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The Appendix.


XTT^b. I. An Account tf the Society for Propagation
*> oftbeGofpet.

Numb. It. An Acctunt tf Sir Stafford Fairbornc^
Distress in the late Storm. . ,

Num. III. An Account of the Kj»g */Spain'* Recep-
titn at Pstworth,

Num. IV- An Epigram cn the Queen of Great Bri-
tain'; Assisting Charles III. mount the Spanish

Num. V. A Speech against the Biff, for Recruiting her

Majesty t Land Forces.
Num. V|. A of the mast Remarkable Persons, who

died in the Tear 1703.
Nu«r. VII. An Abstract tf the Biff for preventing

Occasional Conformity.
Num. VIII. A List tf the Lords that voted for and

against the hill% for preventing Occasional Censor-,


Num, IX. Ferguson'.* Narrative*... -

N die Dedication, Page 3. Line Contended read
Contented, p. 4. /. s. to the fijrro, read to be, the

Eft I A T A.



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