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Nucula sulcatus, Born.

» proxima, Say. Cardium tuberculatum, L. , semituberculatum, E. and B.

This seems intermediate between tuberculatum and aculeatum; it may be a thick variety of the latter species. It has the outline but not the sculpture of a large C. edule (the angular forms). echinatum, L. deshayesii, Poli. . hornesianum, Grat. papillosum, Poli.

minimum, Phil.
, strigilliferum, S. O. Wood.
Lucina borealis, L.
Axinus flexuosus, Mont.
Cyamium minutum, Fabr.
Cardita aculeata, Lam.

» corbis, Phil.
, striatula, E. and B.

A small semicircular acute pointed shell, with concentric

striæ; broader than Corbis. Astarte parvula, S. 7. Wood.

, macandrewi, Smith. Woodia digitaria, L. Montacuta truncata, 8. Wood.

bidentata, Mont.
ellipsoides, E. and B.

A shell rather larger than M. bidentata, with the umbones
nearly central, sides elliptic.
pusilla, E. and B.

A minute semicircular shell, more rounded than M. biden

tata, very near to the M. ovata of Jeffreys.
, ovata, Jeffr.
Lasæa rubra, Mont.

, pumila, S. V. Wood.
Kellia orbicularis, S. V. Wood.
Lepton nitidum, Turt.
Artemis exoleta, L.
Venus ovata, Penn.

Tapes aureus, Gnul.

, virgineus, L.

» pullastra, W. Wood. Venus multilamella, Lam. Erycina longicallis, Phil.

A very small shell that possibly belongs to this species :

the hinge does not quite correspond. Abra trigonula, E. and B.

Has the look and build of a medium-sized Mactra, but

differs in the ligamental process. Mactra solida, L.

, subtruncata, Da C.
Thracia villosiuscula, M Gill.
Mya arenaria, L.
Saxicava rugosa, L.
Solen ensis, L.
Lutraria elliptica, L.
Cypræa avellana, Sow.

, affinis, Duj.
» europæa, Mont.
» dubia, E. and B.

This may be an aberrant variety of the preceding, but

differs in the arrangement of the encircling ridges. Voluta St. Erthensis, E. and B.

Differs from V. lamberti in the disposition of the columellar

folds ; a fragment only known. .
Columbella erythrostoma, Bon.
Nassa serrata, Broc.

, emiliana, Beyr.
, granifera, Duj.
, granulata, Sow.

touerneri, May.
semistriata, Broc.
recticosta, Bellardi.
perrieriæ, Bellardi.
dertonensis, Bellardi.
mutabilis, L.

var. St. Erthensis, S. V. Wood.
var. gigantea, R. G. Bell.

Nassa solida, S. V. Wood.
„ warburtoni, E. and B.

A Nassa of the same type as N. .semistriata, but quite

smooth. Buccinum jani, May.

, aquitanicum, May. Lachesis multilineata, E. and B.

A long slender shell, densely crowded with fine spiral re

volving lines, very distinct.
Nesæa candidissima, Phil.
Murex funiculosus, Born.
Fusus tentativus, E. and B.

A very minute, strongly knobbed shell.
Euthria cornea, L.
Pleurotoma herndsii, Mayer.

costatostriata, S. V. W.
costata, Don.
brachystoma, Phil.
parvula, E. and B.
tenuicosta, E. and B.

The last two species and Fusus tentativus require a larger series than we have seen ; they are very well defined and

sculptured, but may be the fry of larger shells. Defrancia linearis, Mont. Cerithium tricinctum, Broc. , reticulatum, Da C.

pseudoreticulatum, S. V. W. , crassicostata, E. and B.

A very strongly defined shell, with 4-5 stout squarish

ribs, nearly continuous from apex to base. Ceritheopsis minimum, E. and B. Triforis adversum, Mont.

perversum, L. Menestho basistriata, E. and B. Turritella triplicata, Broc.

u planispira, Nyst. Natica catenoides, S. V. Wood.

varians, Duj.
, sordida, Phil.
„ millepunctata, Lam.

Natica multipunctata, S. P. Wood.

, consors, S. V. Wood.
y proxima, S. V. Wood.
, beyrichii, V. Koenen.

The last four chiefly differ in the size and position of the

umbilical ridge. 9 montacuti, Jeffr.

» burtoni, E. and B. Odostomia albella, Lov.

obliqua, Ald.
acuta, Jeffr.
unidentata, Mont.
rissoides, Hanl.
pallida, Mont.
turrita, Hanl.
plicata, Mont.
warrenii? Jeffr.
conspicua, Ald.
insculpta, Mont.
striolata, Alderc.
magna, E. and B.

A slender, graceful species, one of the largest of the genus;

tooth almost hidden. Chemnitzia clathrata, Jeffr.

eximia, Jeffr.
euterpe, Semp.
plicatula, Broc.
costellata, Grat.
interstincta, Mont.

warringtoni, E. and B. Turbonella eulimæformis, E. and B.

A smooth shell with four whorls; aperture much like

that of Eulima. Aclis elongata, E. and B.

Much like Aclis(Pherusa) gulsonæ, but has a stiliform apex. Eulima intermedia, Cant.

subulata, Don. , polita, L. , stalioi, Cant.

gracilis, Jeffr.

Eulima stenostoma, Jeffr.
Eulimene pendula, S. 7. Wood.

var. turgida, E. and B.
terebellata, Nyst.

var. conica, E. and B.

var. acuminata, E. and B. bythinæformis, E. and B.

These merge the one into the other, but the trivial names will easily distinguish them; the last closely resembles the

freshwater Bythinia. Hydrobia ventrosa, Mont.

» ulvæ, Penn. Jeffreysia diaphana, Ald.

, globularis, Jeffr. Rissoa ehrenbergii, Phil.

, montagui, Payr.
, partim cancellata, Wood.

Cancellated on the lower part of the whorl.
reticulata, Mont.
» substriata, Phil.
intusstriata, E. and B.

A very massive, thick-ribbed, solid shell, striated between the ribs. semistriata, Mont. fenestrata, E. and B.

A turbinated form, with 3-4 strong striæ, producing a

a coarse fenestration to the shell. , pulcherimma, E. and B.

A small species with convex whorls, the fine striæ crossed

by delicate curved ribs. » gracilicosta, E. and B.

Smaller than the last ; finely marked with curved ribs; no

striæ. , densecosta, E. and B.

Ribs closely packed ; fine curved. , ovalis, R. G. Bell.

Moderately large, regularly ovate, smooth. » purva, Da Costa.

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