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interpositis tum judicibus tum testibus? Who can deny those sentiments to be correct, when he knows how many obligations are confirmed by a solemn oath; how much religion operates upon those who are free from any earthly bonds; how inany the dread of divine punishment has withdrawn from crime, and how sacred is the intercourse of citizens rendered among each other, the immortal Gods being interposed as well to judge as to bear testimony of their actions?

Ut liberum tenementum. As a free holding.

Ut martius populus aliquid sibi terræ daret, quasi stipendium ; cæterum, utvellet, manibus atque armis suis uteretur. That the warlike nation would give them some land by way of salary: but that in return they wished to exercise their strength and arms in their service.

Ut poena ad paucos, metus ad omnes, perveniat. That the punishment may come to few, that the dread of it may reach to all.

Ut per aspectum corporis sui constare poterit justiciariis nostris, si prædictus A sit plænæ ætatis

That it may appear to our judges whether the aforesaid A, by a view of his person, is of full age or not.

Ut res magis valeat, quam pereat. That the thing may be valid, rather than perish.

Utrum averia carucæ capta in vetito namio, sint irreplegibilia? Are beasts of the plough taken in withernam irrepleviable?

Ut si duos vel tres testes produxerit ad proban


dum, oportet quod defensio fiat per quatuor vel per sex; ita quod pro quolibet teste duos producat juratores, usque ad duodecim.

If he bring for ward two or three witnesses to prove, it is necessary that the defence be supported by four or six persons; so that for every witness he produce two up to twelve.

Ut statuta illa, et omnes articulos in eisdem contentos, in singulis locis ubi expedire viderit, publice proclamari, et firmiter teneri et observari faciat. That he cause those statutes, and all articles contained in the same, publicly to be proclaimed, and firmly to be kept and observed, in all places where it shall seem expedient.

Ut supra. As above.


Vadiatio duelli. Wager of battle.
Vadiatio legis. Wager of law.

Validiora sunt exempla quam verba ; et plenius opere docetur quam voce. Precedents are more efficacious than arguments; and instruction is conveyed more fully by work than by words.

Valor beneficiorum. The value of benefices.
Valorem maritagii. The value of a marriage.
Valor maritagii. The value of a marriage.

Vasallus, qui abnegavit feudum ejusve conditionem, exspoliabitur. A vassal who has disowned his fewd or his covenant, shall be deprived of his holding

Vastum. Waste.

Vel causam nobis significes. Or that you shew cause to us.

Venationes, et sylvaticas vagationes cum canibus et accipitribus. Hunting and wandering in woods with dogs and hawks.

Venditioni exponas. That you expose to sale.

Venditio per mutuam manuum complexionem. A sale by mutual shaking of hands.

Veneficia. Poisonings.
Venire. To come.
Venire de novo. To come anew.
Venire facias. That you cause to come.
Venire tam. To come as well.
Venit. He comes.

Venit et defendit vim et injuriam, et dicit, fc. He comes and defends the force and injury, and


Venit et defendit vim et injuriam quando et ubi curia consideravit. Et damna, et quicquid quod ipse defendere debet et dicit, fc. He comes and defends the force and injury when and where the court has considered. And the damages, and whatsoever he ought to defend, and

says, &c.

Venue. A neighbouring place, where the jury come to try causes.

Verba fortius accipiuntur contra proferentem. Words are taken in prejudice against a grantor.

Verba intentioni debent inservire. Words should be made subject to the intention.


Verbatim. Word for word.

Verbatim et literatim. Word for word, and letter for letter.

Vere dictum. A true saying; a verdict.
Veritatem dicere. To speak the truth.

Vesturæ terræ. Of the crop (or profit) of land.

Vetant leges sacratæ, vetant duodecim tabulæ, leges privatis hominibus irrogari; et enim est privilegium. Nemo unquam tulit, nihil est crudelius, nihil perniciosius, nihil quod minus hæc civitas ferre possit. The laws enacted forbid, the twelve tables forbid, that the rights relating to private men should be infringed upon; for that is their privilege. Nobody ever suffered it, nothing is more cruel, nothing more pernicious, nothing that can be more intolerable in this city.

Vetus depositio pecuniæ. The ancient burying

of money.

Via trita via tuta.

The customary way is the

safe way.

Vicarius non habet vicarium. A vicar dwells not in his vicarage.

Vicecomes Berkescire xvil. pro cappa reginæ. The sheriff of Berkshire, sixteen pounds for a head dress for the queen.

Vicecomes non misit breve. The sheriff has not sent the writ.

Vicem seu personam ecclesiæ gerere. To do the duty as parson of the church.

Vice versa. The turn being changed; on the contrary.

Vicina. Near; neighbouring.

Vicontiel. Relating to the sheriff: as, writs vicontiel, which are triable in the sheriff's court.

Victus victori in expensis condemnandus est. The vanquished is to be condemned in costs to the conqueror.

Vidames. Vice-domini. Valsavors. Those in dignity next to barons.

Videlicet. That is to say; to wit.
Vi et armis. With force and arms.

Vi et armis, de filio, vel filia, rapto vel abducto. With force and arms, the son or daughter ravished or carried away. Vi et armis

, de uxore rapta et abducta. With force and arms his wife being ravished and carried away.

Vi et armis ; vid', baculis, cultellis, arcubus et sagittis. With force and arms, to wit, with clubs, knives, bows, and arrows.

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus succurrunt jura. The laws afford succour to the watchful and not to the slothful.

Vigilantibus non dormientibus jura subveniunt. The laws relieve the watchful and not the sleepers.

Viginti annorum lucubrationes. The nocturnal studies of twenty years,

Villana faciunt servitia, sed certa et determi

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