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EAREST LORD, and all-powerful Redeemer, who

wast praying on the mountain, whilst thy disciples were toiling and rowing all night, and the wind was contrary; who didst also appear by night to thy servant Paul in a shipwreck, saying, “ Fear not, Paut, for God has given thee all the fouls that fail with thee;". mercifully look upon us, who are now exposed to the same danger. Say unto our souls, “ It is I; be not afraid :" and to the winds, " Peace, be ftill;" and immediately there shall be a great calm. · Save, Lord, or we perilh ; for the waves rage horribly. Thou haft fent forth thy word, and the waters flow. Olet not the deep shut her mouth upon us, and fuffer not the 'wafer-floods to swallow us up!.. . We know, O LORD, for what cause this evil is come upon us. We have not feared thee, the God of heaven, who madeft the sea and dry land, as we ought. Therefore we

are exceedingly afraid, lest thou shouldst not deliver us in this = needful time of trouble. -; .

. But thou who didst once hear Yonah, when he cried unto

thee out of the belly of the fish, though he was fleeing from ; thy presence, hear us also for thy mercy's sake. For thou 1 haft cast us into the deep, into the midst of the feas, the foods e are compaffing us about, and thy billows and waves are passing

over us. Save our lives from destruction, O LORD our God, ; and let us yet lift up our hands unto thee in thy holy temple.

But if the decree be gone forth, that our bodies must now perish and fee corruption, thy blessed will be done. Only į grant, O LORD, that our souls may be precious in thy fight,

and that we may be preserved from the storm of thy everlasti ing'anger ; so that when the voice of the archangel Thalt

found, and the trump of God command the sea to give up its dead, we may rise to life immortal, through him who

liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, - now and for ever. Amen, and Amen.

Vol. IV.


A Thanks : A Thanksgiving for a safe Arrival after a Viyage. ALMIGHTY and gracious LORD God, who art good, Hi and doest good, who sendest thy rain on the juft and on the unjust, and causest thy sun to shine on the evil and on the good; we thy unworthy servants humbly beseech thee, that thou wouldst open our lips, and enlarge our hearts, to shew forth thy praise, for letting us see thy wonders in the deep, and for leading us through the sea, as on dry land, and bringing us to the haven where we would be.

o do thou, who did it inspire Moses and the children of Ifrael to sing a song unto thee, when thou broughtest them up out of the Red-lea, open our lips, O LORD, that our mouths may shew forth thy praise : for thou art our strength and our song, and art become our salvation. Thy right hand is become glorious in power. Who is like unto thee, O God, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? Praise the LORD, O our fouls, and may all that is within us praise his holy name.

We have seen thy paths in the great waters, and thy providence and power hath alone preserved us, otherwise the deep had long since overwhelmed us, and the waters gone over our souls. It is thy arm, O LORD, alone bath brought us this salvation. O that we may therefore praise thee for thy goodness, and declare the wonders that thou hast thewn to us, the unworthiest of the children of men. bo

LORD, let us never be unmindful of thy manifold mercies, but enable us to pay thee the vows we made thee when we were in trouble. O keep us, keep us, we beseech thee, un{potted from the world into which thou art lending us, Grant we may not turn thy grace into wantonnels, but henceforward walk so holy, and unblangeably in all manner of conversation and godliness, that after we have passed the waves of this troublesome world, we may arrive at the haven of eternal çest, which thou haft prepared for all that love our LORD Jesus in fincerity. Grant this; O Father, for thy dear Son's take JESUS CHRIST our Saviour. Amen, and Amen.

