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In quibusdam locis habet ecclesia melius animal de consuetudine: in quibusdam secundum, vel tertium melius: et in quibusdam nihil: et ideo consideranda est consuetudo loci. In some places the church has the best beast by custom: in some, the second or third best: and in other places, nothing: and so it is regulated by the custom of the place.

Inquisitio post mortem. Inquest after death. In rem.

To (or against) the property; to the point.

In salvå et arctá custodia. In safe and close custody.

Insidiatio viarum. Lying in wait on the highways.

In specie. In the appearance; in quality.
In solido. In substance.

Insimul computassent. They cast up their accounts together; they accounted together.

Instanter. Immediately; on the instant.
Instar dentium. Like teeth (of a saw).
Instar omnium. Like all such things.

The condition in which he was before.

In stirpes. To the race; according to lineage.

Instrumenta domestica, seu adnotatio, si non aliis quoque adminiculis adjuventur, ad probationem sola non sufficiunt. Private instruments in writing, or a remark, if they be not also supported by other evidence, are not alone sufficient proof.

In statu quo.

In subsidium. In aid. .
Insultus. An assault.
In summo jure. In the rigour of the law.
Inter alia. Amongst other things. .

Inter alia promisit. Amongst other things he promised.

Interesse damni. Interest of (or in) a loss,
Interesse lucri. Interest of (or in) profit.
Interesse termini. An interest in a term.

Interest reipublicæ ut sit finis litium. It is beneficial to the state that there should be an end to litigation.

Inter minora crimina. Amongst lesser crimes; misdemeanours.

Inter pares non est potestas. Amongst equals one has not authority over another.

Inter partes. Between parties (or parts), Interregnum. A space between two reigns.

Inter veteres satis abundeque hoc dubitatur, constaretne venditio an non. This is more than amply doubted among the ancients whether the sale should stand good or not.

In testimonium. In testimony; in evidence; in witness. In totidem verbis. In so many

In so many words. In toto. Altogether; on the whole.

In toto regno, ante ducis adventum, frequens et usitata fuit: postea cæteris adempta, sed privatis quorundam locorum consuetudinibus alibi postea regerminans : Cantianis solum integra et inviolata remansit. Throughout the whole kingdom, before the arrival of the duke, it was frequent and customary: afterwards it was abolished among other customs, but among the private customs of some other places it was rising again: it remained whole and uncorrupted only among the Kentish people.

Intra mænia. Within walls.

In transitu. In passing from one to another; in changing

Intra præsidia. Within safe shelter.
In vadio. In


in pledge.
In ventre sa mere. In its mother's womb.

In via, rem uti pacent orato. Try, on the way, to adjust the matter amicably.

In vita testatoris. In (or during) the life of the testator.

Ipsi regali institutioni eleganter inserta. Finely introduced for that royal institution.

Ipsius patris bene placito. By the goodwill of his father.

Ipso facto. By the deed itself.

Ipso facto ab initio. By the deed itself, at (or from) the beginning.

Is cui cognoscitur. He to whom it is acknowledged: a cognizee. Is qui cognoscit.

He who acknowledges: a cognizor.

Isti vero viri eliguntur per commune consilium, pro communi utilitate regni, per provincias et patrias universas, et per singulos comitatus, in pleno folkmote, sicut et vice comites, provinciarum et comitatuum eligi debent. Those men are elected by the general counsel, for the common benefit of the kingdom, by the provinces, and the whole country, and by all the counties in a full assembly of the people, just as the sheriffs of provinces and counties should be elected.

Istud homicidium, si fit ex livore, vel delectatione effundendi humanum sanguinem, licet juste occidatur iste, tamen occisor peccat mortaliter propter intentionem corruptam. That is homi. cide, if it be done from malice, or from a delight in shedding human blood, although that man be killed justly, yet, the person who killed him sins mortally on account of his corrupt intention.

Ita lex scripta est. Thus the law is written.

Ita maritentur ne disparagentur, et per consilium propinquorum de consanguinitate sua. So that they be married without any improper influence, and by the advice of their nearest relations.

Ita quod, proinde. So that, wherefore.

Ite et inter vos causas vestras discutite, quia dignum non est ut nos judicemus Deos. Go and discuss your causes among yourselves, because it is not meet that we judge the Gods.

Item poterit quis communiam cum alio et jus fodiendi, sicut jus pascendi et jus venandi, piscandi, potandi, hauriendi, et alia plura, quæ infinita sunt faciendi cum libero accessu et recessu et secundum quod ad dictam communiam pasturæ pertinet. Also any one may enjoy common with another, and the right of digging, just as the right of grazing, and the right of hunting, fishing, drinking, drawing water, and many other privileges, which are unbounded, of doing with free access and recess, and according to that which belongs to the said common of pasture.


Jam illis promissis non esse standum, quis non videt, quæ coactus quis metu et deceptus dolo promiserit? Quæ quidem plerumque jure prætorio liberantur, nonnulla legibus. Now these promises cannot hold good, for who is there that sees not how a man might have made promises, when forced by fear and deceived by stratagem? Which matters are provided against, for the most part, by the prætorian law, some by the standing laws.

Jeofail. I have failed (or erred); an error in proceeding

Jeo vous dirai un fable. En ascun tempsfuit un pape, et avoit fait un grand offence, et le cardinals vindrent a luy et disoyent a luy, peccasti ;" et il dit, judica me:" et ils disoyent, "non possumus, quia caput es ecclesiæ ; judica teipsum:" et l'apostol'dit, judico me cremari ;" et fuit combustus; et apres fuit un sainct. Et in ceo cas il fuit son juge demene, et issint n'est pas inconvenient

que un home soit juge demene. I will tell you a story.

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