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candum fortitudo et justitia regis sive vicecomitis adhibeatur. If any person from excesssive pride is unwilling to submit to episcopal justice, let him be called once, twice, thrice: but if after this he does not submit to correction, let him be excommunicated; and if it be necessary let the power and justice of the king, or of his sheriff, be used to vindicate this act.

Si antiquitatem spectes, est vetustissima; si dignitatem, est honoratissima; si jurisdictionem, est capacissima. If you consider its antiquity, it is most venerable; if its dignity, it is most honourable; if its jurisdiction, it is most extensive.

Si constare poterit. If it shall be made to appear.

Si curia cognoscere velit. If the court wish-to certify.

Sicut alias, &c. As at another time, &c.

Sic utere tuo, ut alienum non lædas. Make use of your own property, so that you injure not another's.

Sic vos non vobis fertis aratra, boves;

Sic vos non vobis vellera fertis, oves. Oxen, thus ye do not bear the ploughs for yourselves; sheep, thus ye do not bear your fleeces for yourselves.

Si debeat responderi, quousque, &c. If it should be answered until, &c. . Si decedens plura habuerit animalia, optimo cui de jure fuerit debitum reservato, ecclesiæ suæ sine dolo, fraude seu contradictione qualibet, pro recompensatione subtractionis decimarum personalium, necnon et oblationum, secundum melius animal reservetur, post obitum, pro salute animæ suæ. If a dying man has many beasts, the best being reserved for him to whom it is due by right, that the second best be reserved for the church, without any craft, fraud, or contradiction whatsoever, for a recompense of the subtraction of his personal tenths, and oblations after his death, for the good of his soul.

Si dominum cucurbitaverit, id est, cum uxore ejus concubuerit. If he hath cuckold'd his lord, that is, if he has committed adultery with his lord's wife. She

Si dominum deservire noluerit. If he be unwilling to do service to his lord.

Si dominum ejuravit, id est, negavit se a domino feudum habere. If he has renounced his lord, that is, if he has denied that he held his fee from his lord.

Si dominus commisit feloniam, per quam vasallus amitteret feudum si eam commiserit in dominum, feudi proprietatem etiam dominus perdere debet. If a lord commit felony, for which a vassal would lose his fee had he committed a similar offence against his lord, the lord should also, in such case, lose his right of the fee. . Si dominus feodi negat hæredibus defuncti saisinam ejusdem feodi, justiciarii domini regis faciant inde fieri recognitionem per duodecim legales homines, qualem saisinam defunctus inde habuit, die qua fuit vivus et mortuus; et, sicut recognitum

fuerit, ita hæredibus ejus restituant. If the lord of a fee deny to the heirs of a deceased person possession of his fee, let the judges of our lord the king cause recognition to be made thereon by twelve honest men, as to what possession the deceased held therein, the day on which he died; and as it shall be recognised so shall they restore 'it to his heirs.

Si enim ipsi raptores metu, vel atrocitate pænæ, ab hujusmodi facinore se temperaverint, nulli mulieri, sive volenti, sive nolenti, peccandi locus relinquetur; quia hoc ipsum velle mulierum, ab insidiis nequissimi hominis, qui meditatur rapinam, inducitur. Nisi etenim eam solicitaverit, nisi odiosis artibus circumvenerit non faciet eam velle in tantum dedecus sese prodere. For if these seducers through fear or the severity of punishment abstain from a crime of this kind, an opportunity of sinning will be afforded to no woman, whether she be willing or unwilling; because this same will of the women is induced by the crafty wiles of a base man who meditates seduction. For unless he entice her, unless by his hateful arts he beguile her, he shall not prevail upon her to give herself up to so great a disgrace.

Si equam meam equus tuus prægnantem fecerit, non est tuum sed meum quod natum est. If your horse get my mare with foal, the foal is not your property but mine.

Si fecerit feloniam, dominum forte concubitando.


LAW Glossary. 185 If he commits a felony, as for example, by cuckolding his lord.

Si home aiant feffees a son use devant le statut de 27 H. 8. ust devise le terre al auter, and puis les feffees font feffment del terre al use del devisor and puis le statut le devisor morust, le terre passera per le devise, car aprés le feffment le devisor avoit mesme luse que il avoit divant. If, before the statute of the 27th of Henry the 8th, a man having feoffees to his use, had devised the land to another, and then the feoffees make feoffment of the land to the use of the devisor, and after the statute the devisor died, the land shall pass by the devise, for after the feoffment the devisor had the same use which he had before.

Significavit. He has given notice.

Si home port ejectione firmæ, le plaintiff recovera son terme qui est arere, si bien come in quare ejecit infra terminum; et, si nul soit arrere, donques tout in damages. If a man bring an ejectment, the plaintiff shall recover his term which is in arrear, as well as in an action • wherefore he ejected under the term ;" and if no term remain, then he shall have all in damages.

. Si imperialis majestas causam cognitionaliter examinaverit, et partibus, cominus constitutis sententiam dixerit, omnes omnino judices, qui sub nostro imperio sunt, sciant hanc esse legem, non solum illi causæ pro qua producta est, sed et in omnibus similibus. If his imperial majesty has thoroughly examined a cause, and the matters in contention being maturely weighed, he delivers his opinion, be it known to all the judges, who act under our command, that this decision is a law, not only for the cause which produced it, but also in all similar cases.

Si in chartis membranisve tuis carmen vel historiam vel orationem Titius scripserit, hujus corporis non Titius sed tu dominus esse videris. If Titius writes a poem, history, or oration on your papers or parchments, it is not Titius, but you who are considered the owner of that work.

Si jeo mist mon clothes al un taylor a faire il poet eux conserver tanque satisfaction par le fesans. Mes si jeo contract ove un taylor que il avera tant per le fesans de mon appareil, il ne poet eux conserver tanque satisfaction pur le fesens. If I send my clothes to a tailor to make, he may keep them until he is paid for the making of them. But if I contract with a tailor that he shall have so much for making my clothes, he may not keep them until he is paid for the making of them.

Si judicium redditum sit, 8c. If the judgment be given, &c.

Si juratores erraverint, et justiciarii secundum eorum dictum judicium pronuntiaverint, falsam faciunt pronuntiationem; et ideo sequi non debent eorum dictum, sed illud emendare tenentur per diligentem examinationem. Si autem dijudicare nesciant, recurrendum erit ad majus judicium. If jurors err, and the judges decide according to

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