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No. 56 [Benjamin Martyn.]

Reasons for Establishing the Colony of Georgia.

London, 1733

- Copies located:
American Antiquarian Society
John Carter Brown Library (perfect)
De Renne Library (perfect)
Massachusetts Historicaä. Society

- From a copy which belonged to

w Jonathan Belcher and Jeremy Belknap, now in Massachusetts Historical Society;

frontispiece is from the De Renne copy.

June, 1937

See: De Renne Catalogue (1931) I. 4446; Collections of the Georgia Historical Society (Savannah, lê40) W. 203-238; and Dictionary of National Biography, XXXVI. 314-315.

_ _ ------

. 36 in Martyn]

Establishing of Georgia • n, loo.


| Library (imperfect) Ige Library (lost) Historical Society

l, which once belonged than Belcher 5 Jeremy Belknap, tts Historical Society.

ne, 1937

5002; Jean F. Bernard, de Voyages au Nord: • * 1738); W (1737), 81-142; he Georgia Historical h, 1840) W. 203-238; gue of Leffert's Collecla for June , 1902, page ary of National Biography

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