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Some time ago a pope had committed a great offence, and the cardinals came and said to him, “ thou hast sinned;" and he replied, “judge me:" and they answered, “ we cannot, because you are the head of the church; judge yourself:” and the apostle said, “I adjudge myself to be burnt;" and he was burnt; and afterwards he was a saint. And in this case he was his own judge, therefore on such occasions it is not improper that a man should be his own judge.

Je riens ne celerai, ne sufferai estre celé ne murdré. I will not conceal any thing, nor suffer it to be concealed nor stifled.

Jetsam. Goods cast into the sea.
Judex. A judge.

Judex de ea re cognoscet. The judge will take cognizance of that matter.

Judicatum solvere. To pay what is adjudged.

Judices delegati. The chosen judges; a court of delegates.

Judicandum est legibus non exemplis. We must judge by the laws, not by examples (or precedents).

Judicia perverterunt, et in aliis erraverunt. They have perverted judgments in some cases, and have erred in others.

Judicium Dei. The judgment of God: ordeal.

Judicium ferri, aquæ, et ignis. The ordeal of iron, fire, and water.

Jurabit duodecima manu. He will swear by twelve compurgators.

Jura enim nostra dolum præsumunt, si und non pereant. For our laws deem it a fraud if the goods of both perish not together.

Jura fiscalia. The revenue (or exchequer) rights.

Juramentum fidelitatis. The oath of fealty. Jura personarum. The rights of persons. Jura regalia. Royal rights; the rights of the


Jura rerum. Rights of things.
Jurata. A jury.
Jure civili. Of the civil law (or right).
Jure divino. Of divine right.
Jure ecclesiæ. Of church right.

Jure emphyteutico. By the law of rents and services.

Jure gentium. By the law of nations.
Jure naturæ. By the law of nature.

Jure representationis. By a right of representation.

Jure uxoris. In right of his wife.

Jure vetusto obtinuit, quievisse omnia inferiora judicia, dicente jus rege. By the ancient law it was held, that all inferior judgments should cease, when the king declared the law.

Juris et seisinæ conjunctio. The conjunction of right and possession.

Juris naturalis aut divini. Of natural or divine law, (or right).

Juris positivi. Of positive law; absolute right.

Juris præcepta sunt hæc, honeste vivere, alte- , rum non lædere, suum cuique tribuere. The rules

of law are these, to live uprightly, not to injure another, to give to each that which is his.

Juris utrum. Whether of right.

Jus accrescendi. The right of accruing (or) survivorship.

Jus accrescendi præfertur ultimæ voluntati. The right of survivorship is preferred to the last will and testament.

Jus ad rem. A right-to property.

Jus albinatus. Right of escheat of an alien's property.

Jus civile est quod quisque sibi populus constituit. Civil law is that which each nation has established for itself.

Jus commune, et quasi gentium. The common law, and as it were, the law of nations.

Jus fodiendi. A right of digging.
Jus fiduciarium. Right of (or in) trust.

Jus gladii. The right of the sword; the executory power of a king.

Jus legitimum. A legal right.

Jus imaginum. The right of nobility (or of images).

Jus in re. A right in property.

Jus non scriptum tacito et illiterato hominum consensu et moribus expressum. The unwritten law was declared by the tacit and unlettered consent and customs of the people. Jus merum.

Pure (or mere) right.
Jus pascendi. The right of grazing.
Jus patronatus. The right of patronage.
Jus possessionis. The right of possession.

Jus postliminii. The right of return, reprisal, (or) recovery.

Jus prædicti S et seisinam ipsius. The right of the aforesaid S and his seisin.

Jus precarium. A right by courtesy-granted upon request.

Jus proprietatis. The right'of property.

Jus prosequendi in judicio quod alicui debetur. The right of proceeding to judgment for what is due to any one.

Jus suum. His own right.
Justiciarii ad omnia placita. Judges of all pleas.

Justiciarii domini regis faciant fieri recognitionem de dissaisinis factis super assisam, a tempore quo dominus rex venit in Angliam proxime post pacem factam inter ipsum et regem filium suum. That the judges of our lord the king cause recognition to be made of the disseisins, made upon assize from the time that our lord the king arrived in England, until the peace made between him and the king his son.

Justiciarii in itinere. Judges in eyre.

Justiciarii itinerantes venerunt apud Vigorniam in octavis Sancti Johannis Baptistæ ;—et totus comitatus eos admittere recusavit, quod septem anni nondum erant elapsi, postquam justiciarii ibidem ultimo sederunt. The judges in eyre came to Worcester on the octave of Saint John the Baptist;—and the whole county refused to admit them, because seven years had not elapsed since the judges last sat in the same place.

Jus trium liberorum. The right of three children.

Jus venandi, et piscandi. . The right of hunting and fishing

Juxta formam statuti. According to the form of the statute.


Kar' &&oxny. Excellent; most choice.
Kercke; Kircke; Kirkia; Kurk. A church.
Koivos. Common; public.
Koutoulooor. A bond; an engagement.

Koning; Kyninge. A count; a constable; a king.

Kalexheloy. A bed-chamber.
Kupis olxos. The house of the Lord.


Laches. Neglect; indolence.
Laga. Law.

Laicos privilegio universitatis gaudentis. Lay. men enjoying the privilege of the university.

La loi de Mahomet confonde l'usance avec le prêt à intérêt.

L'usure augmente dans les pais Mahométans à proportion de la séverité de la defence : le prêteur s'indemnise du peril de la contravention. The law of Mahomet confounds usance with the loan at interest. Usury increases in the Mahomedan countries, in proportion to the

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