruct any of teen. the officers in ascertaining and securing the duties, he shall forfeit 50/. IP Geo. 2. c. 12. I. 12. 17 Geo. 3. e. 39. f.

» But he is not to be prosecuted both for this ana the formal petialtn ■

And it d now further enacted by 35 Geo. 3- c. 114, that if any person shall obstruct any officer in the execution of any of the powers to him granted by any act relating to glass, the person so offending shall for every such offence forfeit 200/. *. 25.

And all persons who make ^lass in London, or within the Entry and par bills of mortality, shall monthly, and in other parts once in mtM oi"dutu every fix weeks, make entry in writing at the next office of eicise, of the quantities of materials used in each making, within sachmonth or six weeks, on pain of 20/. which entries slull be made upon oath by the makers, their clerk, workman, or servant (if within the biHs) at the general office, and in other parts bv the collectors or supervisors. 19 Geo. 2. c. 12. s. 11

Bat oo maker shall be obliged to go further than the market. nun where his glass is made, or the next, for the tiling of such entries, s. 14.

And the maker within the bills, shall within four weeks, ud in other parts, within six weeks after such entry, pay the dutie*, on pain of forfeiting double the sum neglected, s. IS.

The penalties and forfeitures may be recovered or mitigated Secovrry of by law of excise, or in the courts -j.1 Westminster, hall" to the pe"a king, and half to him that shall sue. 10 Geo. 2. c. 12. t. 39. \7Geo.S. c. 39. #. 41. 27 Geo. 3. c. 28. ». 13. 32 Geo. 3. c. 40.1.9. 35 Geo. 3. c 114. «. 27. 39 and 40 Geo. 3. c. 45.

flat no maker of glass, or who shall be any way interested h Ibe business of making glass, or in any glass-house, shall act a» a justice in any matter relating to the duty on glass, but every act by him done shall be void. 17 Geo. 3. c. 39. t. 37.

8. Hides and Skint.

Upon all licences to be taken out by the persons following, ^eence duties, fore shall be paid the several annual sums hereinafter mentioned. 43 Geo. 3. c. 69, Schrd. A.

livery tanner within the weekly bills of mortality, for every

»eh licence - - - - L. 5 0 0

Erery other tanner - - - 2 10 0

Every tawcr - • - • 10 0

Every dresser of hides and skins in oil . 2 0 0

Every currier - - - • 2 0 0

Every maker of Tellum or parchment . 10 0

IThich licence is to be renewed annually ten days at the

least before the end vf the year, upon pain of forfeiting as

jolltxs: Every " tanner" 30/. every tatzer 10/. every dres

w of klues in oil 20/. every currier 20/. and every vtllam maker 10/.: "But persons in partnership need only take out one licence for one house. 24 Geo. 3. sess. 2. c. 41. s. 7, 8*

And collar makers, glovers, bridle cutters, and others Kho dress skins or hides, or pieces thereof in oil, alum, and salt, or other ingredients, and aho cut and make the same into aares, shall be deemed takers or dressers. 9 Ann. c. 11. s. 28.

DutyonUnned There shall be paid for every pound weight .avoirdupois of goods. hides, of what kind soever, and of calves skins, kips, hogs skins,

dogs skins, and seal skins, tanned in Great Britain, and of sheep skins and lamb skins tanned in Great Britain for gloves and basils (43 Geo. 3. c. 69. Sched. A) . X.O 0 1$

For every dozen nlgoat skins tanned with shomack or other, wise in Great Britain, to resemble Spanish leather 0 4 Q

And for cycry dozen of sheep skins tanned for roans, (being after the nature of Spanish leather) - . - 0 2 3

For every pound weight of all other skins, and parts and pieces of hides and skins, tanned in Great Britain, not before charged r . - .. . -006

The said duties to be paid by the tanners.

And by tanned hides or skins, are meant only such as are tanned i/i zcooze made of bark or shomack, or rchereof the principal ingredients shall be bark or shomack. 9 Ann.c.ll.s. 3f

Small pieces called pates and taik, tanned after they are cut off from the hides, need npt be marked, s. 46.

Pufv on tawed There shall be paid for all hides of horses, mares, and geld. goods. 'nSsj which shall be dressed in alum and salt, or meal, or

otherwise tawed in Great Britain, for every such hide (43 Geo. 3.c. 69, Sched. A) - - . 0 16

For all hides of steers, cows, or any other hides of wh,at kind soever (horses, mares, and geldings excepted) which shall 'be so dressed in alum, salt, or meal, or otherwise tawed, for every such hide • - - - 0 3 0

For every lb. avoirdupois of all calves sk ins, kips, and seal skins, dressed in alum and salt, or meal, or tawed 0 0 If

For every dozen of slink calves'skins, dressed ia alum, and gait or meal, or tawed with the hair on - 0 3 0

For eyery dozen of slink calves' skins, dressed or tawed without hair, and every dozen of dogs' skins tawed, and for erery dozen of kid-skins tawed - - 0 1 O

For every pound weight avoirdupois of buck and doe-skins, dressed in alum and salt, or meal, or otherwise tawed 0 0 6

For every dozen of goat.skins, and of bearer-skins, dressed in alum and salt, or meal, orlawcd - O 2 ()

For every pound weight avoirdupois of sheep-skins, and Iamb-skins, dressed in alum, and salt or meal, or otherwise tawed - -. - - - 0 0 14;

And fur every poynd weight of all other skins, and parts

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