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on, 312.

Address to the English Protestants, on Constancy, the Story of, 29.

the Measures respecting the Irish Coronation Oath, and the Irish Church
Church, 219.

Commission, 121.
Adventures in South America--No. Crisis, the, 231.
IV. The Prize, 205.

Critical Notices— The Dream, and other
Advice, Oliver's, 700.

Poems, 116. The Sacred Harp,
A Fancy, 348.

Second Series, 118. Sillery's Royal
Andernach, the Red Inn of, a Tale- Mariner, and Other Poems, 119.
Chap. II., 79. Chap. III., 92.

The Naturalist's Library, 239.
A Recollection, 349.

Walker's Physiognomy, 240. Drury's
Arundell's Travels in Asia Minor, Thucydides, ib. Arundel's Travels in
Notice of, 588.

Asia Minor, 588. Geoghegan's
Ballad of Leonore, 509.

Greek Testament, 590. Gilpin's
Beloved One, the, from the German of Forest Scenery, 707. The Philoso-
Heine, 703.

phy of the Evidences of Christianity,
Blood, the Oath of, 327.

by James Steele, 709. Lang's View
Burgundy, the Red Cross of, a Tale- of the Origin and Migration of the

Chap. I., 646. Chap. II., 652. Polynesian Nation, ib. Meditations,

Chap. III., 659. Chap. IV., 666. or Remains of L. S., 711.
Burns, Ode to the Memory of, 275. Croly, Rev. David O., Essay on Eccle-
Canto, the Stray, 72.

siastical Finance, as regards the
Carillons, the, 12.

Roman Catholic Church, Review of,
Catbolic Religion in Ireland, Remarks 593,

Cross, the Red, of Burgundy, a Tale,
Century, Opening of the New, 425. 646.
Change of Ministry, Dismissal of the Curiosity, from the German, 191.
Whigs, 704.

Dark Day, the, a Tale, 426.
Chapters of College Romance, 488. Decline of Poetical Genius, 174.
Chinese Historical Dramas and Ro- Delights of a Dirty Man, 442.
mances—No. II., 548.

Dismissal of the Whigs, 704.
Choice, and the Minister's Annie, by Don Gayséros, the Romance of, 622.
the Ettrick Shepherd, 582.

Downfall of Saul, 702.
Christianity, the Philosophy of the Evi- Downshire Meeting, the, 691.
dences of, 709.

Dramas and Romances of the Chinese,
Church Commission, Irish, and the Co- Notice of the, 548.
ronation Oath, 12).

Dream, the, and Other Poems, Notice
Church, Irish, Address to the Protes- of, 116.

tants of England, on the Measures in Drury's Thucydides, Notice of, 240.
progress respecting it, 219.

Emigration of the Protestants of Ire-
Church, Irish, Parliamentary Doings land, 1.
with the, 473.

Emigrants' Songs at Parting, 273.
Church, Roman Catholic, Essay on the, England, Southey’s Naval History of,

by the Rev. David O. Croly, Review Review of, 412.
of, 593.

England, the King of Merry, a Song,
Cloister, the, from the German, 70. 276.
Club-footed King, the, 393.

English, Illustrations of the, 277.
College Romance, Chapters of, Chap. I. English Protestants, Address to the, 219.
- Reading for Honours, 488.

Entertainments, the libernian Nights',
Consolation, a Leaf from the Philosophy 674.
of Voltaire, 168.

Epigram, the Rival Popes, 168.
Vol. IV.


on, 33.

Ettrick Shepherd, the Choice and the Leonore, the Ballad of, 509.
Minister's Annie, by the, 582.

Letters from Spain. No. III., an Exe-
Evidences of Christianity, by James cution, 184.
Steele, Notice of, 709.

Lha Dhu, or the Dark Day, a Tale, 426.
Fancy, A, 348.

Life and Opinions of Gregory Greedy,
Fancy, the Scene-Shifter, 325.

Gent., 328.
Finance, Essay on Ecclesiastical, Notice Log-hut, Spectre of the, a Tale, 556.
of, 593.

Longfield's Political Economy, Remarks
Forest Scenery, Gilpiu's, by Sir T. Dick
Lauder, 707.

