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And to the faithful, death the gate of life ;
Taught this by His example, whom I now
Ackuowledge my Redeemer ever blest.”

To whom thus also the Angel last replied:
“ This having learn'd, thou hast attain'd the sum
Of wisdom; hope no higher, though all the stars
Thou knew'st by name, and all the ethereal powers,
All secrets of the deep, all Nature's works,
Or works of God in heaven, air, earth, or sea,
And all the riches of this world enjoy’dst,
And all the rule, one empire; only add
Deeds to thy knowledge answerable; add faith,
Add virtue, patience, temperance; add love,
(By name to come call’d charity), the soul
Of all the rest: then wilt thou not be loth
To leave this Paradise, but shalt possess
A Paradise within thee, happier far.
Let us descend now therefore from this top
Of speculation ; for the hour precise
Exacts our parting hence. Go, waken Eve.”

He ended, and they both descend the hill.
In either hand the hastening Angel caught
Our lingering parents, and to the eastern gate
Led them direct, and down the cliff as fast
To the subjected plain; then disappear'd.

They looking back, all the eastern side beheld
Of Paradise, so late their happy seat,
Wav'd over by God's flaming brand; the gate
With dreadful faces throng'd, and fiery arms.
Some natural tears they dropt, but wip'd them soon :
The world was all before them, where to choose
Their place of rest, and Providence their guide!
They, hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow,
Through Eden took their solitary way.



Cowards die many times before their death ;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come, when it will come.

The sense of death is most in apprehension ;
And the poor beetle that we tread upon,
In corporal sufferance, feels a pang as great
As when a giant dies.

Our indiscretion sometimes serves as well,
When our deep plots do fail ; and that should teach us
There's a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough-hew them how we will.

THERE is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

Good name in man and woman, Is the immediate jewel of their souls : Who steals my purse, steals trash ; 'tis something, nothing; Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands; But he that filches from me my good name, Robs me of that which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed.

MEN's evil manners live in brass; their virtues We write in water.

"Tis Slander ;
Whose edge is sharper than the sword; whose tongue
Outvenoms all the worms of Nile ; whose breath
Rides on the posting winds, and doth belie
All corners of the world. Kings, queens, and states,
Maids, matrons-nay, the secrets of the grave,
This viperous Slander enters

Containing the more difficult words that occur in the preceding Lessons.

(To be got accurately by heart.) A-base', to cast down; to bring low. A-nal'y-sis, a separation of a comAb-dom’i-nal, relating to the belly. pound into its several parts. A-bol'ish, to annul; to destroy. An'ar-chy, want of government. A-bom-i-na'tion, hatred; detestation. An'ces-tor, progenitor; one from Ab-rupt'ly, hastily; suddenly. whom a person descends. Ab-sorb', to swallow or suck up. An'gu-lar, having angles or corners. Ac-celer-ate, to make quick; to An-i-mal'cule, a small animal. hasten.

An'i-mate, to make alive. Ac-cess', admittance.

An'nals, a history digested by year's Ac-ces'sion, increase; a coming to. An-neal', to temper glass. Ac-com’mo-date, to supply; to fit. An-nex', to join to. Ac-cu'mu-late, to heap together. An-ni'hi-late, to reduce to nothing. Ac'cu-rate, very exact.

An-nounce', to proclaim. A-chieveʼment, performance; exploit. An-noy', to vex; to incommode. Ac'tu-ate, to put into action. An'nu-al, yearly. Ad'a-mant, a stone of great hardness. An’them, a holy song. Ad-dict', to devote; to dedicate. An-tic'i-pate, to take beforehand. Ad’e-quate, equal to.

An-tip'a-thy, hatred; aversion. Ad-here', to stick to.

A-pos'tate, one who has forsaken Ad-ja'cent, near to.

his religion.
Ad'junct, something joined to. Ap-pal', to frighten.
Ad-just', to regulate. (enemy. Ap-pa'rent, plain : evident.
Ad’ver-sa-ry, opponent; antagonist ; Ap-pend’age, something added.
Ad-ver'si-ty, affliction.

Ap'pe-tite, desire; hunger.
Ad-vert', to attend to. [the air. Ap'pli-ca-ble, suitable.
A-e'ri-al, high in air; belonging to Ap-pre'ci-ate, to value.
Af'fa-ble, courteous; complaisant. Ap-pre-hend', to perceive; to seize
Af'Alu-ence, wealth ; plenty. Ap-pre-hen’sive, fearful.
A'gen-cy, acting ; action.

Ap-pro'pri-ate, to set apart for soine Agʻgran-dize, to make great. particular purpose. A-gil'i-ty, nimbleness.

Apt, fit; inclined to. Ag'i-tate to put in motion. A-quat'ic, living in the water. Ag'ri-cul-ture, tillage; husbandry. Ar bi-tra-ry, capricious; despotic. A-lac'ri-ty, cheerfulness; gaiety. Ar'chi-tect, a builder. Alder-man, a magistrate.

Arc'tic, northern. A'li-en, a foreigner.

Ar’dent, hot; burning. A’li-en-ate, to transfer; to withdraw. Ar’id, dry; parched up. Ali-ment, nourishment; food. Ar-o-mat'ic, spicy; fragrant. Al-lege', to affirm; to declare. Ar-rest', to stop. Al’le-gor-y, a figurative discourse. Ar'ro-gant, haughty. Al-le'vi-ate, to lessen; to mitigate. Ar'ter-y, a tubular canal conveying Al-loy', baser metal mixed in coinage. the blood from the heart to all Al-lure', to entice; to seduce. parts of the body. Al-lu'vi-al, formed by a current of Arti-fice, trick; stratagem. water.

