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ACT ix.
An act for the Publique Leadie. Edi. 1733 &

1752 BEE it enacted by the Governour, Councell and Bur. Taxes for the gesses of this present generall assembly, and the authority year 1984 thereof, That the summe of forty and seayen pounds of tobacco be paid by every tythable person within this his majesties collony and dominion of Virginia for the defraying and payment of the publique charge of the country, being the publique leavy for this present yeare, and that it be paid by the collectors of the severall counties, to the severall persons to whome it is proportioned by this present generall assembly; and if it shall happen that there shall be more tithables in any county than the present leavy is layd on, then such county to have creditt for soe much to the ease of the county, and if there shall bappen to be lesse, then such county shall beare the losse. Signed by Lord EFFINGHAM, Governor. The sig

nature of go EDWARD HILL, Speaker.

yernor and Copia,

speaker Tho. MILNER, Cl. Assembly. from note to

edit. of 1733 and 1752.

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY T. 624 tythables at 47 per poll .


To Sallary
To Mr. Secretary Atourney of the Lord Culo ?

To Capt. George Brent, in part . .


29328 To the Clerk of the Assembly for the acts )

Copies and petitions assigned to Mr 500
Knight for the vallue received.

Tho MILNER, Cl. Assembly.
May the 16th, 1684.

* This account raised against the county of Northumberland, for its proportion of the levies or taxes, and the apportionment of them among the several creditors, is to be found only in the Northumb. MS. and is conclusive proof that the laws were furnished in MS. to that county, at the date of their passage,

Upon reading a Report from the Committee of Proposi-

tions and Greivances, viz:

Persons hold. RESOLVED, That it is the undoubted right of eveing lands for sy person who holds lands, tenements or hereditaments life of them selves, wives, for his owne life, for the life of his wife, or for the life or others, en- of any other person or persons to vote in Election of titled to vote Burgesses for the county where such lands, tenements, for burgesses in the county &c. doe lye. where the

Test, lands lie.

Tho MILNER, Cl. Assembly.

APRILL THE 36TH, 1684.

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His Excellency, amongst other things was thus addrest by

the House of Burgesses:



Memorial of AND whereas the inhabitants of Northumberland the inhabitats coumty, and other the inhabitants of Potomack neck, of the North within this bis majesties dominion, have taken up divers the governor, tracts of land, and have been at great charge to seate, praying that save and defend the same, and have possessed the same

ir many yeares, and have since their takeing up the same, lands secured made their applycation at divers times, according to the to them by usuall custome in such cases used by the rest of the inpatent, as the habitants of this dominion for the obteigning pattents for habitants of the said land, and yett have not obteined any, whereby Virginia. ., the said lands might be secured to them the said inhabiThe evils

s tants, their heires and assignes. The house of burgesses here comp'nda of arose from therefore in behalfe of the said inhabitants of Northumthe grant to berland county, and the other aforementioned, doe humlord Culpep. bly pray your excellency that they may have their seveer; concernin which. rall parcells of land by them taken up, seated, held and see Histori. possessed as aforesaid, and what lands shall be by them, cal Docu... or any of them hereafter taken up, granted and confirmend of this & ed to them and their posteritie by pattent under the same the preced- conditions as his most sacred majesties subjects of the ing volume. other parts of this his dominion doe enjoy their lands

from his majestie.

To which his excellency was pleased to returne this answer

Aprill the 29th. Whereas it is presented as a grieviance to the Nor- The govern. therne neck that they are under uncertaine conditions ens answer. as to their lands, pattents not issuing to them as to other inhabitants of this dominion. His majestie out of his great goodnesse, grace and favour, has bin pleased to take the same undor his royall copsideration, in which I doe dayly expect to receive from England, and by the arrivall of the next ship, doe hope, shall receive such directions as may assure the inhabitants of the Northerne neck, that their lands will be confirmed unto them under the same tenures as the rest of his majesties subjects of this collony hold their lands, therefore, cannot take this to be a suitable time to make any representation of it to his majestie, least we should seem to anticipate the intentions of his majesties goodnesse to us, but in case watters should soe intervene, that this concerne between this and the meeting of the next generall assembly bee not commoded, myselfe and the councill will then readily joyne with the house of burgesses in a fitt representation of the same to his majestie.

Tho. MILNER, CI. Assembly,


Edi.1733 and An act reviveing the act entituled, and act for the 1752.

advancement of manufactures of the growth of this

country, &c. Act 12, of BEE it enacted by the governour, conncell and burNovember, 1682, for en.gesses of this general assembly, and the authoritie couragement thereof, and it is hereby enacted, That the 12th act of of manufac. assembly made at James Citty the 10th day of Novemtures, reviven

ber, 1682, entituled an act for the advancement of manufactures of the growth of this country, and for the better and more speedy payment of debts and levies be revived, and that the same doe continue in force three yeares from the end of this session, and after that to the end of the next session of assembly.

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An act repealing the 17th act of assembly,

made the 8th day of June 1680.

Edi.1733 and 1752.

Act of 8th of BEE it enacted by the Governour, Councill and BarJune, 1680, nesses of this restraining & the striking tie thereof, and it is hereby enacted, That the act enof fish at cer- tituled, an act restraining strikeing and killing fish at tain periods, unusual times, made at James City the 8th day of June repealed.

1680, be from henceforth repealed, and the same is hereby repealed to all intents and purposes.

ACT V. Fadj.1733 and An act ascertaining days for Courts in

Accomack County.

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17 UCI UDcoruutmis uu

Court days of BEE it enacted by the governour, councell and burAccomack

gesses of this general assembly, and the authoritie county.

thereof, and it is hereby enacted, That the court dayes for Accomack County for the time to come, be annu." ally as hereafter followeth, viz: The 3d Tuesday in June, the 3d Tuesday in September, the 3d Tuesday in November, the 3d Tuesday in December, the 30 Tuesday in ffebruary, and the 3d Tuesday in Marchis

and that the said dayes be constantly observed, held and kept as court dayes annually for the time to come, Any former law, usage or custome to the contrary hereof notwithstanding.


ACT VI. An act regulateing the tare of Tobacco Fidi,1733 and

Hogsheads. WHEREAS great abuses, frauds and deceits are Preamble. dayly practiced by coveteous persons for their own singular lucre and gaine in the unreasonable weights of tobacco hogsheads, commonly past away at a much lighter, and more moderate tare then they really weigh, Bee it enacted by the governour, councell and burgesses

All tobacco of this generall assembly and the authority thereof, hogsheads to and it is hereby enacted, That for the prevention of the be branded like unjust practices in time to come, noe planter or by the ma. planters, or other persons whatsoever, being and abide- ker. ing in this country, from and after the 10th day of September next, shall pack, pay away, or put to sale any tobacco or tobaccoes whatsoever, in any sort of caske whatsoever but what shall be marked or branded, according as hereafter shall be exprest by such cooper or coopers, artificer or artificers as shall sett up and make the same. And be it alsoe enacted by the authoritie aforesaid,. How to be

<? branded and it is hereby enacted, That all and every cooper or coopers, or other persons whatsoever that will either by himselfe or his owne servants to his use, exercise and practice the makeing and setting up of all or any sort of tobacco casques from and after the said 10th day of September next, shall and doe procure and provide certaine marks or brands for his or their proper and (a) peculiar use, that is to say the two first letters of his or their proper name and sirname, and figures sufficient to mark or brand the weight of every respective tobacco caske made and sett up, to be provided by all and every such cooper or coopers, planter or plan

Various Readings. (a) Ord in Ch. City Ms. and in Northb. 18.

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