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ACTs paft, Page 209, 228, 254

Address of the Episcopal Clerrgy of Scotland to the
Queen, 4. Of the Parliament in Ireland to the Duke
of Ormond, 82, 83. To the Queen, 84, 86. Of the
Parliament of England, 163, 164, 168, 190, 192,
193, 210, 241, 248. Of the Clergy, 218, 221,

Arch. Duke of Austria, declar'd King of Spain, 196.

See Charles.
Arris (Captain) bis Endeavours to relieve the Cevenois,

from p. 1ol, to p. 104.
Argite, his Book cenfurld, and himself expelld the Horse

of Commons in Ireland, 89:
Ausburg taken by the Duke of Bavaria, 152.


Bavaria, Ele&tor of, makes himself Master of Ratisbonne,

p. 116. His Memorials to the Diet, IIS. He pube
lifes a Manifesto, 137. His Progresles in Tirol;
139. His ill Success, 140. He abandons Tirol,

Bonn besieged by the Duke of Marlborough, 116. And

Surrended, 118.


Boucher (James) arraigned, 223. And Condemn'd;

Brisac (old) taken by the French, 147.



, their Insurredion, p. 8." The Court of Eng;
land resolve ta alift them, 11. Endeavours to relieve

them, roi, 102, 103, 104.
Charles III. King of Spain, his journey to Holland,

155. He embarks there, 170. Arrives at Spithead,
225. Comes to Windsor, 226, Sails for Portu-
gal, 225. Is forcid back by a Storm, 228. Put mai

gain to Sea, and arrives in Portugal, 229.
Codrington (Colonel) his unsuccessful Expedition,
Coehorn (General) forces the French Lines, 120.
Commons, their Vates to Vindicate their Privileges
206. And against tha Lords,

Their Addres
in Answer to the Lords Representdtion, 276." This
Vindicate the Queen's Prerogatives, 217.


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.ارا ,Germany

Navy, Promotions in it, i.
Newmerk, čaken by the Imperialists, 108.
Nottingham (Earl of) cleard by the Commons, 194.

And by the Lords, 245.
Noyelles (Count) levels the French Lines, 171.

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Observator, The Author of it questioned, 208.

Occasional Conformity Bill, Debates and Speeches 22

bout it, from 189. Reje&ted, 189.
Opdam (General) Account of his defeai, 121. His

Fuftification, 130.
Order of the Thiftle reviv’d, 209.
Ormond (Duke of) sets out for Ireland, 8. Arrives as

Dublin, ibid. He is magnificently entertain'd by the
City of Dublin, 78. His Speech to the Parliament of

Ireland, 80. and 237.

Overkirk' (General) hos admirable Condud, 119.

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Queen goes to Windfor, 7. Goes to the Bath; 17. Her
Letter to the Scorch Parliament, 20. Her Speech to
the Parliament. 161. 190. 229...,

Her Order to re-
gulate the Play houses, 208. Her Birth Day folem-
nized, 217. Her Mejl age to lhe Commons in Favour
of the Clergy, ibid. Her Speech to both Houses, 254.


Ratisbonne, taken by the Ele&or of Bavaria, 110. Red

Solve of the Diet there, 114.
Representation of the Lords to the Queen. 2511



Salisbury (Bishop of ) bis Speech against the Occafie

onal Conformity Bill, p. 189.
Savoy (Duke of) breaks with France, 155.
Schomberg (Duke of) declared General of the Forces to

be sent into Portugal, 13: And made Knight of the

Garter, 14. He is Installd, 158.
Schlick (Count) Part of his Army routed, 109.
Scotland, Affairs of that Kingdom, 14. Their Parlia-

ment meets, 19. Their Proceedings from p. 25, to
Shovel, (Sir Cloudelly) motions of the Fleet under bim,

96. His Manifesto, 100. Arrives at Leghorn,
ios. Sails from thence, and arrives in the Downs,

Spar" (Baron) Forces the French Lines, 120.
Slangenburgh, his Letter to the States, 125.
Speech of the Lord High Commissioner in Scotland, 21,

Of the Lord High-Chancellor there, 23. See Queen.
Storm, an Account of it, 167.
Staremberg (Count) his Memorable March, 238. He

joins the Duke of Savoy, 239:
Styrum (Count) beaten by the French and Bavarians,


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