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That you

That you

his lord; if for a year and a day he neglects to seek after his possession; if he renounces his lord, that is, if he denies that he holds his fee from his lord; if on his lord calling upon him to court, being three times cited, he does not appear.

Scintilla juris. A spark of law.

Scire facias. That you cause to know; that you make known.

Scire facias ad audiendum errores. make known to hear errors.

Scire facias ad computandum et rehabendam terram. That you make known to account and to repossess the land.

Scire facias ad rehabendam terram. make known to repossess the land.

Scire facias quare consultatio non debet concedi post prohibitionem. That you cause to know why a consultation ought not to be granted after a prohibition.

Scire facias quare executionem non. That you cause to know why he hath not execution.

Scire feci. I have made known.

Scire fieri. To be made to know; to be informed.

Scribere est agere. To write is to perform (Opact).

Scutagium. Scutage: a sum paid to avoid the duties of knight's service.

Scuto magis quam gladio opus est. It is used as a shield rather than a sword.

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Scutum. A shield; a scutcheon.
Scyre. A shire.

A sheriff.
Scyran. To divide.

Secta. A suit: videlicet, consecution; regular order.

Secta ad furnum, secta ad torrale, et ad omnia alia hujusmodi. Suit to the bakehouse, suit to the kiln, and to all things of this kind.

Secundum allegata et probata. According to the matters alleged and proved.

Secundum æquum et bonum. According to justice and honesty.

Secundum consuetudinem manerii. According to the custom of the lordship (or manor)

Secundum discretionem boni viri. According to the discretion of a good man.

Secundum formam doni. According to the form of the gift.

Secundum legem et consuetudinem Angliæ. According to the law and custom of England.

Secundum subjectam materiam. According to the subject matter.

Securitas legatorum utilitati quæ er pæna est preponderat. The security of ambassadors outweighs the severity of punishment.

Secus. Otherwise.
Se defendendo. In defending himself.
Sedente curia. While the court is sitting.
Sed non allocatur. But, it is not allowed.

Sed per

curiam. But, by the court. Sed quære. But, ask. Sed quære de hoc? But ask concerning this? Sed vide. But see. Seisina facit stipitem. Seisin makes the stock.

Selecti judices de decuria senatoria conscribuntur: in urnam sortito mittuntur, ut de pluribus necessarius numerus confici posset: post urnam permittitur accusatori, ac reo, ut ex illo numero rejiçiant quos putaverint sibi, aut inimicos aut ex aliqua re incommodos fore: rejectione celebrata, in eorum locum qui rejecti fuerunt subsortiebatur prætor alios, quibus ille judicum legitimus numerus compleretur: his perfectis jurabant in leges judices, ut obstricti religione judicarent. The special judges are selected from a committee of the senate: their names are put by lot into an urn, that out of many the requisite number may be procured: then the urn is sent to the plaintiff and defendant, that they may reject from that number those whom they consider would be inimical or improper from something: the rejection being declared, the prætor chooses by lot others in the room of those who are rejected, with whom he fills

up the lawful number of judges: these things being done, the judges swore to the laws, that under the obligation of their religion they would judge.

Semiplena probatio. Half proof.

Semper dabitur dies partibus a justiciariis de banco, sub tali conditione, nisi justiciarii itinerantes prius venerint ad partes illas." A day shall always be granted to the parties by the judges of the King's Bench under such condition, “unless the judges in eyre come sooner to those parts.”

Senatus consulta. Decrees: they related to the community at large.

Senatus consultum ultimæ necessitatis. A decree of extreme necessity.

Senatus decreta. The decrees of the senate: they related to private matters.

Sententia rerum divinarum humano sensu excogitata, palam docta, et pertinaciter defensa. An opinion of divine things devised by man's invention, openly taught, and obstinately defended.

Sequendo. In following.

Sequestrari facias. That you cause to be sequestered (or deposited in keeping).

Sequestrari feci. I have caused to be sequestered.

Servato juris ordine. The order of law being reserved.

Servi aut fiunt, aut nascuntur: fiuntjure gentium, aut jure civili ; nascuntur ex ancillis nostris. Slaves are made so, or are born so; they are made slaves, by the law of nations, or by the civil law; they are born slaves from our bond-women.

Service de chivaler. Knight's service.

Servientes ad legem. Servants to a law; serjeants.

Servi nascuntur. They are born slaves.

Servitia servientium et stipendia famulorum. The services of vassals and the wages of servants.

Servitium militare. Knight's service.
Servitium scuti. Scutage (or escuage).

Servitus est jus, quo res mea alterius rei vel personce servit.

Bond-service is a right, by which my property is subject to the rule or person of another.

Servitutes. Services.

Servus facit, ut herus det. The servant performs his work that the master may pay him.

Sex juvenes goshawks. Six young goshawks.

Sextus decretalium. The sixth book of the decretals.

Seyn. A drift net for catching pilchards, herrings, &c.

Si actio, &c. If the action, &c.

Si a domino ter citatus non comparuerit. If on being three times summoned by his lord he hath not appeared.

Si aliquis mulierem pregnantem percusserit, vel ei venenum dederit, per quod fecerit abortivam: si puerperium jam formatum fuerit, et maxime si fuerit animatum, facit homicidium. son strikes a woman in a state of pregnancy, or gives her poison, by which she miscarries; if the embryo has already been formed, and particularly if it has quickened, he is guilty of murder.

Si aliquis per superbiam elatus ad justitiam episcopalem venire noluerit, vocetur semel, secundo, et tertio: quod si nec sic ad emendationem venerit, excommunicetur; et, si opus fuerit, ad hoc vindi

If any per

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