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The following list of the Mayors and Bailiffs of the borough of Tenby, extending from the third year of Henry IV., when a municipal government was first created by royal charter, down to the Restoration, was transcribed from the corporation books by Robert Nash, alderman, in 1730. The list is of some historical value, as showing that families of other than Welsh origin were for a long period in the ascendant in the borough; and to some it may be interesting to trace to a foreign root, whether Flemish or Norman, a few of the names inserted. The scarcity however of Flemish names, in a town where Flemings are said to have settled, is remarkable, and seems to strengthen the opinion which has been advanced, that those colonizers were principally of the labouring class, and below that which would probably take part in the administration of municipal affairs:—


Henry IV. 1402 John Watts Willra. Preess; Thomas Phelpe.

,, 1403 Thos. Wiseman Thos. Lovy; Roger Bonner.

1404 Thos. Phelpe Thoms. PerrottPhillip Smith.

1405 Thos. Lovy Thos. Lome; John Sayse.

1400 Thos. Phelpe David Jolle; Thos. Rees.

1407 John Banowe John Adam; Wm. Davy.

1408 Thomas Lovy William Adam; William Peers.

1409 Thomas Lome William Barber; Thomas Maggott.

1410 Thomas Lome Thomas Gibb; John Davy.

1411 Roger Bonner John Smith; David Elliot.

1412 Roger Bonner Harry Preess; Richd. Seely. Henry V. 1413 Thos. Perrott John Seely; David Brentles.

1414 Phillip Smith Phillip Poyer; Thomas Samson.

1415 Phillip Smith John White; David Walter.

1410 Thomas Lovy Richard Halle; John Horringe.

1417 Thomas Lovy John Guskon; John Rcess.

1418 Roger Bonner Thomas Phelpe; Thomas Lome.

1419 Roger Bonner John Smith; Richd. Rogers.

1420 John White2 David Cadly; Richd. Maggott.

1 A pedigree of the Perrott family is given in Lewis Dwnn's Heraldic Visitations, i. p. 74.

Of the family of Perrott, Stephen first came into Pembrokeshire in the reign of Henry I., he married Ellynor, of Istingston, daughter and heiress of Meichion ap Rice, being fourth in descent from Howell Dda, king of South Wales.—Life of Sir John Perrott, p. 14. 1728.

• Lewis Dwnn, i. pp. 129, 30.

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'Lewis Dwnn,i. p. 124.

* During the mayoralty of Thomas White, Jasper, Earl of Pembroke, granted his permission and assistance towards rebuilding and repairing the walls of Tenby, which were ordered to be made six feet broad in every part, so that there might be a walk round them for the purposes of defence. This will probably account for tho succession of arches built against the inner side of the walls, on the top of which the walk was evidently constructed. A fac simile of the original deed granted by the Earl of Pembroke is given by Mr. Norris in his Etching! of Tenby. MAYORS. BAILIFFS.

Edward IV. 1462 John Breer Thomas Stevan; Gunners Ffernand.

„ 1463 Thomas White Robt. Williams; Thomas Halle.

1404 William Gwyn Lewis Davy; John Bynde.

„ 1465 Walter Eynon William Tucker; John Gany.

„ 1466 John Rogers Thomas Reynold; David Gwither.

„ 1467 Thomas White EvanAprees; Thomas Welche.

„ 1468 John Halle Thomas Apse; William Jacke.

„ 1469 John Breer Henry Longe; John Hibberd.

„ 1470 John Sevarn JohnGower; Robt. Hardin.

„ 1471 Walter Eynon Walter Reess; Howell Ap John.

„ 1472 Thomas White John Vaughan; David Willcocke.

„ 1473 Thomas Stephen Griffith Ap Athoe; John Longe.

„ 1474 John Collin William Lawrnes; Thomas Seare.

„ 1475 John Breer John Landry; John Lawrnes.

„ 1476 John Rogers ....John Mey; William Hitchin.

„ 1477 Thomas White Walter Elliot; John White.

„ 1478 Thomas Stephen Thomas Morris; Stephen Bibb.

„ 1479 John Breer Phillip Dyer; Roger Thomas.

„ 1480 John Halle David Robbin; Jenkin Phillip.

„ 1481 Thomas White Jenkin Apreess; Philip Torr.

„ 1482 John White Thomas Maghuntly; John Lloyd.

?fWar?,T' !1483nn Hal)e David Griffith; John Turner.

Rich. III. 5

„ 1484 Thomas Stephen John Clerke; Thomas Davy.

Henry VII. 1485 John Breer John Rogers; Harry Baker.

„ 1486 John White John Wolcock; Lewis Howell al.Gwen

1487 Walter Reess William Howell; John Williams;

John White.

1488 John Rogers Howell Ap Yervord ; John Ap Jenkn


1489 William Batman Jenk. Tucker; David Tucker.

„ 1490 John White William Samson; James Hodge.

„ 1491 John White Philip Benyth; Thomas Mary Church

„ 1492 Lewis Davy John James; John A. Powell.

„ 1493 Jenkin Aprees als. Comro John Thomas; William Meredyth.
„ 1494 John White Jo. Marichurch; William Clonal.


„ 1495 John White Thomas Record; Meredyth Tucker.

„ 1496 John Thomas John Lewis; David Yencks.

„ 1497 ThomasMorris John Rogers; Howell Ap Jenkin.

„ 1498 John White John Ap Athoe; David Dicken.

„ 1499 Robt. Hardin John Thomas; Walter Tyler.

„ 1500 Tho. Maghuntly David Webb; Wm. Ap Eynon.

„ 1501 John Marichurch William Thomas; Philip Seare.

„ 1502 John Lewis Philip Maggott; William Gibbe.

„ 1503 Thom. Marichurch John Lloyd; Jenkin Davy.

„ 1504 Lewis Howell al. Green ..JohnMylls; Harry Teylor.

„ 1505 John Walter Richd. Hunter; Philip Cotten.

„ 1506 William Clon Willm. Philpin; David Willy.

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