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Per quod consortium vel servitium amisit. By which he lost her society or service.

Per quod proficium cummuniæ suæ habere non potuit. By which he could not have the benefit of his common.

Per quod servitium amisit. By which he lost his (or her) service.

Per rationabile pretium et extentum. By (or at) a reasonable price and extent.

Per rationabile pretium et extentum habendum. To have at a reasonable value and extent.

Per saltum. By leap; directly.
Per sceptrum. By the sceptre.
Per servitium militare. By knight's service.

Persona ecclesiæ. A parson (or rector) of a church.

Persona impersonata. A rector. A parson imparsonee.

Per statutum tricessimo primo Caroli secundi
regis. By the statute of the thirty-first of king
Charles the second.
Per stirpes.

By stock.
Per testes. By witnesses.
Per tot. By so many.
Per totam curiam. By the whole court.
Per totum triennium. For three whole

years. Per tout, et non per my. In all, and not in part.

Per verba de futuro. By words in the future time (or tense).

Per verba de præsenti. By words in the present time (or tense).

Per vinum delapsis capitalis poena remittitur. A capital punishment is remitted to those, overcome by wine.

Per visum ecclesiæ. Under the inspection of the church. Petit

cape. Small cape: a writ issued in a plea of lands or tenements against a tenant to answer for a default.

Petitio consilii. Craving leave to imparla
Petition de droit. Petition of right.
Petitio principii. A begging the question.
Petit judicium. He seeks judgment.
ondos. An impostor ; a deceiver.
Φίδεί-κόμμίσσαρίες. A feoffee of trust.
Pillerie, Pilleurie. Plunder; extortion,
Pilleur. A plunderer.
Pilori. A pillory.
Placita. Pleas.

Placita de debitis, quæ fide interposita debentur, vel absque interpositione fidei, sint in justitia regis. That pleas of debts which are due by the interposition of the faith, or without the interposition of the faith, be in the justice of the king.

Plagiarii. Men stealers.
Naylos, dosíos. Awry; deceitful.

Plagium. Man stealing: the stealing and spiriting away men, women, or children.

Plegios ad prosequendum. Pledges to prosecute.

Plegios de retorno habendo. Pledges to have a return.

Plena curia illud recordari facias. That you cause it to be recorded in full court.

Plena probatio. Full proof.

Plené administravit. He has fully administered.

Plene administravit præter. He has fully administered except.

Plenum dominium. Full ownership.
Pluries. Oftentimes.

Pluries quod averia elongata sunt. As often times the cattle are eloigned.

Pia fraus. A friendly stratagem.

Piepoudre, curia pedis pulverizati. The court of dustyfoot: an inferior court of justice held during fairs and markets to try civil causes.

Pignoris appellatione eam proprie rem contineri dicimus, quæ simul etiam traditur creditori. At eam, quæ sine traditione nuda conventione tenetur, proprie hypothecæ appellatione contineri dicimus. We properly name by the term of pledge that property which is at the same delivered to the creditor. But we properly name by the term of mortgage that property which is held by bare covenant without a delivery.

Pignus. A pledge.

Piissima regina conjux divi imperatoris. The most pious queen, consort of the sacred emperor. Pios usus.

Pious uses. Pana viginti aureorum statuitur adversus eum, qui contra annonam fecerit, societatemve cöiérit quo annona carior fiat. A penalty of twenty pieces of gold is decreed against him who endeavours to raise the market rate of corn, or who joins a company, by which means the market rate may be raised.

Pomoeria. Precincts.
Ponatur. That it be put (or) set.
Pondus regis. The king's weight.
Pone. Put.
Pone per vadios. . Put by pledges.

Posse comitatus. The power of the county; an assemblage of persons.

Possessio fratris facit sororem esse hæredem. The possession of the brother makes the sister an heiress.

Possessiones in jurisdictionalibus non aliter apprehendi posse, quam per attournanceset avirances, ut loqui solent; cum vassallus, ejurato prioris domini obsequio et fide, novo se sacramento novo item domino acquirenti abstringebat; idque jussu auctoris. Possessions cannot be taken, according to law, otherwise than by attornments, and averments, as they are used to say; as the vassal having renounced homage and fealty to his former lord, also bound himself by a new oath to the lord who purchased the seigniory; and that was done by the direction of the first lord.

Post diem. After the day.
Postea. Afterwards; hereafter.
Postea scilicet. Afterwards to wit.

fine. The after fine. Postliminium. A recovery; a return; a reprisal:-a law to recover what was lost.

Post obit. After death and interment.

: Post terminum. After the term.

Post ultimam continuationem. After the last continuance.

Potentia propinqua. A probable possibility.

Potentia remotissima. A most improbable possibility.

Præcipe. Command.

Præcipe, quia dominus remisit curiam. Command, as the lord hath waived his right.

Præcipe quod reddat. Command that he give up:

Præcipe quod reddat locum tenens. Command that the deputy restore.

Præcludi non. Not to be stopped (or debarred).

Prædia volantia. Quickly passing (or volatile) estates.

Prædium domini regis est directum dominium, cujus nullus est author nisi Deus. The manor of our lord the king is an absolute lordship, subject to none but God.

Præfectus prætorio. Prefect to the prætor.

Præmunire. To be forewarned; to be advised before-hand.

Præmunire (execrabile illud statutum). That odious statute Præmunire.'

Præpositus ad quartam circiter septimanam frequentem populi concionem celebrato :: cuique jus dicito; litesque singulas dirimito. Let the sheriff every fourth week hold a full assembly of the people: let him expound the law to each; and determine their separate suits.

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