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2 Historical and Miscellaneous Publications of BRUNNER (A. A.) Elementary and Pronouncing French Reader.

18mo. BRUNNER (A. A.) The Gender of French Verbs Simplified. 18mo.

25 Burt (Rev. N. C., D. D.) The Far East; or, Letters from Egypt,

Palestine, etc. 12mo. BUTTERFIELD (C. W.) The Washington-Crawford Letters; being

the Correspondence between George Washington and William Crawford, concerning Western Lands. 8vo.

1 00 BUTTERFIELD (C. W.) The Discovery of the Northwest in 1634, by John Nicolet, with a Sketch of his Life. 12mo.

1 00 CLARK (Col. George Rogers) Sketches of his Campaign in the

Illinois in 1778-9. With an Introduction by Hon. llenry

Pirtle, and an Appendix. 8vo. $200. Large paper. 4 00 Coffin (Levi) The Reminiscences of Levi Coffin, the Reputed

President of the Underground Railroad. A Brief History of the Labors of a Lifetime in behalf of the Slave. With Stories of Fugitive Slaves, etc., etc. 12mo.


Independence, July 4, 1776; the Articles of Confederation, July 9, 1778; the Constitution of the l'nited States, September 17, 1787; the Fifteen Amendments to the Constitution, and Index; Washington's Farewell Address, September 7, 1796. 8vo. Paper.

25 CRAIG (V. B.) The Olden Time. A Monthly Publication, devoted

to the Preservation of Documents of Early History, etc. Originally Published at Pittsburg, in 1846-47. 2 vols. 8vo.

10 00 DRAKE (D.) Pioneer Life in Kentucky. Edited, with Yotes

and a Biographical Sketch, by his Son, Ilon. Chas. D. Drake. 8vo. $300. Large paper.

6 00 DUBREUIL (A.) Vineyard Culture Improved and Cheapened. Edited by Dr. J. A. Warder. 12mo.

2 00 ELLARD (Virginia G.) Grandma's Christmas Day. Illus. Sq. 12mo.

1 00 FAMILY EXPENSE Book. A Printed Account Book, with appro

priate Columns and Headings, for keeping a Complete Record of Family Expenses. 12mo.

50 Finley (I. J.) and PUTNAM (R.) Pioneer Record and Remin

iscences of the Early Settlers and Settlement of Ross County, Ohio. 8vo.

2 50 FLETCHER (Wm. B., M. D.) Cholera: its Characteristics, History, Treatment, etc. 8vo. Paper.

1 00 FORCE (M. F.) Essays : Pre-Historic Man-Darwinism and Deity -The Mound Builders. 8vo. Paper.


Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.


FORCE (M. F.) Some Early Notices of the Indians of Ohio. To

What Race did the Mound Builders belong. 8vo. Paper. 50 FREEMAN (Ellen.) Manual of the French Verb, to accompany every French Course. 16mo. Paper.

25 GALLAGHER (Wm. D).) Miami Woods, A Golden Wedding, and other Poems. 12mo.

2 00 GIAUQUE (F.) The Election Laws of the United States: with

Notes of Decisions, etc. 8vo. Paper, 75c.; cloth, 1 00 GRIMKE (F.) Considerations on the Nature and Tendency of Free Iustitutions. Svo.

2 50 Griswold (W.) Kansas: her Resources and Developments; or, the Kansas Pilot. 8vo. Paper.

50 GROESBECK (W. S.) Gold and Silver. Address delivered before

the American Bankers' Association, in New York, September 13, 1878. 8vo. Paper.

25 IIall (James.) Legends of the West. Sketches illustrative of

the Habits, Occupations, Privations, Adventures, and Sports of the Pioneers of the West. 12mo.

2 00 Hall (James.) Romance of Western History; or, Sketches of History, Life, and Manners in the West. 12mo.

2 00 HANOVER (M. D.) A Practical Treatise on the Law of Horses,

embracing the Law of Bargain, Sale, and Warranty of Horses and other Live Stock; the Rule as to Unsoundness and Vice, and the Responsibility of the Proprietors of Livery, Auction, and Sale Stables, Inn-Keepers, Veterinary Surgeons, and Farriers, Carriers, etc. 8vo.

4 00 HART (J. M.) A Syllabus of Anglo-Saxon Literature. 8vo.

Paper. II ASSAUREK (F.) The Secret of the Andes. A Romance. 12:mo.

