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rales, quæ sunt ipsum jus rei vel corpori inhærens, traditionem non patiuntur. A delivery is no other than a transfer or induction into possession of a corporal property from person to person, from hand to hand; but incorporal properties, which are the inherent right itself to the property or body, do not suffer livery.

Trahir. To betray.
Trahison. Treachery; treason.

Transitus. A transit; the passing from one place to another.

Transgressiones. Trespasses.
Trans Tiberim. Beyond the river Tiber.
Tresayle. Of the grandfather's grandfather.

Tres faciunt collegium. Three persons form à corporation.

Trésor trouvé. Treasure found ; treasure trove.

Triens. A third part; an ancient term for a dower.

Trina admonitio. The third warning.

Trinoda necessitas. The triple necessity (or obligation).

Trinoda necessitas : sc', pontis reparatio, arcis constructio, et expeditio contra hostem. The triple obligation; to wit, the repairing of a bridge, the building of a fort, and an expedition against the enemy.

Tu magis scire potes, quanta fides sit habenda testibus; qui, et cujus dignitatis, et cujus æstimationes sint; et qui simpliciter visi sint dicere; utrum


unum eundemque meditatem sermonem attulerint, an ad ea quæ interrogaveras ex tempore verisimilia responderint. You should inform yourself how much faith may be reposed in witnesses; they who make a show of their dignity and worth, or they who seem to speak sincerely; whether they have alleged one and the same studied speech; or they who have directly answered in a credible manner, to those questions which you require them to answer.

Turpe esse patricio, et nobili, et causas oranti, jus in quo versaretur ignorare. That it is shameful for a patrician and a nobleman, and one in the habit of delivering orations, to be ignorant of that law in which he is particularly employed.

Turpis contractus. A foul contract.

Ubicunque fuerimus in Anglia: Wheresoever we may be in England.

Ubi nullum matrimonium, ubi nulla dos. Where there is no marriage, there is no dower.

Ubi quis uxorem suam dotaverit in generali, de omnibus terris et tenementis. When a husband has endowed his wife generally, of all his lands and tenements.

Ubi scelus est id, quod non proficit scire, jubemus insurgere leges, armari jura gladio ultore, ut exquisitis pænis sub dantur infames, qui sunt,


vel qui futuri sunt rei. Where that depravity exists, the name of which it avails not to know, we command the laws to rise up against it, and that the executive power be armed with an avenging sword, to consign to the severest punishments those infamous wretches, who mit or are about to commit the act.

Ubi supra. Where (or as) above. ;s

Ulterius concilium. A further meeting. --Ulterius non vult prosequi. He wishes not to prosecute further; he will not prosecute fur. ther.

Ultimum supplicium. The last punishment; death.

Ultimus hæres. The last heir. 5. Ultra. Further; beyond.

Ultra mare. Beyond the sea.

Undecim, decem, octo tales. Eleven, ten, eight such persons. . ..

Unde deterioratus, est, &c. Whereof he is rendered worse, &c.

Unde nil habet. Whereof he has nothing.

Unde petit judicium. Whereof he seeks judgment. ? . Unde petit remedium. Whereof he seeks his remedy. ? fié ? ! 07:38:

Un disposition a faire une mal chose. An inclination to do a bad thing.

Unica taxatio. An assessment made individually; a single taxation. !

Unigenitus. An only son; the only begotten.

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, Unius responsio testis omnino non audiatur. .

That the testimony of one witness be not heard altogether sufficient (or admitted).

Universitates. Communities; universities; corporations. . ..

Uncia. An ounce; the twelfth part of a pound in Roman money.

Unciæ. The duodecimal parts of a pound in Roman money.

Unum qui consilium daret, alterum qui contractaret, tertium qui receptaret et occuleret: pari . pcenæ singulos esse obnoxios. That one who advises, another who aids, a third who harbours and conceals; each of them is subject to a like punishment. Mire d' 99997, zu

Unusquisque per pares suos judicandus est, et ejusdem provinciæ; peregrina vero judicia modis omnibus submovemus. Every person shall be tried by his equals, and of the same province; but we abrogate, by all means, the removal of causes to strange places.

Proport Usance. Use; interest; usury. Tässyt Usque ad inferos. Even to the lowest depth.

Usura contra naturam est, quia usura sua natura est sterilis nec fructum habet. Usury is hostile to nature, because usury in itself is barren and unfruitful.

Usura dicitur ab usu et ære, quia datur pro Usu æris. It is called usury from use and money, because it is given for the use of money.

Usura dicitur quasi ignis urens. It is called usury as it were a fire burning.

Usuræ asses. Pounds for (or of) interest.

Usuræ centesimæ. Interest at one per cent, per month.

Usura maritima. Maritime usury; bottomry.

Usucaptio. The possession of a property by prescription.

Usu rem capere. To hold a property by custom.

Usus fructibus. Use in benefits; the temporary use (or profits) of land or money.

Ut antiquis. As ancient; as of ancestry.
Ut antiquum. As ancient; as ancestral.

Ut citra mortis periculum sententia sancta eum moderatur. As near the peril of death a holy sentiment guides him.

Ut feudum antiquum. As an ancestral fee.
Ut feudum maternum. As a maternal fee.
Ut feudum paternum. As a paternal fee.

Ut feudum stricte novum. As a fee strictly new. Lebo ji 13397615 Add ti biti ni ' . Utlaghe. An t is jis

Utile per inutile non vitiatur. That which is useful is not vitiated by that which is useless.

Utiles esse opiniones has, quis negat, cum intelligat, quam multa firmentur jure jurando; quanto solutis sint fæderum religionis ; quam multos divini supplicii metus a scelere revocarit; quamque sancta fit societas civium inter ipsos Diis immortalibus.

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