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taputu (?). Mark, viii. 32. Peteru abi taputu irgi, Peter took hkau tara, a prefix to verbs, tarageri, v. to abide, stay, tare, n. a measure.

tarim, ». the front; the bow of a canoe; tarim le, a front man, the

"captain" or "forehead man" of a canoe ; hence a chiff. tarkok (j), n. the bowl of a bamboo pipe, taupere, a. short.

tarpor, n. a bottle, box; cf. kabor.
tarpot, n. the finger naiL
tatuei (m), N. a ray.
tawer, n. the shore, beach.

te, n. the mouth, a door; gab-te, n. a gate; kur to, the mouth of a

cave ; te dabim, dumb. t£bt£b, a. only, alone; by one's self. t£bud, n. a friend, tedaraskcusarare, v. many fill (?). tedegemili.

teger, n. a plant with bulbous root, the leaf of the teger.

teibur, n. the inside, the belly, the stomach, bowels, pith; teibur

tulik, a sword, teir (m), V. to decorate.

tep, n. the lips (prob. = te-ip, opening or door of jaws),
tepaskir, tepdesker, ». to taste, [tepdeskerare.]
tepamer (m), a. acid,

tcr, n. tortoiseshell (turtleshell) bodkin used for piercing the nasal septum of infants and for shredding the leaves of whieh the petticoats were made.

Wrag, (j.), n. a narrow fish basket.

tfreg, n the teeth; maite'reg, a pearl; tSrSg asi (j), toothache.

tereiem, t». to purify.

terpa, ». a corrugated clam-shell.

teter, n. the foot; teter au kok (j), the knee; teter kebi kok (j), the ankle ; teter gab, ». sole of foot, shoe ; teter DiOk, n. footprint; teter itur, v. to kick.

teubai = teupai.

teupai, a. short; ad. a little while (tauper, topai.)

tibi, (».) ashes, cf. pi.
tig (j), a shell, Lithodoma.

tigri, v. to pour out; mer tigri, to command, to speak.

tigur, v. to draw water, [tigrari.]

tik (?), pone tik, dim, of eyes.

tikau, e. to fetch.


titig, titi (m), n. a flea.

tirtir (m), a. yellow.

tixtirda (m), n. a cargo.

toabuki, v. to assist, aid.

toar (j), n. a pandanus leaf.

toiatoia, a. = toirtoir.

toirtoir, a. fat, corpulent.

torn, n. a covenant, testament. Mark, xiv. 24.

tonar, n. custom, habit, character, quality, nature, fashion.

torob wag (m), M. storm, tempest.

tot (m), n. a roof.

totoam, n. a kind of fish which follows floating seaweed.

totoam (m), V. to fall.

tsi (m), n. dew.

tuab (j), ad. here.

tugar, n. the Bhouldex.

tuk, n. a boil.

tullk, iron knife (probably introduced); tulik-le, rust; cf. turi, malil.

turn, n. the top; tumge, ad. on the top; tumem, prep, to the top, over, than.

tumtum, a. on the top, superficial, shallow ; not inside; uiaba tumtum

nerkep, their hard hearts, tup, n a small fish which comes in-shore in large shoals, tuprik, v. to shorten, turi, turik, tori, cf. tulik. turum, n. fruit, turumturum, a. fruitful, tut (m), n. a hammer; cf. itut. tute (?), laip tute, n. an ear ornament, tuter, a. right, right-hand side.

TJ, u£, n. coconut, palm and fruit. Macfarlane gives the following :— ugem, coconut palm [gem = trunk]; u gebgeb, ripe coccnnt: upez, green coconut; u sor, empty coconut; ip sor, dry coconut; u ai, germinated coconut. Jukes gives—btmari ("boonarri") for the fruit (cf. list of introduced words); u, mes, imiti, for the husk, and lid for the shell; su, young leaf of the coconut palm.

uatur = watur.

udili (m), r. to sob.

ugab, n. plur. Cf. gab, Mar. i. 3.

ukes, n. a bay, cf. kcs, kop, awak.

umai, (j) = omai.

umele, v. to know how, be able, can. umen (m), ». an eel.

umer-kak, v. to be unable, cannot, not to know how.

umi, n. the season when the yam tubers begin to swell.

upi, n. the tail of an animal.

upiatidar, v. to comfort; n. a comforter.

upinati, p. to help; n. a helper.

upole = opole.

