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the one too early before tobacco comes in demand and ships arrivall into this country. And November court held in the depth of winter, and soe immediately following the other, as the suiters can scarce returne home before they are exposed, to the danger and charge of returning againe, to their great hazard and detriment,

which might be prevented if the generall courts were Terms of the appointed to be held but twice in one yeare, viz: The general court, first generall court, according to a former act, made altered.

the fifth day of June, one thousand six hundred sixty six, to begin the fifteenth day of Aprill, and to hold eighteen dayes; and the second generall court to begin the fifteenth day of October, and to continue eighteen dayes and noe longer.

Bee it therefore enacted by the Governour, Councill and Burgesses of this generall assembly, and by the au

thority thereof, and it is hereby enacted and declared, Two terms in a year.

That the first generall court in each yeare begin upon the fifteenth day of Aprill, if the same happen not upon a Sunday, and be held and continued eighteen dayes, not accounting Sundayes in the number; and the other

generall court to begin upon the fifteenth day of OctoCommencen

-bcr, if the same happen not to be on Sunday, and then tion.

on the day following, and to be held and continued eighteen dayes, not including Sundayes in the said number and noe longer, and that all and every act and acts constituteing the generall courts at any other time or times, be, and are from henceforth utterly (a) repealed and made voyd to all intents and purposes. Any law, custome or usage to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

ACT II. Edit. 1752.

An act for the better preservation of the

Peacef Virginia, and preventing un. lawfull and treusonable associations.

WHEREAS many evill and ill-disposed persons Edit. 1733, Preamble, re. inhabitants of this his majesties collony and domi. citing an un nion of Virginia, contrary to their duty and allelawful combi

Various Readings. ' * The running title to the acts of this session, in the editions of 1733 and 1752 is, • Anno tricessimo sexto Caroli secundi regis.'

(a) The word utterly,' omitted in Ch. Cit. and P. Rand MSS.

ezed tole this his all destrucjominion, to

giance, on or about the first of May, in the thirty- nation to cut fourth yeare of his majesties raigne, and divers other up and destroy dayes, and times tumultuously and mutinously assem- plants.**

all tobacco bled and gathered together to cut up and destroy all this has tobacco plants, and to perpetrate the same in a trayte- reference to

the plant-cutrous and rebellious manner, with torce and armes en-in

jes en ting mention'd tered the plantations of many his majesties good sub-among the his jects of this his collony, resolving by open force, a torical docu. generall and totall destruction of all tobacco plants

on on all tobacco pranis end of the prewithin this bis majesties dominion, to the hazarding ceding vo. the subvertion of the whole government, and ruine lume, p. 562. and destruction of his majesties good subjects, if by Gods assistance, and the prudent care and conduct of the then lieutenant governour and councill, the mutineires had not been timely prevented, for which treasons and rebellions against his majesty and this bis (6) government, some notorious actors have been indicted, convicted, and some of them executed, and suffered such paines and punishinents as for their treasons and Febellions they justly deserved. Now to the end and purpose, that none of his majesties subjects may be at any time hereafter seduced by the specious pretenses of any persons, that such tumultuous and mutinous assemblyes, to cut up or destroy tobacco plants or any other the crop or labours of the inhabitants of the said collony, are but riotts and trespasses; and to the end, bis majesties subjects of this bis dominion, may be the better secured in their estates and possessions. The burgesses of this present generall assembly pray that it may be enacted, And bee it enacted by the governour, councill and burgesses of this assembly, That if any if any person or persons whatsoever, to the number of eight to the number or above, being assembled together, shall at any time of 8, or more, after the first day of June now next ensuing, intend, af goe about, practice or put in use with force, unlawfully assemble togeto cut, pull up or destroy any tobacco plants, either in ther forcibly bedds or hills, growing within the said collony, or too

bac. or plants, destroy the same, either cureing or cured, either before or houses; the same is in hogsheads or afterwards, or to pull downe, burne or destroy the houses or other places

erson or personassembled togethe next ensuing,


after the first

either become bac. destroy to?

Various Readings. (6) The,' in Northb. MS. “this his' in Ch. Cit. and P, Rand. MSS. and edit 1733,


where any such tobacco shall be, or to pull downe the fences or enclosures of any tobacco plants, with intent

to cut up or destroy the same, (and such person or and do not dis- nero

Si persons being commanded or required in his majeshours after ties name by the governour or other commander in proclamation, chief, or any one of the councell, or one or more of the

justices of the peace of the said coliony, commanding and requireing such persons to disperse themselves, and peaceably to depart to their habitations) shall continue together by the space of four houres after such proclamation made, at or nigh the place where such persons shall be soe assembled; that then every such

persons soe willingly assembled, in forceable manner, đeemed trai

to doe any of the acts before mentioned (a) and soe continuing together as aforesaid, and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall be deemed, declared and adjudged to be traytors, and shall suffer paines of death,

and alsoe loose and forfeite as in cases of high treason. Proviso, that Provided always, that noe person or persons whatsoever the prosecuti- shall incurr the pains and penalties hereby inflicted, un12 months.

