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what right has the treasury in the calamity of another, to derive profit from so melancholy an occurrence?

Quod fuit concessum. Which was agreed to.

Quod fuit concessum per plusieurs. Which was agreed to by many.

Quod fieri faciat de bonis. That he cause to be made of the goods.

Quod fieri non debet, factum valet. What should not be done, if the deed is of force.

Quod firmarius non erit onerabilis et taxabilis ad ratas pauperum pro peculiis, et quod artifex est onerabilis et tarabilis pro peculiis in arte. That a farmer shall not be chargeable and taxable as to poor's rates for his stock, and that the tradesman is chargeable and taxable for his stock in trade.

Quod habeant et teneant se semper in armis et equis, ut decet et oportet : et quod semper sint prompti et parati ad servitium suum integrum nobis explendum et peragendum, cum opus adfuerit, secundum quod debent de feodis et tenementis suis de jure nobis facere. That they have and hold themselves always equipped in arms and horses, as it becomes and behoves them: and that they be always ready and prepared to fulfil and perform to us their whole service, when it is needful, according to what they ought of right to do för us, from their fees and tenements.

Quod habeat executionem. That he have execution.

Quod habetur tale recordum. That there is such a record.

Quod ipse et hæredes sui habeant liberam warrenam in omnibus dominicis suis in N in com' B dum tamen feræ illæ non sint infra metas foresta nostræ, ita quod nullus intret terras illas ad fugandum in eis vel aliquod capiend quod ad warrenam pertinet. That he and his heirs have a free warren in all his demesnes in N in the county of B, as long as those wild animals be not within the limits of our forest, so that he enter upon none of those grounds, to chase or to take any thing on them, which belongs to his warren.

Quod libera sit cujuscunque ultima voluntas. That the last will of every man may be free.

Quod licité barganizavit. Which he lawfully ,bargained and sold.

Quod manus domini regis amoveantur et possessio restituatur petenti, salvo jure domini regis. That the hand of our lord the king be removed, and possession be restored to the petitioner, saving the right of our lord the king.

Quod naturalis ratio inter omnes homines constituit, rocatur jus gentium. That which natural reason has established among all men, is called the law of nations.

Quod nocumentum amoveatur. That the nui. sance be removed.

Quod non corruptè agreatum fuit. What was not agreed corruptly.

Quod non ita est. That it is not so; which is not so.

Quod nullius est id ratione naturali occupanti conceditur. What is the property of no person, that by natural reason is yielded to the first occupant.

Quod obstruxit et obstipavit. That he obstructed and hindered.

Quod omnes justiciarii concesserant quoad hoc. That all the judges agreed as to this.

Quod ordinarii, hujusmodi bona nomine ecclesiæ occupantes, nullam vel saltem indebitam faciunt distributionem. The ordinaries, taking possession of goods of this sort in the name of the church, do not make any or at least not due distribution of them.

Quod partes replacitent. That the parties do replead.

Quod partitio fiat. That a partition may be made.

Quod partitio sit firma et stabilis. That the division may be firm and effectual.

Quod poenam imprisonamenti subire non potest. That he cannot undergo the pain of confinement.

Quod permittat. That he permit.

Quod permittat prosternere. That he permit to cast down.

Quod placita de catallis, debitis, &c. quæ summam quadraginta solidorum attingunt vel eam ex

cedunt, secundum legem et consuetudinem Angliæ sine brevi regis placitari non debent. That pleas of chattels, debts, &c. which amount to, or exceed forty shillings, according to the law and custom of England, should not be sued for without the king's writ.

Quod populus postremum jussit, id jus ratum esto. Let that be considered law which the people last decreed.

Quod præd'. quer'. solverit præd'. def. præd'. £300. That the aforesaid plaintiff paid the aforesaid defendant the aforesaid sum of three hundred pounds · Quod prægnantis mulieris damnatæ pæna differatur, quoad pariat. That the punishment of a pregnant woman condemned, be deferred until she be delivered

Quod principi placuit legis habet vigorem, cum populus ei et in eum omne suum imperium et potestatem conferat. That which has received the assent of the prince, possesses the force of law, as the people yield to and bestow upon him all sovereign rule and power.

Quod quærens nil capiat. That the plaintiff take nothing.,

Quod quærens nil capiat per billam. That the plaintiff take nothing by his writ.

Quod recuperet. That he recover. · Quod respondeat ouster. That he answer over, ..

Quod sit in misericordia. That he be in mercy.

Quod stet prohibitio. That the prohibition stand.

Quod talem eligi faciat, qui melius et sciat, et velit, et possit, officio illi intendere. That he cause such a person to be elected, who fully knows, and is willing to do, and can do that duty.

Quod vendidi, non aliter fit accipientis, quam si aut pretium nobis solutum sit, aut satis eo nomine datum, vel etiam fidem habuerimus, sine ulla satisfactione. What I have sold is not made the property of the buyer, otherwise than if either a price is paid to us, or that we have enough in that name given, or even a promise without any satisfaction.

Quo minus sufficiens existit. Whereby he is the less able.

Quorum. Of whom.

Quorum aliquem vestrum, A. B. C., D. fe. Unum esse volumus. Of whom we will that some one of you, A. B. C. D. &c. be present.

Quorum unum esse volumus. One of whom we command be present.

Quos banci narratores vulgariter appellamus. Those whom we commonly call reporters of the bench.

Quota. So many as; proportion.

Quoties bella non ieunt, multum venatibus, plus per otium transigunt. When wars do not interfere, they pass much of their time in hunting, (more in idleness.

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