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Prærogativa regis. The king's authority (or prerogative).

Præscriptio annalis, quæ currit adversus actorem, si de homicida ei non constet intra annum a cæde facta, nec quenquam interea arguat et accuset. The annual prescription which passes against a prosecutor, if he do not know of the murderer, within a year after the murder is committed, nor in the meantime blame or accuse any person.

Præsens parliamentum. ' The present parliament.

Præsumitur pro legitimatione. It is presumed for legitimacy; presumption is in favour of le. gitimacy.

Præterea autem concedo ut in propriis quisque tam in agris et in sylvis excitet agitetque feras. But moreover I grant that in his own grounds, and woods, every person may start and chase wild animals.

Præteritorum memoria eventorum. membrance of past events.

Prætor. A consul; a judge; a magistrate.

Prætor fidei commissarius. The judge who compels the performance of deeds of trust.

Prava consuetudo. A depraved custom.
Prece partium. At the request of the parties.
Precludi non. Not to be debarred.
Premium. A reward; present.
Prendre. To take.
Prima facie. On the first appearance.
Primariæ ecclesiæ. To the head church.

The re

Primariæ preces. The chief

The chief requests.
Prima tonsura.

The first crop
Prima seisina. The first possession of right.
Primer fine. The first fine.
Primer seisin. The first possession of right.
Primtiæ. First fruits.

Primum coram comitibus et viatoribus obviis, deinde in proxima villa vel pago, postremo coram ecclesia vel judicio. First to be proclaimed in the presence of the officers and travellers passing, then in the next village or street, and lastly in the church or court.

Primum patris feudum. The eldest son-is entitled to the estate of his father.

Principes regionum atque pagorum, inter suos jus dicunt, controversiasque minuunt. The lords of the provinces and counties expound the law among the people and allay disputes.

Prisal in auter lieu. He has taken in another place.

Prisone forte et dure. Strong and close confinement.

Prít. Ready.
Prít; præsto sum. Ready, I am ready.
Privilegium clericale. The benefit of clergy.
Proavus. The great grandfather.
Probator. An approver.
Pro bono et malo. For good and evil.

Probus et legalis homo. An honest and loyal man.

Pro capella. For a chapel; also, a cabinet of valuable antiques.

Procedendo. In proceeding.

Procedendo ad judicium. In proceeding to judgment.

Prochein ami. The next friend.
Pro confesso. As confessed.

Pro corpore comitatus. For the body of the county.

Pro correctione et salute animæ. For the amendment and safety of his soul.

Procul dubio quod alterum libertas, alterum necessitas impelleret.

Without doubt it was liberty instigated the one, necessity impelled the other.

Procurator. A proctor.

Procuratoribus, qui in aliquibus partibus atornati nuncupantur. Proctors, who are called attornies in some parts.

Pro defectu tenentis. For the defect of a tenant; in default of a tenant.

Pro dignitate regali. For the dignity of the


Proditio. Treason; treachery.
Ilgodocia Treason; treachery.

Proditorie et contra ligeantiæ suæ debitum. Treasonably and against the bond of his allegiance.

Pro eo quod leges quibus utuntur Hybernici Deo detestabiles existunt, et omni juri dissonant, adeo quod leges censeri non debeant;nobis et consilio nostra satis videtur expediens, eisdem utendas concedere leges Anglicanas. Inasmuch as the laws which the Irish people use are odious

in the sight of God, and dissent from all law, so that they ought not to be accounted laws; it seems proper to us and to our counsel, that they should alike be governed by the English laws.

Pro falso clamore. For his false claim.

Pro feodo militari reputatur. It is reputed for a knight's fee.

Profert in curia. He produces in court.

Profert in curiam. He produces (or shews) to the court.

Pro forma. Formally.

Progressum est ut ad filios deveniret, in quem scilicet dominus hoc vellet beneficium confirmare. It was settled that it should descend to the sons, that is to say, on him to whom the lord wished to confer this benefit.

Pro hac vice. For this turn.
Pro herbagio. For the herbage.
Pro instanti. For the instant.
Pro interesse suo. For his interest.

Pro jure alicujus murdriendo. For the concealment of any person's right.

Pro læsione fidei. For an injury to the faith. Pro opera et labore. For service and labour.

Pro pastura centium ovium. For the pasture of one hundred sheep.

Prope soli barbarorum singulis uxoribus contenti sunt. Of the barbarians, they, almost alone, are content with one wife at a time.

Pro præmio. For a recompense (or reward). Propositus. Proposed; exposed.


Propria manu. With his own hand.

Propria manu pro ignorantia literarum signum sanctæ crucis expressi et subscripsi. By reason of my ignorance of letters, the sign of the holy cross I have marked and subscribed with my own hand.

Pro prima tonsura. For the spring grass (or first crop).

Propter defectum sanguinis. On failure (or extinction) of kindred.

Propter delictum. For an offence.

Propter delictum tenentis. For the offence of the tenant.

Propter impotentiam. By reason of impotence.

Propter odium delicti. On account of the hatred of the offence.

Propter privilegium. By reason of privilege.

Pro quodam volario. For some valuable consideration.

Pro rata. According to allowance (or rate.)

Pro rata itineris. At the rate of the voyage (or journey).

Pro rectorio. For a rectory.
Pro re nata. For the existing occasion.

Pro retorno habendo. For the return being (or to be) had.

Pro roba ad opus reginæ, quater xxl. et vi s. viii d. For a robe for the use of the queen eighty pounds six shillings and eight pence.

Pro salute animce. For the safety of the soul.

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