History of the Infirmary and Chapel of the Hospital and College of St. John the Evangelist at Cambridge

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Deighton, Bell, 1874 - 52 pages

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Page 38 - sacrarium ' is enriched by an arcade, formed of pairs of arches placed within larger ones, and decorated with shafts of Devonshire, Irish, and Serpentine marbles. The abaci are of the red marble known as the Duke of Devonshire's marble, and were presented by the late Duke, then Chancellor of the University. Within each of the larger arches, and above the two included smaller ones, is a quatrefoil bearing an angel, issuing from a cloud, and playing on an instrument of music.
Page 1 - Evangetist, as are our own present municipal corporations of those which existed in the Middle Ages, for they have been several times dissolved and reincorporated, yet their continuity is never disputed. Like them, the Hospital of St John, which had long been affiliated to the University (in the time of John Dunham, Master, AD 1473 ; see Mayor's Baker, 46), was dissolved by competent authority, and a new charter given to constitute an exclusively academic body in its place : a body endowed with the...
Page 36 - ... Blunt, BD (Lady Margaret Professor 1839-55). The tower opens into the quire by one large arch, and into each of the transepts by two arches. The piers are of Ketton stone. The piers which subdivide the arches opening to the transepts to the north and south have each four detached shafts of red Peterhead granite. The other piers have clusters of shafts of Devonshire, Irish, and Serpentine marbles. The abaci of all the piers are of black Derbyshire marble. There are shafts of Devonshire, Irish,...
Page 11 - ... buildings (B), supposed by Baker, when he wrote the text of his History, to be the chapel of the old house; but in a note added afterwards, to have been the chapel of St John the Baptist, " whereof mention is made both in Bishop Alcock's register and Caius." But is not this an oversight, and that he had in view St John's Hostel, which stood near St John the Baptist's church, on the site of King's College, for I cannot find any notice of it in Caii Historia, nor his De Antiquitate Cantabrigiensis...
Page 35 - ... from the basement. It is divided from the north transept by two open arches, and similarly from the south transept. Its piers are of Ketton stone. The middle piers, north and south, have a shaft of Peterhead red granite on each of their four faces. The other piers have clusters of shafts of Devonshire, Irish, and Serpentine marbles.
Page 36 - Evangelist. St. John, as Apostle. St. Luke. St. Paul. St. Mark. St. Peter. St. Matthew. St. Thomas. St. Bartholomew. St. Philip the Apostle. St. James the Great.
Page 2 - ... East India Islands, and inhabited principally by the Malay races. These islands, six thousand in number, contain the largest in the world, with the exception of Australia. Lastly, situated somewhat centrally with respect to, the other groups, a region of small isles and islets, fitly named MICRONESIA. It is proposed in the following pages to give an account of the most northerly cluster of the Polynesian Archipelago, viz. the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands. And if on close inspection we find reason...
Page 7 - Those who had altered one tine room into three floors of chambers had effectually hidden all the architectural features which it once possessed ; internally, by carefully filling up every hollow, levelling all projections, and covering the walls with a coat of very hard plaster ; and externally, by the new face of brick-work on the east end, and the insertion of late windows wherever they were required.
Page 36 - ... to New Zealand Dr Wood, Master of St John's College, and Dean of Ely 24. At the terminations of the principal Ribs of the Roof are Statues carved in stone of Apostles and Apostolic men. Proceeding from East to West they are: North Side South Side St John (as the Evangelist) St John (as the Apostle) St Luke St Paul St Mark St Peter St Matthew St Thomas St Bartholomew St Philip St James the Greater St Andrew St Jude St James the Less St Matthias St Simon St Stephen St Barnabas St Philip the Deacon...
Page 31 - Ecclesise Eliensis | Canonici | Qui Collegium per annos | Triginta et amplius | Strenue ac feliciter | Rexerat | Obiit xxvil Martii annoque | Dom. MDCCXi | Mi. suse 74.

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