'n lesse he or they be prosecuted and indicted thereupon, within twelve months after the offence committed, Any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding

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on be


1,252.1733 and An act repealing the act, concerning the

pursuit of runawayes.

Act 8, of Sep. WHEREAS the eighth act of assembly, made at tember, 1663, tomos Cito the tenth repealed.

• James City the tenth day of September, one thou. sand six hundred sixty-three, intituled, an act concerning the pursuit of runawayes, is by experience found, very inconvenient; Bee it therefore enacted by the governour, councill and burgesses of this general assembly, and it is hereby enacted, That the said act and every clause, and article therein contained be, and is here repealed, to all intents and purposes, whatever.

Various Readings. (a) "Aforementioned in Ch. Cit. and P. Rand. MSS, and edit. 1733

ACT IV. An act for the better supply of the country Edi. 1733 and

1752. with armes and ammunition. FOR the encouragement of the inhabitants of this his majesties collony and dominion of Virginia, to Encourageprovide themselves with arms and ammunition, for the

e arms and am defence of this his majesties country, and that they munition., may appear well and compleatly furnished when conmanded to musters and other the king's service, which many persons have hitherto delayed to do, for that their arms have been imprest and taken from them.Be it (a) enacted by the governour, councill and burgesses of this present general assembly, and the authority thereof, and it is hereby enacted, That all such swords,

Arme and ammusketts, (6) pistolls, carbines, guns, and other armes

** munition exs and furniture, as the inhabitants of this country are al empted from ready provided, or shall provide and furnish them- impressment, selves with, for their necessary use and service, shall distress or exefrom henceforth be free and exempted from being imprest or taken from him or them, that already are provided or shall soe provide or furnish hinselfe, neither shall the same be lyable to be taken by any distresse, seizure, attachment or execution, Any law, usage or custom to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

And be it further enacted, That between this and the five and twentieth day of March, which shall be in the. What army,

de &c. the militia veare of our Lord one thousand six hundred eigh- to supply them. ty six, every trooper of the respective counties of his selves with. country, shall furnish and supply himself with a good able horse, saddle, and all arins and (c) furniture, fitt and compleat for a trooper, and that every foot soldier, shall furnish and supply himselfe, with a sword, musquet and other furniture fitt for a soldier, and that each trooper and foot souldier, be provided with two pounds of powder, and eight pounds of shott, and shall conti


Various Readings. (a) The word therefore after 'it' in Ch. Cit. and P. Rand. MSS.

(6) The word · musketts' omitted in Northb. MS. but inserted in Ch. Cit. and P. Rand. MSS.

(c) The words - all arms and' omitted in Northb. MS. but inserted in Ch. Cit. and P. Rand. MS.

nually keep their armes, well fixt, cleane and fitt for

the king's service. Penalty for und be it further enacted, That every trooper, failing failure. to supply himselfe within the time aforesaid, with such

arms and furniture, and not afterwards keeping the same well fixt, shall forfeite four hundred pounds of tobacco, to his majesty, for the use of the county in which the (a) delinquent shall live, towards the provideing of colours, drums and trumpetts therein, and every foot souldier soe failing to provide himselfe, within the time aforesaid, and not keeping the same well fixt, shall forfeit two hundred pounds of tobacco to his majesty, for the use aforesaid, and that all the militia officers of this country, take care to see the execution and due observation of this act, in their several

and respective regiments, troops and companies. Musters, And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, when to be. That every collonell of a regiment within this country,

shall once every yeare, upon the first Thursday in October, yearly, cause a generall muster, and exercise of the regiment under his command, or oftner if occasion shall require.

And that every captain or commander of any troop of horse or foot company, within this country, shall once at the least in every three months, muster, traine and exercise, the troop or company under his command, to the end, they may be the better fitted and enabled, for bis majesties and the countryes service, when they shall be commanded thereunto.

ACT v. 1769" An act repealing the forty-secon 1752.

ty third act of the printed laws* and

for building prisons in each county, and Acts 42 & 43, for ascertaining rules to each prison. of the printed laws, vol. 2, BEE it enacted by the governour, cruncell and burp. 76 77,) re- gesses of this present general assembly, and by the pealed.

authority of the same, That the forty-second act of the

Various Readings. (a) Such’in Ch. Cit. and P. Rand, Ms.

It is not probable that Purvis's collection was printed at this time. Had it been the case, there certainly would have been some irference more distinct, than merely to the printed laws. This fur

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