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evidence of having been executed subsequent to 1822 and before 1826.

It includes the counties of Monroe, Lenawee, Washtenaw, Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, Shiawassee, Lapeer, St. Clair, Sanilac and Saginaw, which, together with Michilimackinac county, embraced the whole Ter. ritory between 1822 and 1826. Its title is, "Map of Michigan With Part of the Adjoining States," and the map is drawn upon a scale of twenty miles to an inch.

Monroe and Lenawee counties extend far enough south to include about half of town 10 south. The entire Upper Peninsula apparently is given up to the Chippeways (Indians), while the Potawatomies and Ottawas occupy the western part of the Lower Peninsula.

Mr. Judd died in September or October of 1824, and his estate was probated in Wayne county. Included in the inventory of his estate were sixteen maps and plans, including a painted map of Michigan, and one not painted, and the original manuscript of a Gazetteer of Michigan. There also appears among his assets a copper plate, which at that time was stated to be in the hands of J. 0. Lewis, a painter and engraver then living in Detroit, under a contract with relation to that and other engravings for Judd's Gazetteer. This plate was probably his map of Michigan. The death of Mr. Judd explains why his maps were not afterwards used, and the copy in the State Library is the only one I have found any trace of.

In 1825 the Council again needing for its purposes a map of the surveyed portion of the State, upon January 25 Mr. Lawrence offered a resolution that a committee of three be appointed to enquire into the expediency of presenting to each of the governors of the several states and territories in the United States one entire set or copy of the laws of this Territory, and also a map of this Territory. The resolution was adopted, and Messrs. Lawrence, Mack and Bunce were appointed such committee.

January 31 Mr. Lawrence offered a resolution which was adopted that the Judiciary Committee be instructed to bring in a bill authorizing the Governor to transmit a copy of the laws "and also one of Risdon's maps of the surveyed part of the Territory” to each governor of the other states and territories.

February 3 Mr. Lawrence, as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, offered a resolution instead of a bill, that the Governor be authorized to transmit to the other governors one set or copy of the laws, one copy of the Journal of the Council and one map of the Territory, which resolution was adopted February 4.

In the act making certain appropriations approved April 21, 1825, is found the item, "To Orange Risdon, for his map of the surveyed part

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