Calendar, Part 1

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Includes "Examination Papers".

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Page 322 - Science, may be admitted to the status and privileges of an Indian Junior Student. 5. Any member of a University so admitted, who shall have pursued at that University a course of study prescribed by it and extending over three full years, and who shall have taken Honours in the final examination incident to the course, may be admitted to the status and privileges of a Colonial or Indian Senior Student6.
Page 323 - Calcutta who shall have passed the examination at that University for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, and shall have been placed in the...
Page 147 - Indenture further witnesseth that in further pursuance of the said recited agreement and in consideration of the premises it is hereby agreed and declared...
Page 154 - CT, or the survivors or survivor of them, or other the trustees or trustee for the time being of these presents (hereinafter called the trustees or trustee), SHALL, with the consent of the said H.
Page 154 - ... upon the trusts, and to and for the ends, intents, and purposes, and with, under, and subject to the powers, provisoes, declarations, and agreements herein-after expressed or declared, of and concerning the same...
Page 290 - Prize be open to the competition of all persons who have at any time been admitted to a Degree in this University. 4. That the successful Candidate receive two years...
Page 312 - Subsequent payments will be made 111 advance, on or after each official quarter day. The allowance will be reduced by the amount of any other sum which may become payable to him out of the revenues of India in respect of residence at a University during the same period or any part of it, and also by the amount of any University or College bills, of which payment is made by the India Office.
Page 323 - Registrar, and shall at the same time pay to the University Chest, through the Assistant Registrar, the sum of one pound or of two pounds, according as he is admitted as a Junior or a Senior Student.
Page 326 - Examination in (1) English, (2) Latin, (3) Elementary Mathematics, and (4) Greek or French or German : Provided always that, in the case of a candidate whose native language is not English, an examination in the native language of the candidate may be substituted for one in either French or German, and ail examination in any other classical language for one in Latin or Greek.
Page 213 - The applicant is required to state, generally in a preface to his dissertation and specifically in notes, the sources from which his information is taken, the extent to which he has availed himself of the work of others, and the portions of the dissertation which he claims as original.

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