1 50 THE SAME, in German. 8vo. Paper, 50c.; cloth.

1 00 HASSAUREK (F.) Four Years Among Spanish Americans. Third Edition. 12mo.

1 50 HATCH (Col. W. S.) A Chapter in the History of the War of

1812, in the Northwest, embracing the Surrender of the Northwestern Army and Fort, at Detroit, August 16, 1813, etc. 18mo.

1 25 II AYES (Rutherford B.) The Life, Public Services, and Select

Speeches of. Edited by J. Q. Howard. 12mo. Paper, 75c.; cloth,

1 25 Hazen (Gen. W. B.) Our Barren Lands. The Interior of the

United States, West of the One Hundredth Meridian, and East of the Sierra Nevada. 8vo. Paper.




IIistoricol and Miscellaneous Publications of

HEXSHALL (Dr. James A.) Book of the Black Bass: comprising

its complete Scientific and Life IIistory, together with a Practical Treatise on Agling and Fly Fishing, and a full description

of Tools, Tackle, and Implements. Illustrated. 12mo. 3 00 HORTON (S. Dana.) Silver and Gold, and their Relation to the Problem of Resumption. 8vo.

1 50 HORTON (S. Dana.) The Monetary Situation. 8vo. Paper. 50 HOUSEKEEPING IN THE BLUE GRASS. A New and Practical Cook

Book. By Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ky. 12mo. 12th thousand.

1 55 Howe (II.) Historical Collections of Ohio. Containing a Col.

lection of the most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to its Local and General History. 8vo.

6 00 Hunt (W. E.) Historical Collections of Coshocton County, Ohio. 8vo.

3 00 Huston (R. G.) Journey in Honduras, and Jottings by the Wav. Inter-Oceanic Railway. 8vo. Paper.

50 Jackson (John D., M. D.) The Black Arts in Medicine, with

an Anniversary Address. Edited by Dr. L. S. McMurtry. 12mo.

1 00 JASPER (T.) The Birds of North America. Colored Plates, drawn

from Nature, with Descriptive and Scientific Letterpress. In 40 parts, $1 00 each; or, 2 vols. Royal 4to. Half morocco, $50 00; Full morocco,

60 00 JORDAN (D. M.) Rosemary Leaves. A Collection of Poems. 18mo.

1 50 KELLER (M. J.) Elementary Perspective, explained and applied to Familiar Objects. Illustrated. 12mo.

1 00 Kıxg (John.) A Commentary on the Law and True Construction of the Federal Constitution. 8vo.

2 50 KING (M.) Pocket-Book of Cincinnati. 24mo. KLIPPART (J. H.) The Principles and Practice of Land Drainage. Illustrated. 12mo.

1 75 Law (J.) Colonial Iristory of Vincennes, Indiana, under the

French, British, and American Governments. 1 00 LLOYD (J.U.) The Chemistry of Medicines. Illus. 12mo. Cloth, $2 75; sheep,

3 25 Longworth (N.) Electra. Translated from the Greek of Sophocles. 12mo.

i 50 MCBRIDE (J.) Pioneer Biography: Sketches of the Lives of some

of the Early Settlers of Butler County, Ohio. 2 vols. 8vo. $6 50. Large paper. Imp. 8vo.

13 00


Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.


McLaughli» (M. Louise.) China Painting. A Practical Manual

for the Use of Amateurs in the Decoration of Ilard Porcelain. Sq. 12mo. Boards.

75 McLaughlin (M. Louise.) Pottery Decoration: being a Practical

Manual of Underglaze Painting, including Complete Detail of the author's Mode of Painting Enameled Faience. Sq. 12mo. Bds.

1 00 MACLEAN (J.P.) The Mound Builders, and an Investigation into

the Archeology of Butler County, Ohio. lllus. 12mo. 1 50 MACLEAN (J.P.) A Manual of the Antiquity of Man. Illustrated. 12mo.

1 00 MACLEAN (J. P.) Mastodon, Mammoth, and Man. Illustrated. 12mo.

60 MANSFIELD (E. D.). Personal Memories, Social, Political, and Literary. 1803-43. 12mo.

2 00 MANYPENNY (G. W.). Our Indian Wards: A History and Discussion of the Indian Question. 8vo.

3 00 MATTHEWS (Stanley.). A Summary of the Law of Partnership, For the Use of Business Men. 12mo.

