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nata. They perform villein services, but certain and determined.

Villanum socagium. A base holding; a villein socage; free villeinage.

Villenagiorum aliud purum, aliud privilegiatum. Qui tenet in puro villenagio faciet quicquid ei præceptum fuerit, et semper tenebitur ad incerta. Aliud genus villenagii dicitur villanum socagium ; et hujusmodi villani socmannivillana faciunt servitia, sed certa et determinata. Of villenages the one is pure, the other privileged. He who holds in clear villenage, shall perform whatsoever he has been ordered to do, and shall always be held to uncertain services. The other kind of villenage is called villein socage; and villein holders of this description perform base services, but certain and determined.

Villenagium privilegiatum. A privileged villenage.

Vinculo matrimonii. In the bond of marriage.

Vinculum personarum ab eodem stipite descendentium. A succession of persons descended from the same stock.

Vindices injuriarum. The avengers of wrongs.
Viri magnæ dignitatis. Men of great dignity.

Viri, quantas pecunias ab uroribus dotis nomine acceperunt, tantas ex suis bonis, æstimatione facta, cum dotibus communicant. Hujus omnis pecuniæ conjunctim ratio habetur, fructusque servantur. Uter eorum vita superavit, ad eum pars utrius

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que cum fructibus superiorum temporum pervenit. Whatsoever sums of money men receive from their wives in consideration of a marriage portion, so much of their own goods, upon a valuation being made, is tendered equivalent to the marriage portion. The whole of the property is considered to be held jointly, and the issues are preserved. Should one of them die before the other, the share of both; together with the issues accrued, devolves upon the survivor.

irtute cujus. By virtue of whom (or what). Virtute officii. By virtue of his office.

Vita omnis, in venationibus atque in studiis rei militaris consistit. Their whole life consists in hunting and in the exercise of feats of arms. Viva voce.

In a living voice: oral testimony publicly delivered.

Vivum vadium. A living pledge.

Vocatà ad concionem multitudine, quæ coalescere in populum unius corporis nullá re, præterquam legibus poterat. The multitude being called to the assembly, which could grow

into a people of one body by no operation, except by the laws.

Vocatio. A calling; a vouch.
Voce. Word;-discourse.

Voire dire. To say what he has seen; to speak the truth.

Volatilia (quæ sunt feræ naturæ ) alia sunt regalia alia communia. Birds of flight (which are of a wild nature) some are royal, others common. Volatus cignorum et cignettorum ferorum vocatus. Called a flight of wild swans and cygnets.

Volatus cignorum ferorum. A flight of wild


Volenti non fit injuria. That man is not wronged who wilfully allows it.

Volonti non fit injuria, si dolo sit inductus ad consentiendum. If a man be induced to consent to a fraud, he receives no wrong, as he desires it.

Volo et præcipio, ut omnes de comitatu eant ad comitatus et hundreda, sicut fecerint tempore regis Edwardi. I will and command, that all persons of the county go to the counties and hundreds, as they did in the time of king Edward.

Voluit ligamenta coifæ suæ solvere ut palam monstraret se tonsuram habere, clericalem; sed non est permissus.Satelles vero eum arripiens, non per coifæ ligamina sed per guttur eum apprehendens, traxit ad carcerem. He wished to loose the strings of his hood, to shew publicly that he was shorn for clerical orders; but he was not allowed to do so.-For the officer seizing him, and not holding him by the strings of his hood, but by the throat, dragged him to prison.

Voluntarius dæmon. A willing fiend; a voluntary devil.

Voluntas regis in curia, non in camera. The will of the king in his court of justice, not in his chamber.

Voluntatis nostræ justa sententia de eo, quod quis post mortem suam fieri velit.

The true

meaning of a will, is that which each person desires to be performed after his death.

Voluntatis nostræ sententia. The meaning of our will.

Vulgaris purgatio. A common purgation.


Wacht. Wacta. A night watch.

Warrantia chartæ. The authorities (or warranties) of the charter.

Warrantizo. To warrant.

Weregild. The price of redemption for homicide: an amercement in expiation for murder; payable to the king, the lord of the fee, and the relatives of the person slain.

Withernan. A forbidden distraint: a distress made by way of reprisal.

Wittena-gemote. The general annual council of wise men.


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