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Avunculus. An uncle by the mother's side.
Avus. A grandfather.
Ayle. De avo. Of a grandfather.


Baculus nunciatorius. The proclaiming staff.
Bagatelles. Trifles.
Bailler. To deliver.

Balneari fures. Rogues who frequented the baths: their object was to steal the clothes of those who washed there.

Banco. In bench.
Bancus ruptus. A bank broken.
Baret. A quarrel; contention.
Baron et feme. Husband and wife.
Barratta. A quarrel; contention.
Basileus. A king; a governor.

Bastard eignè. The eldest child born in concubinage, its mother being afterwards married to the father.

Bastart. One who is born in concubinage; a bastard.

Bedefordscire maner. Lestone redd per annum xxii lib' &c. ad opus reginæ ii uncias auri. Bedfordshire manor.

That Leighton pay every year twenty two pounds, &c. and two ounces of gold for the queen's use.

Beluinas, atque ferinas, immanesque Longobardorum legis accepit. Italy accepted the monstrous, wild, and savage laws of the Lombards.

Beneficia. Benefices : estates in fee.

Benigne interpretamur chartas propter simplicitatem laicorum. We explain deeds liberally, on account of the simple plainness of the laity.

Bereafodon. They bereaved.
Besaiel. A great grandfather.
Bestes. Beasts; denominated “Game.”
Billa vera.

A true bill.
Billæ nundinales. Fair (or market) bills.

Binos, trinos, vel etiam senos, ex singulis territorii quadrantibus. They were summoned by two, three, and even by six, from every quarter of the kingdom.

Birauban. To rob.
Biraubodedun. They robbed.

Blackmail. A sum of money extorted by vagrant marauders from persons residing on the northern borders, whose property would otherwise have been destroyed or carried away. Bona Dea. The good (or propitious) Goddess.

With good faith, vid. without fraud.

Bona fide asportavit. He carried away his goods without fraud.

Bona fide ; et clausulæ inconsueť semper in ducunt suspicionem. In good faith; as uncommon clauses always cause suspicion.

Bonæ fidei venditorem, nec commodorum spem augere, nec incommodorum conditionem obscurare oportet. It behoves a vendor, possessed of integrity, neither to increase the expectation of

Bona fide.

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benefits, nor to conceal the condition of disadvantages.

Bona forisfacta. Goods forfeited.

Bona notabilia. Noted goods: as bonds, specialties, bills of exchange, &c.

Bona vacantia. Stray goods; free goods.

Bona waiviata. Goods stolen and thrown away, (or dropped.)

Boni homines. Good men.
Borge; Borve. A pledge.
Bote. Amends; recompense.

Botes. Wood cut off a farm, by the tenant, for the uses thereof, and for other necessaries.

Brevia domini regis non currant. That the writs of our lord the king do not run.

Brevia formata. Formed writs. .

Brevia magistralia. Magisterial (or official) writs.

Brevia testata. Attested writs.
Briefe de recto clauso. Writ of close right.
Brutum fulmen. Noise and nonsense.

Burgi latrocinium. The robbing of a castle; burglary.

Burglariter. Burglariously.


Camera Stellata. The Star-chamber.
Campestres. Belonging to a field.

Campi partitio. Champerty (or) a division of soil : the act of purchasing another's right,

That you

provisionally, that one half of the property sued for, when obtained, go to the champertor.

Campum partire. To divide a plain, (or field). Cancellaria. The Court of Chancery:

Cancellarius. A Chancellor ; the Lord Chancellor,

Cancelli. A chancel; the bar in a court of law.

Capias ad computandum de novo. take to account anew.

Capias ad satisfaciendum. That you take to satisfy.

Capias in withernam. That you take in lieu of reprisal.

Capias pro fine. That you take for the fine. Capias, si laicus. That you take, if a layman. Capias utlagatum. That you take the outlaw.

Capiat qui capere potest. Let him take who can take.

Capiatur. That he be taken.

Capitales, generales, perpetui, et majores; a latere regis residentes, qui omnium aliorum corrigere tenentur injurias et errores. They are principal, universal, perpetual, and superior ; who sitting by the king's side are held to correct the wrongs and errors of all others.

Capitalis justiciarius in itinere. The chief Judge on circuit.

Capitalis justiciarius totius Angliæ. The Chief Justice of all England.

Capitalis plegius. Chief pledge.

Capitula de Judæis. The heads (or chapters) of a book concerning the Jews.

Capturam avium per totam Angliam interdixit. He interdicted the catching of birds throughout all England.

Caput, principium, et finis. The principal, the beginning, and the end.

Carta de Foresta. The Charter of the Forest.

Carte blanche. A white card, (or free permission.)

Cassetur billa vel breve. That the bill or writ be quashed.

Casus omissi. Cases unnoticed, (or omitted.)

Casus omissus. An opportunity neglected ; a case omitted.

Catalla. Chattels; cattle.
Catalla otiosa. Dead goods ; chattels.

Cateux sont meubles et immeubles : si comme vrais meubles sont qui transporter se peuvent, et ensuiver le corps ; immeubles sont choses qui ne peuvent ensuivir le corps, niestre transportees, et tout ce qui n'est point en heritage. Chattels are moveable and immoveable: real moveable chattels are those which may be carried away, and follow the body; immfoveable chattels are things which cannot follow the body, nor be carried away, and all that which is not in heritage. Causa causans.

An efficient cause. Causa coadunandi lanam reginæ. For the purpose of collecting wool for the queen.

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