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· Statuimus, ut omnes liberi homines fædere et sacramento affirment, quod intra et extra universum regnum Angliæ Wilhelmo regi domino suo fideles esse volunt; terras et honores illius omni fidelitate ubique servare cum eo, et contra inimicos et alienigenas defendere. We decree, that all free men bind themselves by a league and oath, that they will be faithful to king William their lord within and without the whole kingdom of England; that they will every where keep in true fealty his lands and honours with him, and defend him against his enemies abroad and at home.

Status. A principal point; the state (or issue) of a case.

Statutum de malefactoribus in parcis. The statute relating to those who commit depredations in parks.

Stet. That it stand.
Stirps. The root, stock; race (or lineage).
Sto. I stand.
Stricti juris. Of exact right; of strict law.
Sub modo. Within bound (or measure).
Sub pede sigilli. At the foot of the seal; under


Sub poena. Under a penalty.

Sub potestate parentis. Under the direction of the parent.

Sub silentio. In silence.

Successionis feudi talis est natura, quod ascendentes non succedunt. The nature of succession

to a fee is such that the ascendants do not suc


Suggestio falsi. A suggestion of falsehood; an inciting to falsehood.

Sulla tribunis plebis sua lege injuriæ faciendæ potestatem ademit, auxilii ferendi reliquit. Sylla took from the tribunes of the people the power of doing an injury, but left them the opportunity of affording relief.

Summa de laudibus Christiferæ Virginis ( divinum magis quam humanum opus) Qu. 23. § 5. Item quod jura civilia, et leges, et decreta scivit in summo, probatur hoc modo; sapientia advocati manifestatur in tribus, unum, quod obtineat omnia contra judicem justum et sapientem ; secundo, quod contra adversarium astutum et sagacem; tertio, quod in causa desperata : sed beatissima Virgo, contra judicem sapientissimum, Dominum ; contra adversarium calidissimum, Dyabolum ; in causa nostra desperata ; sententiam obtalam obtinuit. The sum of praises of the virgin mother of Christ (a divine rather than a human work) Qu. 23. S. 5. That she knew to perfection the civil laws, and the statute laws, and the ordinances, is proved in this manner; the wisdom of an advocate is manifested in three things; first, that he obtain all points by the approbation of a just and wise judge; secondly, that he succeed against a subtle and crafty opponent; thirdly, that he succeed in a desperate cause: but the most blessed Virgin obtained her wish; from the wisest judge, the Lord; against the most wily. opponent, the Devil; in our cause which was most desperate.

Summa et maxima securitas, per quam omnes statu sirmissimo sustinentur";-quæ hoc modo fiebat, quod sub decennali * fidejussione debebant esse universi, fc. The chief and greatest se

curity by which all men are protected in the - most safe condition; which was effected in this manner, that all should be enrolled under a suretyship of ten persons.

Summa providentia. The utmost precaution.

Summoneas ad jungendum auxilium. That you summon to join relief.

Summoneas ad warritizandum. That you summon him to warranty. .

Sunt jura, sunt formulæ, de omnibus rebus constitutæ, ne quis aut in genere injuriæ, aut in ratione actionis, errare possit. Expressæ enim sunt ex unius cujusque damno, dolore, incommodo, calamitate, injuria, publicæ a prætore formulæ, ad quas privata lis accommodatur. There are laws, there are forms appointed for all matters, lest any one err, either in the nature of an injury or in the cause of action. For public forms, to which a private suit is accommodated by the prætor, are expressed according to the loss, suffering, inconvenience, calamity, or injury of every person.

*“ Decennali” signifies “ten years.”

Sunt quædam brevia formata super certis casibus de cursu, et de communi de consilio totius regni approbata et concessa, quæ quidem nullatenus mutari poterint absque consensu et voluntate eorum. Certain writs are formed upon some particular cases, and approved of and granted by the general assembly of the whole kingdom, which in no wise can be altered without their consent and will.

Sui juris. Of his or their) right.
Suos cuniculos. His rabbits (or conies).
Superoneravit. He hath surcharged.
Super quo. Upon which; whereupon.
Supersedeas. That you supersede.
Super visum corporis. Upon view of the body.
Supplicavit. He hath entreated.
Suppressio veri. A suppression of truth.
Supra. Above.

Supra protest. Above protest: an acceptance of a bill upon protest.

Sur cognizance de droit come ce que il ad de son done. Upon acknowledgement of right as that which he has of his gift.

Sur cognizance de droit tantum. Upon acknowledgement of right only.

Sur concessit. Upon his grant.
Sur concesserunt. Upon their grants. .

Sur conusans de droit come ceo, fc. Upon acknowledgement of right, as this, &c.,

Sur disseisin en le post. Upon disseisin in the post (or after).

: Sur done, grant et render. Upon gift, grant and render.

Sur la pie. On the spot; in proportion; at the foot.

Sur rebut. Upon rebutter.
Sur rejoin. Upon rejoinder.
Sursumredditio. A reddition; a surrender.

Suspendatur per collum. That he be hanged by the neck.

Suum cuique incommodum ferendum est, potius quam de alterius commodis detrahendum. Every man should bear his own loss, rather than take away from the benefits of another.

Suum cuique tribuito. Give to every man his due.

Suum cuique tribuere. To give to each his due.

Sweinmote. The court for trying causes relating to the king's forests, &c.

Sylvestres. Living in woods.
Syngrapha. A writing under one's hand.


Tæcan. To take.
Tales. Such persons.

Tales de circumstantibus. Such of the persons standing around.

Talis qui ita convictus fuerit, dupliciter delinquit contra regem: quia facit disseisinam et roberiam contra pacem suam ; et etiam ausu temerario irrita

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