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Prayer for a Sailor; o
Thou God of the sea and dry land, who in thy strengti

setteft''fast the mountains, and art girded about with power, who claspeft the winds in thy fift, and holdest the waters in the hollow of thy hand, who deckest thyself with light, as with a garment, who'spreadest out the Heavens like a cuitain, who telleft the number of the stars, and calleft themi all by their names, 'whol ħaft set' bounds to the sea which it cannot pass, and hast faid, Hitherto shall ye come and no far: ther, and here shall your proud waves be stayed: 0 thou, who haft made Pleiades, Orion, and Areturus, who layeft the beams of thy chambers in the waters, who makeff the clouds thy chariot, and walkest' on the wings of the wind : O thou almighty JEHOVAH, who haft called me by thy providence to go down to the sea in ships, and to occupy my business in the great waters' ;' grant, that as I daily fee; fo I may daily admire thy wonders in the deep, and learn from storms and winds to obey thy word. They go, O LORD, when thou biddeft them go; they come, when thou commandest them to come. But I have broken all thy commands: thou haft commanded me to go ofter, but alas ! I go hot. Thou requirest me to come and draw hear unto thee in prayer, but alas ! I come not. Oi if I do pray unto thee at such time ášía ftorin comes upon me, yét my devotion ceafes with the storm, it is but like á morna ing cloud, and as the early dew that passeth away. :

LORD, I blush and am confounded; when I consider how often thou hast maghified thy 'power in my preservation, and yet that I could continue fo 'urigrateful. Thou hast often heard me when I have cried unto thee, when I have been ftaggering to and fro, and been at mỹ wit's end, when the waves went up to the heavens, and down to the hell beneath, and my soul hath fainted for very trouble : but I have forgotten to praise thee, O LORD, for thy goodness; and to thank thee for the wonders chou haft thewn to me, the unworthiest of the sons of men.

Thou waft with Noah in the ark, and his little family; O do thou vouch safe to guide and protect me. Thou wast with Jonah, when he cried unto thee out of the belly of hell; hear Hh 2


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me also, now I cry unto thee out of the great deep. I would not behave more wisely in the things of this life, than in the things which belong to my everlasting peace. Let me not be so careful to fhun a shipwreck, and never fear making Ihipwreck of faith and a good conscience. Let me not be so care ful to eye my compass, and yet seldom eye thy most holy, word, which alone can guide me through this world to the haven of everlasting rest. Let me not every day be solicitous to be at my wilhed-for port, and never desire to see and enjoy thee. Let me not daily improve every wind, and continually neglect those glorious opportunities, which I enjoy of fitting myself for thee. Let me not fear a storm, and yet never fear that fiery tempeft, which will ere long, come upon the wicked, from thy presence.

Keep me, O God, from impatience, when the winds and feas are contrary. Grant me a lively persuasion, that thy providence ruleth all things; that thou intendest every thing for my good, and enable me therefore patiently. to tarry thy leisure, and to give thee thanks for all things that befal me, since it is thy will in CHRIST JESUS concerning me. Let me not complain of the weather, since that is tacitly com, plaining of thee, my God. .

Keep, O LORD, I beseech thee, the door of my lips, that I may not offend thee with my tongue. O put away swearing far from me, and let me no longer, as I have done, cloath myself with curfing as with raiment, left, as I delight in curfing, it should happen unto me, and as I loved not bleling, so it may be far from me..

Olet me no longer deceive my own soul, by thinking it impofsible thus to offend thee with my tongue. All things are possible with thee, my God! Purify, therefore, I beseech thee, my heart : create in mę a new heart ; renew a right spirit within me: for out of the abundant wickedness çon, tained therein my mouth hath so often uttered profane things. · Keep me, O LORD, I beseech thee, unspotted in my cons versation, and let not the evil communications, to which I am daily exposed, corrupt my good manners. Olet me never have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather give me courage to reprove them; and, as my life is always in thy hand, O let me not forget thy law.


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Grant, O LORD, that the crosses I meet with, may not increase, but rather break my paffions. Let me, in the hours of watching, watch unto prayer, and teach me to endure hardness like a good soldier of JESUS CHRIST.

Keep me, O Lord, from loving unrighteous gain, and grant I may render unto Cæfar the things that are Cæfar's, and pay tribute to whom tribute is due: knowing that money unjustly gotten, is but laid up to the owner's hurt, and that kereafter it will pierce me through with many sorrows, and eat my Aesh as doth fire. May my one business be to lay up treasures in heaven, and to secure an interest in thee, O blessed JESUS, who livest and reigneft with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God, blessed for evermore. Amen, and Amer.

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