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their verdict, they pass a false sentence; and therefore they ought not to follow their verdict, but are bound to amend it, by a diligent examination. But if they cannot reverse it, recourse must be had to a higher tribunal.

Simul cum aliis, fc. Together with others, &c. Similiter. In like manner.

Si milites quid in clypeo literis sanguine suo rutilantibus adnotaverint, aut in pulvere inscripserint gladio suo, ipso tempore quo, in prælio, vitæ sortem derelinquunt, hujusmodi voluntatem stabilem esse oportet. If knights mark but a will upon their shields in letters made red with their own blood, or write in the dust with their sword, at the time they pay their debt of life in battle, such will should be considered valid.

Si mortuo viro uxor ejus remanserit, et sine liberis fuerit, dotem suam habebit, si vero uxor cum liberis remanserit, dotem quidem habebit dum corpus suum legitime servaverit. If, a man being dead, his wife has remained, and she be without issue, she shall have her dower; but if a wife remain with issue, she shall in that case receive her dower so long as she continues in a state of widowhood.

Simplex commendatio non obligat. A simple recommendation does not bind.

Simplex obligatio. A simple obligation; single bond.

Sine calumnia verborum, non observata illa dura consuetudine, qui cadit a syllaba cadit a tota causa. Without a false interpretation of words, as those customary severities should not be observed, that he who errs in a syllable loses his cause altogether.

Sine die. Without a day.

Sine judicio parium vel per legem terræ. Without the judgment of his equals, or by the law of the land.

Sine qua non. Without which nothing is to be done.

Si non omnes. If not all.

Si non omnes qui rem communem habent, sed certi ex his, dividere desiderant ; hoc judicium inter eos accipi potest. If all those who hold a property in common do not wish to divide it, but only some of them, that matter must be settled among themselves.

Si non sequatur ipsius vadii traditio, curia domini regis hujusmodi privatas conventiones tueri non solet. If the delivery of his plédge do not follow, the court of our lord the king is not accustomed to regard private covenants of this kind. Si pares veritatem noverint, et dicant se nescire,

, cum sciant. If the jury know the truth, and say that they are ignorant of it, when they know it.

Si per annum et diem cessaverit in petenda investitura. If for a year and a day he delay in seeking for his investiture.

Si petens sectam produxerit, et concordes inveniantur, tunc reus poterit vadiare legem suam contra petentem et contra sectam suam prolatam; sed si secta variabilis inveniatur, extunc non tenebitur legem vadiare contra sectam illam. If a claimant prefers a suit, and that the parties afterwards agree, then the defendant may wage his law against the claimant and his proffered suit ; but if the suit be found variable, in that case he will not be held to wager law against that suit.

Si plura sint debita, vel plus legatum fuerit, ad quæ catalla defuncti non sufficiant fiat ubique defalcatio, excepto regis privilegio. If there be more debts or more legacies for which the chattels of the deceased are not sufficient, let a diminution be made of every one's part, the king's privilege excepted.

Si quando. If when.

Si questum tantum habuerit is, qui partem terræ suc donare voluerit, tunc quidem hoc ei licet: sed non totum questum, quia non potest filium suum hæredem exhæredare. If a man who possesses so much acquired property, wishes to give away a part of his land, this he may do: but he cannot give away the whole of his acquired property, because he cannot disinherit his son and heir.

Si quid misericordiæ causa ei fuerit, relictum, puta menstruum vel annuum, alimentorum nomine, non oportet propter hoc bona ejus iterato venundari : nec enim fraudandus est alimentis cottidianis. If any thing from a motive of compassion is left to him, for instance by the name of monthly or yearly allowance for provisions, his goods ought not on account of this to be sold a second time: for he is not to be defrauded of his daily nourishment.

Si quid universitati debetur, singulis non debetur; nec, quod debet universitas, singuli debent. If any sum of money be due to a partnership, it is not due to the individuals; nor do those individuals owe that which is due by the partnership. Si quis ad battalia curte sua exierit. If

any one relinquish his right to wager of battle.

Si quis aliquid dixerit contra testamentum placitum illud in curia christianitatis audiri debet et terminari. If any one declare against a will, that plea should be heard and determined in an ecclesiastical court.

Si quis baronum seu hominum meorum-pecuniam suam non dederet vel odare disposuerit, uxor sua, sive liberi, aut parentes et legitimi homines ejus, eam pro anima ejus dividant, sicut eis melius visum fuerit. If any of my barons or of my subjects should not bequeath or dispose of his money, let his wife, or his children, or his next of kin, and lawful relations, distribute it for the peace of his soul as may appear to them most proper.

Si quis felem, horrei regii custodem, occideret vel furto abstulerit, felis summa cauda suspendatur, capite aream attingente, et in eam grana tritici


effundatur, usquedum summitas caudæ tritico cooperiatur. If any person kill or steal the cat (the keeper of the king's granary) let the cat be suspended by the top of the tail, its head touching the floor, and grains of wheat be poured upon it until the top of the tail is completely covered by the wheat.

Si quis impatientia doloris, aut tædio, vitæ, aut morbo, aut furore, aut pudore, mori voluit non animadvertatur in eum.

any person from insufferable grief, or weariness of life, or from disease, or fury, or shame, has designed to die, it shall not be considered against him.

Si quis me nesciente, quocunque meo telo vel instrumento in perniciem suam abutatur; vel ex ædibus meis cadat, vel incidat in puteum meum, quantumvis tectum et munitum, vel in cataractum, et sub molendino meo confringatur, ipse aliqua mulcta plectar; ut in parte infelicitatis meæe numeratur, habuisse vel ædificasse aliquod quo homo pe. riret. If

If any one, without my knowledge, is destroyed by my weapon or instrument; or if he falls from my house, or into my well, although covered and secured, or into my dam, and be broke to pieces under my mill, I may be

punished by some fine; as it is accounted my misfortune to have possessed or erected any thing by which a fellow creature perished.

Si quis terram hæreditariam habeat, eam non vendat a cognatis hæredibus suis, si illi viro prohibitum sit, qui eam ab initio, acquisivit, ut ita

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