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Quoties dubia interpretatio libertatis, secundum libertatem respondendum est. As often as the interpretation of liberty is doubtful, let it be decided in favour of liberty.

Quoties in verbis nulla est ambiguitas, ubi nulla expositio contra verba fienda est. So as there be no ambiguity in the words, no sinister construction should be made against the words.

Quousque. As far as; as long as; until. Quousque debitum satisfactum fuerit. Until the debt be satisfied.

Quo warranto. By what authority (or warrant).

Quum bellum civitas aut illatum, defendit aut infert, magistratus qui ei bello præsint deliguntur. When a state defends or wages war, the magistrates who preside over that state are chosen in command.


Rapina. Robbery.
Raptus mulieris. A rape.
Rapuit. He ravished.
Ratio. A reckoning; consideration; reason.
Ratione contractus. By reason of contract.
Ratione inde. By reason whereof.
Ratione loci. By reason of place.
Ratione privilegi. By reason of privilege.
Ratione soli. By reason of soil.
Ratione tenuræ. By virtue of tenure.

Recordaré. To remember; to record.

Recordari facias loquelam. That you cause the plaint to be recorded.

Recusatio judicis. The refusal of a judge.

Reddendo singula singulis. In paying (or restoring) each to each.

Reddendum. To pay; to restore; to render.
Reddidit se. He rendered himself.

Redditum in invitum. Rendered against his judgment (or will).

Redeundo. In returning.
Reditus, . A return; a rent. .
Reditus albæ firmæ.' Rents of white farm.
Reditus albi. White rents.
Reditus capitales. Head (or chief) rents.
Reditus nigri. Black rents.
Reditus siccus. Dry (or seck) rent.
Regalem potestatem in omnibus.

Thę royal power in all cases,

Regalia. Rights of the crown.
Regardant. Regarding; concerning.

Reges ex nobilitate, duces ex virtute sumunt. Kings claim their title from nobleness of birth, dukes from deeds of valour.

Regiam majestatem. The king's majesty.

Registrum omnium brevium. The register of all writs.

Regni Angliæ; quod nobis jure competit hæreditario. Of the kingdom of England, which devolves to us by hereditary right.

Regrater. To regrate; to scrape over again.

Relicta verificatione. The plea being relinquished

Remanet. It remains.

Rem in bonis nostris habere intelligimur, quoties ad recuperandum eam actionem habeamus. We are understood to have a thing in our goods, as often as we bring an action to recover that thing.

Remisit curiam. He hath waived his right.

Remissum magis specie, quam vi: quia, cum venditor pendere juberetur, in partem pretiï emptoribus accrescebat. It was abated more in appearance than in reality: because when the vendor was ordered to pay tribute, he increased the price to the buyers.

Remittit damna. He remits the damages.
Remittitur. It is remitted.

Remittitur damna. It is remitted as to damages.

Remittitur de damnis. It is remitted in damages; the punishment is remitted.

Rem tantam tam negligenter. So serious a matter, so negligently,

Reoffere. A robber.
Replegiare. To replevy.

Replegiare est rem apud alium detentum, cautione legitima interposita, redimere.' To replevy is to redeem property detained by another person, legal security being given by the redeemer.

Replevium. Relief.
Replicatio. Replication.

PeTodoy. A divorce.
Reprendre. To reprieve; to take back.

Requiem. A mass (or) hymn, sung for the peace of departed souls.

Rescourer. To recover.
Rescous. A rescue.

Reseisin. Restoration of possession to a person forcibly dis possessed of it.

Residuum. Remainder.

Res integra. An entire thing; a whole agreement.

Respondeas ouster. That you answer over. Respondeat ouster. That he answer over.

Respondentia. Things answerable (or responsible); assurance on bottomry.

Respondere non dedet. He ought not to answer.

Respondra a touts, mes nul respondrà a luy. He shall answer to all, but no one shall make answer to him.

Responsa prudentum. The opinions of experienced lawyers.

Retorna brevium. The return of writs. Retraxit, &c. He has withdrawn, &c. Ρευερεντία και οσεκειον. Respect and compliance. Reus. A defendant.

Revertendi animum videntur desinere habere tunc, cum revertendi consuetudinem deseruerint. The disposition to return seems to cease, when they leave off the custom of returning.

Rex allegavit, quod ipse omnes libertates haberet in regno suo, quos imperator vendicabat in imperio. The king declared that he possessed all the privileges in his kingdom, which an emperor claimed in his empire.


Rex debet esse sub lege, 'quia lex facit regem. The king should be subject to the law, because the law creates the king.

Rex et vicarius et minister Dei in terra: omnis quidem sub eo est, et ipse sub nullo, nisi tantum sub Deo. The king is the deputy and minister of God on earth, for every one is under him, and he is subject to no one, God only excepted.

Rex, fc. salutem. Scribatis episcopo Karl; quod Roberto de Icard pensionem suam, quam ad preces regis prædicto Roberto concessit, de cætero solvat; et de proxima ecclesia vacatura de collatione prædicti episcopi, quam ipse Robertus acceptaverit, respiciat. The king, &c. greeting. In letters to bishop Charles; that he henceforth pay to Robert de Icard his pension, which at the king's request he granted to the aforesaid Robert; and that he be appointed to the next church vacant in the collation of the aforesaid bishop, which the said Robert may accept.

Rex tenuit magnum concilium, et graves serinones habuit cum suis proceribus de hac terra ; quo modo incoleretur, et a quibus hominibus. The king held a great council, and seriously advised with his nobles relating to this land, in what

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