1 25 May (Col. J.) Journal and Letters of, relative to Two Journeys to the Ohio Country, 1788 and 1779. 8vo.

2 00 METTEZHEIMER (H. J.) Safety Book-keeping; being a Complete Exposition of Book-keepers' Frauds. 12mo.

1 00 Minor (T. C., M. D.) Child-Bed Fever. Erysipelas and Puer

peral Fever, with a Short Account of both Diseases. 8vo. 200 Minor (T. C., M. D.) Scarlatina Statistics of the United States. 8vo. Paper.

50 Montana HISTORICAL Society. Contributions. Vol. I. 8vo. 3 00 MORGAN (Appleton.) The Shakspearean Myth; or, William

Shakspeare and Circumstantial Evidence. 12mo. 2 00 NAME AND ADDRESS Book. A Blank Book, with printed Head

ings and Alphabetical Marginal Index, for Recording the Names and Addresses of Professional, Commercial, and Family Correspondents. 8vo.

1 00 Nash (Simeon.) Crime and the Family. 12mo. 1 25 NERINCKX (Rev. Charles.) Life of, with Early Catholic Mis

sions in Kentucky; the Society of Jesus; the Sisterhood of Loretto, etc. By Rev. C. P. Maes. 8vo.

2 50 NICHOLS (G. W.) The Cincinnati Organ; with a Brief Descrip

tion of the Cincinnati Music Hall. 12mo. Paper. O'110 VALLEY HISTORICAL MISCELLANIES. I. Memorandums of a

Tour Made by Josiah Epsy, in the States of Ohio and Kentucky, and Indiana Territory, in 1805. II. Two Western Campaigns in the War of 1812-13: 1. Expedition of Capt. H. Brush,


Historical and Miscellaneous Publications of

with Supplies for General Hul. 2. Expedition of Gov. Meigs, for the relief of Fort Meigs. By Samuel Williams. III. The Leatherwood God: an account of the Appearance and Pretensions of J. C. Dylks in Eastern Ohio, in 1828. By R. H. Taneyhill. 1 vol. 8vo. $2 50. Large paper,

5 00 ONCE A Year; or, The Doctor's Puzzle. By E. B. S. 16mo. 1 00 PHISTERER (Captain Frederick.) The National Guardsman: on Guard and Kindred Duties. 24mo. Leather.


35 Physician's GENERAL LEDGER. Half Russia.

4 00 Piatt (John J.) Penciled Fly-Leaves. A Book of Essays in Town and Country. Sq. Tomo.

1 00 POOLE (W. F.). Anti-Slavery Opinions before 1800. An Essay. 8vo. Paper, 75c.; cloth,


of the Seventh Presbyterian Church, Cin. 12mo. 1 25 PRENTICE (Geo. D.) Poems of, collected and edited, with Biograpkical Sketch, by John J. Piatt. 12mo

2 00 QUICK (R. H.) Essays on Educational Reformers. 12mo. I 50 RANCK (G. W.). History of Lexington, Kentucky. Its Early Annals and Recent Progress, etc. 8vo.

4 00 REEMELIN (C.) The, Wine-Maker's Manual. A Plain, Practical

Guide to all the Operations for the ufacture of Still and Sparkling Wines. mo.

1 25 REEMELIN (C.) A Treatise on Polit as a Science. Svo 1 50 REEMELIN (C.) A Critical Reviev of American Politics. 8vo.

In Press. Rives (E., M. D.) A Chart of the Physiological Arrangement of

Cranial Nerves. Printed in large type, on a sheet 28x15 inches. Folded, in cloth case.

50 ROBERT (Karl). Charcoal Drawing with out a Master. A Com

plete Treatise in Landscape Drawing in (harcoal, with Lessons and Studies after Allonge. Translated by E. H. Appleton. Illustrated. Svo

1 00 Roy (George). Generalship; or, How I Managed my Husband. A tale. 18mo. Paper, 50c.; cloth,

1 00 Roy (George). The Art of Pleasing. A Lecture. 12mo. Paper.

25 Roy (George). The Old, Old Story. A Lecture. 12mo. Paper. 25 RUSSELL (A. P.). Thomas Corwin. A Sketch. 16mo. 1 00 RUSSELL (Wm.) Scientific Iorseshoeing for the Different Diseases of the Feet. Illustrated. 8vo.

1 00


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