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[From " Baker's History of Northamptonshire,” Vol. i. p. 513.) JOHN WASHINGTON, of Whitfield, co. Lancaster.= ..

Ist ux. .... dau. of=2. Robert Washing-=2d ux. .... dau. of Miles=3d ux. Agnes, dau. of ...,

... Westfield, of ton, of Warton, co. | Whittington, of Barwick, Bateman, of Hersham, co co. Lancaster. Lancaster, gent. I co. Lancaster.


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Ellen, wife

1. John Wash-Margaret, dau. of Robert Kit ington, of War- son, of Warton, and sister of ton, co. Lan- | Sir Thomas Kitson, Alderman caster, gent. I of London.

2. Thomas Washing


of James Mason, of Warton.

Robert Washington.

.... Miles

Wash ington.

.... Wash ington.

Anthony Wash ington.

Matthew Washington.

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1. Law. Margaret, 2. Robert Wash

rence | dau. Wil- ington, of Bring-
Washing. liam Bute ton, gent. ob. 10

ton, of ler, of March ; bur.

Tighes, there 11 Mar.
Esq., ob co.

1622-3 ; mar.
13 Dec.;

Sussex, Elizabeth, dau.
bur. at Esq. ; John Chishull,

mar. of More Hall, co.
16 Dec.

at Aston Essex, ob. 19
1616. le Walls, March; bur. at

Brington 20 1588. March, 1622—3.

3. Walter Wash

ington, ob. inf.
4. Walter Wash

ington, of co.
Warwick, m.
Catherine, dau.

J. Murden, of
Ratcliffe, co.
John Washing-
ton, of Radway,

co. Warwick,
mar. Mary, dau.
George Danvers
of Blisworth,


5. Christo
pher Wash-
ington, mar.

dau. ....
Palmer, of
00. War-

6. William

7. Thomas


Åpne, ux.

Ursula, ux.
T. Adcock,
of Swin-
ford, co.
ux. Lewis

of Turvey,
co. Bedford.

æt. 19,



of Ban


ux. J.
of Lon-


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3 Aug.

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1. Henry Washington,

2. George Washington. [From whom, in the 3d generation,

President Washington.) * Error for 3. Vide Visitation. ECONOMY AND SIMPLICITY IN HIGH PLACES IN OLDEN

TIMES. The gouerners Expences from the Coart of election : 1651 till the end of October, 1651.* to beart and Cacks [cakes]

00 00 06 bear and Cacks to himself and som oather gentellmen, 00 01 02 beear and Cacks with mr. downing, I

00 01 06 bear and A Cack,

00 00 06

00 03 08 To the sargents from the end of the Coart of election : 1651 : till the end of October, 1651. to bear and Cacks,

00 01 02 for vitalls beear and Logen,

00 05 00 to beniamin Scarlet the gouernors man,|||

00 00 08 bear and vitells,

00 02 00 to the sargents,

00 01 09 beear and Cacks,

00 01 00
to A man that Caried A Leter to warne a Coart 1

00 01 06
about the duchman,
to the Sargents,

00 01 02

00 14 03 M'. Audito", I pray yo” giue a note to M'. Treasurer for the paymt of 178. 11d. according to these two bills of Joseph Hermitage, ß dated the 7th of the 11th moneth, 1651.

Jo : ENDECOTT, Gou".

* The Court of Election was held at Boston May 7, 1651. The second session of the Court commenced on the 14th of October.

+ At the October session of the Court a law was passed “that no other but good and wholesome beere be brewed at any time hereafter within this jurisdiction, to be sold either for the supply of shipps or other smaller vessels at sea, or for the vse of travillers, or others in ordynaryes, and that no wrong be done to any in this mistery, it is ordred by this Court and the authoritie thereof, that no person whatsoeuer, after the publication hereof, shall vndertake the callinge or worke of brewinge beere for sale but only such as are knowne to have sufficyent skill and knowledge in the art or mistery of a brewer," &c.

# Probably his old friend and associate, Emanuel Downing.

|| Mr. Felt (Hist. Salem, i. 515) says, " Benjamin Scarlett, who was aged 54 in 1678, came to Salem 1635, when he was bound by his mother to Governor Endicott.” So that he was about eleven years old at the time he was apprenticed to the Governor, and had been with him 16 years at the time he received the eight pence, in the above bill. Mr. Savage says, he was probably son of Mary Scarlett

s This was, without doubt, Joseph Armitage, who, according to Lewis (Hist. Lynn, p. 63) was admitted a freeman in 1637 ; was a tailor, afterward proprietor of a corn and slitting mill on Saugus river; opened the first távérn in Lynn, called the Anchor. "It stood on the Boston road, a little west of the river. For one hundred and seventy years, this was the most celebrated tavern in Essex county, being half way from Salem to Boston. He died June 27, 1680, aged eighty years. His wife Jane died March 3, 1677. His children were John, and Rebecca, who married Samuel Tarbox in 1665.

In 1643, says the Court Records, “Gooddy Armitage is alowed to keepe the ordinary, but not to drawe wine." In 1646, on petition of Joseph Armitage, it was "ordered, yt whoevr ye towne of Linn shall choose at a legall towne meeting to draw wine, he shall have librty to draw wine there till ye next siting of this Cont." 1648, “ Joseph Armitage is agreed wth for this yeare for liberty to sell wine, for twenty nobles." A noble was a coin of the value of six shillings and eight pence sterling. It was called noble on account of the purity of its gold.




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