Lyric Poetry of Pindar, 502.
Friends, to my, from the German, 368. Man, the Delights of a Dirty, 442.
Genius, Decline of the Poetical, 174. Majesty's, his Promises, and his Minis-
Geoghegan's Greek Testament, Notice ters' Deeds, 559.
of, 590.

Meeting, the Great Protestant, 336.
Giltillan, Mr. Robert, Songs by, 276, Meeting, the Downshire, 691.
411, 484, 485, 671.

Minister's Annie, a Tale, 582.
Goldsmith, the, an Indian Story, 236. Ministry, Change of, 704.
Gilpin's Forest Scenery, by Sir Thomas Minstrelsy, Hardiman's Irish, Review of,
Dick Lauder, Notice of, 707.

No. II. 152. No. III. 447. No. IV.
Grief, Pleasures of, 43.

Greedy, Gregory, Gent. Life and Opi- Napier's History of the Peninsular War,
nions of, 328.

Review of, 192.
Grey, Earl, Sketch of, 291.

Naturalist's Library – Vol. III. Gallina-
Hardiman's Irish Minstrelsy, Review of, ceous Birds, Notice of, 239.

No, II. 152. No. III. 447. No. IV. Naval History of England, by Southey,
Conclusion, 514.

Review of, 412.
Harmony, Horrors of, 543.

Note-Book, Anthony Poplar's, 116, 468,
Hibernian Nights' Entertainments, 674.

Hints from High Places, No. IV. 15. Oath of Blood, 327.
Historical Dramas and Romances of the Ode to the Memory of Burns, 275.
Chinese, No. II. 548.

Old Man's Song, by Gilfillan, 411.
History of the Peninsular War, by Na- Oliver's Advice, adapted to the Times
pier, Review of, 192.

that be, 700.
Humbug, 'Twenty-two Illustrations of, 235 On a Gnat expiring on a page of the
Illustrations of the English--the Old Grecian History, 672.
School and the New, 277.

Opening of the New Century, 425.
Impromptu, 136.

Parliamentary Doings with the Irish
Indian Story- The Goldsmith, 236. Church, 473.
Ireland, “ How is it to be Governed?" by Peninsular War, History of the, Review
Paulet Scrope, Review of, 353.

of, 192.
Irish Church Commission, and the Coro- Pindar, the Lyric Poetry of. 502.
nation Oath, 121.

Places, Hints from High-No. IV., 15.
Irish Minstrelsy, Hardiman's, No. II. Pleasures of Grief, 43.

152. No. III. 447. No. IV. 514. Poetry and the Decline of the Poetical
Irish Storyists, Lover and Carleton, Re- Genius, 174.
view of, 298.

Poetry, Lyric of, Pindar, 502.
Ivy Tree, the, 69.

Poetry. The Carillons, 12. The Story
Jardine's Naturalist's Library, Notice of, of Constancy, 29. Pleasures of Griet,

43. Sonnets, 44, 108, 136, 672.
King of Merry England, Song by Gilfil- The Ivy Tree, 69. The Cloister,
lan, 276.

70. The Stray Canto, 72. Im.
King, the Club-footed, 393.

promptu, 136.

The Rival Popes,
Knox and Jebbi's Correspondence, Re- an Epigram, 168. Consolation, ib.
view of, 241.

Curiosity, 191. The Goldsmith, an
Lang's View of the Origin of the Poly- Indian Story, 236. The Emigrants'
nesian Nation, 709.

Songs at Parting, 273. Ode to the
Lascelles, Ellward, Scenes from the Life Memory of Burns, 275. Song, the
of, 45, 137, 261, 398, 625.

King of Merry England, 276. Fancy,
Lauder, Sir Thomas. Gilpin's Forest the Scene-Shifter, 325. The Oath of
Scenery, Notice of, 707.

Blood, 327. A Fancy, 348. A
Legends and Stories of Ireland, Review Recollection, 319. To my Friends,
ot, 298.

