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bable cause; and even a greater number for a manifest and glaring reason.

Licentia concordandi. Leave of agreeing; liberty to consent.

Licentia loquendi. The liberty of speaking.

Licet apud consilium accusare quoque, et discrimen capitis intendere. It is likewise lawful to impeach at the general counsel, and to try capital offences.

Licet meretrix fuerit antea, certe tunc temporis non fuit, cum reclamando nequitiæ ejus consentire noluit. Although she was a prostitute before, certainly she was not so at that time, when

cry: ing out aloud, she would not consent to his debauchery.

Licet sæpius requisitus. Although frequently required so to do.

Ligamen. A band; a tie.

Ligan; Lagan. Goods sunk under water, but fastened to a buoy to save them from being lost.

Linguetta. An ingot.
Lis pendens. A suit pending.

Literæ clausæ. Closed (or private) letters; close writs.

Literæ patentes. Open (or public) letters; letters patent.

Locatio. A letting (or setting) to hire.
Locatio vel conductio. A salary or hire.
Locus in quo. The place in which.

Locus pænitentiæ. A place of repentance; room for repentance.

Locus vastatus. A place spoiled (or made waste). Lucri causa,

For the sake of gain; by reason of profit.

Luitur homicidium certo armentorum ac pecorum numero : recipitque satisfactionem universa domus. Homicide is atoned for by a certain number of herds and flocks: and the family in general accept it as a satisfaction.


Magna charta. The great charter.

Magna est veritas et prævalet. Truth is powerful and prevails.

Maile. A piece of money; a silver half-penny.

ManourManceuvre-a Manu. The act of doing with the hand.

Majora regalia. The greater rights of the


Majora regalia imperii præeminentiam spectant; minora vero ad commodum pecuniarum immediate attinent; et hæc proprie fiscalia sunt, et ad jus fisci pertinent. The greater rights of the crown regard the king's pre-eminence; but the lesser directly appertain to pecuniary benefit; and these are properly of the exchequer, and pertain to revenue right.

Mala fides. Bad faith.

Mala grammatica non vitiat chartam. Üngrammatical language does not vitiate a charter. Mala in se. Mischiefs (or evils) in themselves.

Malam cerevisiam faciens, in cathedra ponebatur stercoris. He who made bad ale, was placed in a dung cart.

Mala praxis. A bad practice.

Mala prohibita. Mischiefs (or evils) forbidden, by the law of the land.

Mal feazance. Bad acting; doing what is wrong

Malitia. Malice.
Malitia præcogitata. Malice aforethought,
Malitia supplet ætatem.

Mischief makes up

for age.

Malo animo. With an evil intent.
Malum in se. Mischief (or evil) in itself.

Malus usus abolendus est. A bad custom should be abolished.

Malum prohibitum. A mischief (or evil) prohibited.

Mancipia, quasi manu capti. Slaves, as if caught by the hand.

Mandavi balivo. I have commanded the bailiff.

Mandavi balivo, qui nullum dedit responsum. I have commanded the bailiff, who has given no answer.

Mandamus. We command.

Manerium ( a manendo.) A manor (from the word “remaining”).

Mansueta, quasi manui assueta. Tamed, as if accustomed (or used) to the hand.

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Mansuetæ naturæ. Of a tame nature.
Manucaptio. Mainprize.
Manu forti. With strong hand.
Manu tenere. To hold in hand.
Marchio. A marquis.
Maritagium. Marriage.
Maritare. To marry; to provide a husband.

Materia prima. The first matter; the origin of matter.

Materia prima non est corpus, neque per formam corporalitatis, neque per simplicem essentiam: est tamen ens, et quidem substantia, licet incompleta; habetque actum ex se entitativum, et simul est potentia subjectiva. A body is not the origin of matter, neither by the mould of its bulk, nor by its simple essence: yet it is a being, and indeed substance, altho' incomplete; and it has a living action of itself, altho' at the same time it is a subjective power.

Mayhem. The act of maiming.
Mayhemium. Maiming.
Merda, Murder.
Media Middle.

Melior est conditio possidentis. The condition of the possessor is the better.

Melius inquirendum. To inquire better; to make a better search.

Membrum pro membro. Limb for limb.
Memento. Remember.

Mendacium sibi ipsi imponere. To give the lie to himself.

Mensura domini regis. The measure (or gauge) of our lord the king.

Mepris. Neglect; contempt.
Mercen lage. The Mercian law.
Mesne. Middle.

Mes, si la pleynte soit faite de femme qu'avera tolle a home ses membres, en tiel case perdra le feme la une meyn par jugement, come le membre dount ele avera trespasse. But if the plaint be made of a woman who has deprived a man of his limbs, in such case the woman shall be adjudged to lose one hand, as the member with which she offended.

Meum et tuum. Mine and thine.
Michel gemote. The great meeting.
Miles. A knight. or Soldier
Milites. Knights.
Minora crimina. Lesser crimes; misde-


Minora regalia. The minor rights of the


Minus sufficiens in literatura. Deficient in learning

Minutiæ. Small matters.

Mise. Cost (or expense); the issue of a writ of right.

Misericordia. Mercy.

Misera est servitus ubi jus est vagum aut incognitum., The slavery is wretched where the law is vague or unknown.

Mis-feazance. A misdeed.

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