upuna (m), n. small-pox.

ur, n. fire; ur kup, firewood; ur etoamered (m), V. to light a fire;

ura tuam (j), V. to blow a fire (ur, urami). urarap (m), ». fuel (lit. buy-fire), urem, v. to burn (lit. make fire), uret (j), a. contrary, of the wind, uridili, pro. demons, they all. urim = urem.

urker, n. anger; urkerem, a. angry (lit. in anger), urweri, a. hot, warm; n. heat; gem urweri, n. a fever, urut, n. a year.

us, n. a thin sharp shell used for carving.

usar, n. kangaroo.

user, n. a mark or cicatrix.

usi, n. the bladder; v. to pass urine.


usiam, «. the Pleiades, a constellation, the season for early food, usurusur, (m), a. muddy, mud.

utapit, v. to doze; utab (l), n. a bed.

uteb, n. a dwelling, abode, a place, a village, Mark, vi. 36; etkobei titfib, burying-place; Satanara ut£b, hell (introduced).


uteid, v. to lie down, to sleep; n. sleep, [uteidi, uteidilu, utirdelu,

ut, uta.] uzer, ». paddle, oar.

Wa, pron. you two.

waba, pron. you, your.

wabog, v. to go up, ascend, go back, cf. ogi.

wabu, pron. yourselves.

wada, n. a large bean of a deep red colour.

wadali (uadali), pron. they two.

wademer (si), v. to mend, repair.

wader, a. sonic, a few.

waeakai = weakai.

wag, n. wind, air.

wagab (j) n. a bivalve shell (Cyrena).

wai (uai), n. blade of grass (?), Mar. iv. 28; uai kekem, sik keubu,

the blade first, the ear after, waiai, interj. an exclamation of wonder or surprise; sometimes, wai!

waiwaiwai (j), often accompanied by flipping the thumb nail

against the teeth.

waiker (?), Jno. xv. 8, ia uabim uaiker kara kaimeg gig, so shall ye

be my disciples, waimari, v. to stretch out, cf. imo, imu.

wairapare (m), n. religion (probably a word compounded from wai and esorapa).

waiwai, n. the wild mango and its fruit; waiwai lid, the pomum

Adami (lit. bone or stone of the wild mango), wak = wag, wind.

wak, n. a belt, girdle; hence purse, wakei, n. the inner side of the thigh, waki, n. the hornbill (Buceroe).

wakokop, ». the crossed shoulder-belt made of the young leaf of the

coco palm (m). waku (l), a. sulky.

wali, n. cloth, clothes, a bandage; am wali, clothing; gem wili.

shirt, chemise (jacket, L) ; wali lino, linen; mog wali, a

towel; ziau wali, paper, cf. ewa, ewer, wamen, wamenwamen, a. quick, fast, wami, v, to blow (of the wind), wanarniinale (x), v. to imitate, wao, wau, ad. yes.

wap, n. a dugong harpoon; wap omaiter, ». a wap used in sorcery, wapi (j), n. a fish; this is the Saibai name, cf. lar. wapu (s), v. to delay.

wapum, a. slow, taking a long time; nole wapum kak, not long after, war, n. a figure, a numeral, a letter of the alphabet (probably original

meaning is a mark), waraz, n. a kind of Oliva; a necklace made of olive shells; a shell

ear ornament (j). warem, interj. wait-a-bit! hold on! stay! mop warem, the end shall

not be yet. warem (m), n. teeth (plural), waridub, ». the eagle, a large hawk.

warowCr (m), «. a colour; a. coloured ; n. writing (l), cf. war. warup, n. a large drum, constricted in the middle, with a jaw-like

orifice at one end; warup le, the drum clan (?), probably

hereditary musicians, wate detager (m), V. to accuse, inform, watupili, v. to be coming and going, [watupilu.] watur = oitulu.

watwet, a. dried up, withered; watwet gur (m), ». salt, wauri, n. Conut miUepunctatut; the shell-armlet made from the coneshell, we, n. sand.

weapu, n. the larva of the ant-lion which makes pitfalls in the sand,

cf. abu or apu. wcakai, conj. then, so that, web (m), V. to feed.

wed, n. a song; wedakiriar, wedekiri, r. to sing a song (wed, ikeli)

wederakodo (s), n. music and dancing, weegimurua, v. to settle on, to stay on, cf. egimulu. weirag (s), v. to separate.

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