368. The Club-footed King, 393.


Sacred Harp, Notice of, 118.
The Old Man's Song, 411. The Saul, the Downfall of, 702.
Opening of the New Century, 425. Scenes from the Life of Edward Las-
Songs by Giltillán, 484, 485, 671. celles, Gent., Chap. III. Saint He-
The Ballad of Leonore, 509. The lena-Tender Reminiscences, 45.
Romance of Don Gayséros, 622. Chap. IV. Cruising to Windward, 58.
Song from the German of Hölty, 673. Chap. V. Cabo Tormentoso, 137.
Oliver's Advice, 700. The Downfall Chap. VI. Retribution, 261. Chap
of Saul, 702. To the Beloved One, VII. Unexpected Meeting 267.

from the German of Heine. 703. Chap. VIII. Algoa Bay, 398. Chap.
Political Economy, Remarks on Long- IX. Episodical, but Pertinent, 625.
field's, 33.

Chap. X. A Chase, 636.
Political Events, Letter on Recent, 109. Scrope, Poulett-How is Ireland to be
Political Tablets, Our, 350-592.

Governed, Review of, 353.
Popes, the Rival, 168.

Sillery's Royal Mariner, and other Poems,
Poplar's Anthony, Note-Book, 116, 239, Notice of, 119.
350, 468, 588, 707.

Sketch of Earl Grey, 291.
Priesthood, a Stipendiary, 593.

Song, paraphrased from the German of
Princess, the Tartar, a Tale, 369.

Protestant Meeting, the Great, 333. Songs by Gilfillan, 276,411,484,485,671.
Protestants of Ireland, Emigration of the,l. Sonnets, 44, 108, 136, 672.
Recollection, A, 349.

Southey's Naval History of England,
Red Cross of Burgundy, a Tale, 646. Review of, 412.
Reu Inn of Andernach, a Tale, Chap. II. Spain, Letters from-No. III. An Exe-
79; Chap. III. 92.

cution, 184.
Remarks on the Emigration of the Spectre of the Log Hut—a Tale, 556.

Protestants of Ireland, 1. On Long- Starry Night, 672.
field's Political Economy, 33. On Steele's Philosophy of the Evidence of
Recent Political Events, 109. On the Christianity, Notice of, 709.
Irish Church Commission and the Story of Constancy, the, 29.
Coronation Oath, 121. On Poetry, Tablets, our Political, 350, 592.
and the Decline of Poetical Genius, Tales of Ireland, Review of, 302.
174. On the Catholic Religion in Tales and Narratives. The Red Inn of
Ireland, 312. On the Great Protestant Andernach, Chap. II. 79, Chap. III.
Meeting, 333. On His Majesty's

Adventures in South America,
Promises and his Minister's Deeds, 559, No. IV. The Prize, 205. The Tar-
On a Stipendiary Priesthood, 593. On tar Princess, 369. Lha Dhu, or the
the Downshire Meeting, 691. On the Dark Day, 426. Chapters of College
Dismissal of the Whigs, 704.

Romance, 486. The Spectre of the
Review, of Tutti Frutti, 99.


Log Hut, 556. The Choice, and the
Hardiman's Irish Minstrelsy, 152, 447,

Minister's Annie, 582. The Red
514. Of Napier's History of the Cross of Burgundy, 662.
Peninsular War, 192. Of Knox and Tartar Princess, a Tale, 369.
Jebb's Correspondence, 241. Of Irish The Stray Canto, 72.
Storyists, Lover and Carleton, 298. Thucydides, with Notes, by W. B. Drury,
Of Scrope's How is Ireland to be Notice of, 239.
Governed, 353. Of Southey’s Naval To my Friends, from the German, 368.
History of England, 412. Of Rev. 0. To the Beloved One, from the German
Croly's Essay on Ecclesiastical Finance, of Heine, 703.

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry,
Rival Popes, an Epigram, 168.

Review of, 303.
Roman Catholic Religion, Remarks on,312. Travels in Asia Minor, Notice of, 588.
Romance, Chapters of College, Chap. I. Tutti Frutti, Review of, 99.
Reading for Honours, 488.

University Intelligence, 352, 708.
Romance of Don Gayséros, 6:22.

Voltaire, a Leaf from the Philosophy
Romish Priesthood, on a Stipendiary, 593.

of, 168,
Royal Mariner, and other Poems, notice Walker's Physiognomy, Notice of, 240.
of, 119.

Whigs, Dismissal of the, 704.



DUBLIN: Printed by John S. Folds, 5, Bachelor's. Walk.

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