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The Pious Soul longing for Heaven.

T ORD! how have I loved the habitation of thy house, I and the place where thine honour dwelleth. O glorious feat; the residence and the workmanship of the great, the mighty God: ļet me continue, let me increase in this love of thee more and more. i . i . . .. · Let this weary pilgrimage be spent in advancing daily toward thee, and may the breathing of my soul after thee, fanctify and comfort the labours of each day, and refresh my waking thoughts by night. · Let my heart be always where my treasure is already ; and

in this dry and desolate wilderness, may I feel no other thirst, than that of arriving at my heavenly Canaan, and partaking in the society and the joys of that happy people, who have the Lord for their God.

O may that God who made me, posless me in his holy temple ! Not that I dare presume to hope for thy beauty and bliss upon the account of any deserts of my own; but yet, the humbleít sense of my own unworthiness will not sink me into despair of it, when I reflect upon the blood of Him who died to purchase this mansion for me. Let but his merits be applied to me; let his interceffions affist my want of worth, and then I am safe ; for those merits cannot be overbalanced by my fins, nor were, or can those prayers be ever offered up to God in vain.

For my own part, I confess with shame and sorrow, that I have gone astray like a sheep that is loft, drawn out my wandrings and my miseries to a great length, and am cast out of the fight of my God, into the blindness and darkness of a spiritual banishment. In this forlorn estate I fadly bewail the wretchedness of my captivity, and sing mournful songs when I remember thee, o Jerusalem. As yet I am at an uncomfortable distance, and at beft my feet ftand only in the outer courts of Sion. The beauties of the sanctuary are behind the veil, and kept hid from my longing eyes ; but I am full of hope, that the builder of this sanctuary, and the


gracious shepherd of fouls, will carry me in upon his shoulders, that I may there rejoice with that gladness unspeakable, which all those happy faints feel, who are already admitted into the presence of their God and Saviour ;-the Saviour who hath opened his royal palace to all believers, by abolishing the enmity in his felh, and reconciling all things in heaven and earth by his own blood.

He is our peace, who hath made both one, and broken down the middle wall of partition, promising to give us the fame degree of happiness in his own due time, which is already enjoyed in thee. For thus he hath declared, that they who are worthy to obtain chat world and the resurrection from the dead, thall be equal unto the angels. O Jerusalem, the eternal habitation of the eternal God! may'st thou be the second darling of my soul, and only he be preferred before thee in my affection, who shed his blood to make me worthy of thee. Be thou the joy and comfort of my languishing mind, my great support in hardships and distresses ; may the remembrance of thee be ever sweet, and the mention of thy name a holy means to drive away all sorrow from my soul.

An A&t of Praise. LESS the LORD, O my foul, and all that is within me D bless his holy namę.' Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits. O praise the LORD, all ye works of his, in all places of his dominions; praise the LORD, O

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Let us magnify that great God, whom angels praise, whom dominions adore, whom powers fall down and tremble before; whose excellent glory cherubim and seraphim proclaim with loud incessant voices : let us bear a part in this heavenly song, and together with angels and archangels, and all the company of heaven, laud and magnify that glorious name ; let us tune our voices with theirs, and though we cannot reach their pitch, yet will we exert the utmost of our skill and power, in this tribute to the fame common LORD ; and say with them, as poor mortals are able, Holy, holy, holy, LORD God of Holts; heaven and earth are full of thy glory ; glory be to thee, O LORD most high...

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exalted, and, like the eagle, builds its nest in the top of the rocks, and keeps its eye steady upon the Sun of righteousness; for no beauty is so charming, no pleasure so transporting, as that with which our eyes and mind are feasted, when our greedy fight and eager affections are determined to our God and Saviour, as to their only proper center; when, by a wondrous mystical, but true and spiritual act of vision, we see him who is invisible; behold a light far different from this which chears our senses, and taste a pleafure infinitely sweeter than any this world and its joys can afford; for this is a short and insincere pleasure, this is a dim and feeble light, confined to a narrow space, always in motion from us, and in few hours put out by constant returns of darkness: these are enjoyments which the great Creator hath distributed to brutes, nay, to the vileft of insects, in common with mankind; and therefore let us thirst and aspire after such as are truly divine ; for what even swine and worms share with us, cannot deserve the name of light and pleasure, but, in comparison of those more refined, are to be efteemed no better than pain and night.

Now to God the Father, &c.

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WER to the Bishop of London's Last Pastoral Letter.

. . . page 5. A Letter to the Religious Societies of England, - p. 13 A Letter to the Inhabitants of Maryland, Virginia, North and South-Carolina.

P: 37

A Letter to fome Church-Members of the Presbyterian Persuasion, · in Answer to certain Scruples lately. proposed, in proper Queries raised on each Remark.

- - p. 45 A Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley : In Answer to his Sermon, entitled, Free-Grace.

:. p. 53

A sindication and Confirmation of the Remarkable Work of GOD

in New-England, Being fome Remarks an a late Pamphlet, entitled, The State of Religion in New England, since the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield's Arrival there. In a Letter to

a Minister of the Church of Scotland. - p. 77 A brief Account of the Occasion, Process, and I sue, of a late Trial pt the Alize held at Gloucester, March 3, 1743. between


some of the People called Methodists, Plaintiffs, and certain
Persons of the Town of Minchin-Hampton, in the said County,
Defendants. - - - - p. 101

An Answer to the First Part of an Anonymous Pamphlet, entitled,

Observations upon the Conduct and Behaviour of a certain
Sect, usually distinguished by the Name of Methodists." In
a Letter to the Right Reverend the Bishop of London, and the
ether Right Reverend the Bishops concerned in the Publication
thereof. - -

- p. 113
A Letter to the Reverend Thomas Church, M. A. Vicar of

Battersea, and Prebendary of St. Paul's ; in Answer to his Se-
rious' and Expoftulatory Letter to the Rev. George Whitefield,
: on Occasion of his late Letter to the Bishop of London, and
.. other Bishops. . - - - - p. 125

An Answer to the Second Part of an Anonymous Pamphlet, ena

titled, Observations upon the Conduct and Behaviour of a
certain Sell, usually distinguished by the Name of Metho-
< 'dists.In a second Letter to the Right Reverend the Bishop
of London, and the other the Right Reverend the Bishops con-
cerned in the Publication thereof.

- p. 143
Some Remarks upon a late Charge against Enthusiasm, delivered
.by the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard, Lord Bishop
şi of Litchfield and Coventry, to the Reverend the Clergy in the

several Parts of the Diocese of Litchfield and Coventry, in a
Triennial Visitation of the fame in 1741 ; and published at their
Request in the present Year, 1744. In a Letter to the Reverend
the Clergy of that Diocese. ' - - . p. 173

A Letter to the Reverend the President and Professors, Tutors and

Hebrew-Instructor, of Harvard-College, in Cambridge. In
Answer to a Testimony published by them against the Reverend
Mr. George Whitefield, and his conduct. - p. 203


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