Ar-til'ler-y, ordnance; great guns. Al-ter'nate, by turns; reciprocal. Ar-ti-san', a workman. Am’a-ranth, an imaginary flower Art'ist, one engaged in the fine arts. that never fades.

As-cend'en-cy, superiority. Am-bas'sa-dor, a messenger from As-cer-tain', to make certain.

one government to another. As'pect, visage; look. Am'bush, a lying in wait.

As-sail', to attack; to assault.
A'mi-a-ble, worthy to be loved. As-sas'sin, a murderer.
Am'i-ca-ble, friendly.

As-sent', to agree.
Am-phib'ious, living in two elements As-sert', to affirm; to aver.
Am'pli-tude, largeness.

As-si-du’i-ty, diligence.

As-sign', to appoint; to make over. Car-a-van'se-ra, an inn.
As-sim'i-late, to make like. Carnage, slaughter; haroc.
As-size', a court for trying causes Car-niv'o-rous, living on flesh,

by a judge and jury. Lpanion. Cas-cade', a waterfall.
As-soʻci-ate, a confederate; a com- Caste, a tribe.
As-sume', to take to one's self. Cas'u-al-ty, accident.
A-stound', to astonish.

Cat'a-logue, a list.
At'mo-sphere, the air.

Cat'a-ract, a waterfall.
Atom, a small particle.

Ca-tas'tro-phe, a final event.
A-tro'cious, wicked in a high degree. Ce-ler'i-ty, swiftness; speel.
At-tach', to seize; to gain over. Ce-lest'ial, heavenly.,
At-tire', dress.

Cem'e-ter-y, a burial-place.
At-trib'ute, to ascribe ; to impute. Cen'tu-ry, a hundred years.
Aug-ment', to increase.

Cer'e-mon-y, rite; form ; etiquette. Au-ric'u-lar, known by the ear. Challenge, to call to fight; to object Au’spiċ-es, omens.

Au'tho-rise, to give power. [dium. Char'ac-ter, a mark; a stamp.
Av'er-age, mean proportion; me-Charred, burnt to a cinder.
A-vid'i-ty, greediness.

Chasm, a cleft; a gap.
Av-o-ca'tion, calling; business. Chas-tise', to punish.
A-vow to declare openly.

Chem'is-try, the art of mixing or Baf'fle, to elude; to defeat.

separating bodies by fire. Ban-dit'ti, robbers. (savageness. Chem'i-cal, of or belonging to chemBarbar-ism, ignorance of arts; istry. Ba-rom'e-ter, an instrument for Chivál-ry, knighthood.

measuring the weight of the at-Chor'is-ter, a singer in a choir. mosphere.

Cir'cuit, the act of moving round. Bar'ren, unfruitful; sterile.

Cir-cum'fe-rence, measure round Bas'i-lisk, a kind of serpent; a about; periphery; perimeter. cockatrice.

Cir-cum-vo-lu'tion, a rolling round. Ba'sis, foundation.

Ci-vil'i-ty, politeness. Bat'ter-y, erection on which can- Civ'il-ize, to reclaim from barbarism. nons are mounted.

Clem'en-cy, mercy. (caution. Ben-e-dic'tion, blessing.

Cir-cum-spec'tion, a looking round; Be-nef’i-cent, doing good.

Code, a book or system of law. Ben-e-fici'al, advantageous. Cog'ni-zance, judicial notice. Be-nev’o-lent, having good will. Colo-ny, a body of people drawn Bev'er-age, drink.

from the mother country to inBig'ot-ed, blindly devoted to a party. habit some distant place. Bomb, a shell filled with gunpowder, Co-los'sal, gigantic.

and thrown from a mortar. Com-mence', to begin. Brief, short; concise; succinct. Com-mo'di-ous, convenient. [rison Brilliant, shining; sparkling. Con-par'a-tive, estimated by compaBrowse, to eat shrubs.

Com'pe-tent, fit; adequate. Buf-foon'er-y, low jests.

Com'ple-ment, full quantity: Bur'row, to mine as rabbits. Com’pli-ment, expression of civility. Ca'dence, fall.

Com-prise', to include. Ca-lam'i-ty, misfortune; disaster. Con-cen'trate, to bring into a nar. Cal-ca’re-ous, partaking of the na- row compass.

[ceiving. ture of calx or lime.

Con-cep'tion, thought; act of conCalcu-late, to compute

to reckon Con-cert', to settle; to agree. Callow, unfledged.

Con-ciliate, to make friendly. (stow. Can'did, open; ingenuous.

Con-fer', to discourse with; to beCa'pa-ble, ahle or fit for.

Con'fer-ence, a meeting for discus. Ca-pac'i-ty, ability; space.

sion. Ca-reer', a course; race.

Con'fi-dent, trusting firmly

Con-fis'cate, to transfer private prop- Cn-ri-os’i-ty, inquisitiveness.
erty to the public.

Curv'a-ture, a bending,
Con-ta-gra'tion, a great burning. Cus'to-dy, imprisonment; care.
Con'flict, a combat.

(tion. Dalʻliance, fondness; play.
Con-for-ma'tion, shape; configura- De-base', to bring low; to degrade.
Con-front', to stand face to face. De-ceit', fraud; fallacy,
Con-geal', to freeze.

De-cissive, settling a matter. Con-jec'ture, guess. (thoughts. De-cline', to decay; to refuse. Con'scious,

knowing one's own De-cliv'i-ty, slope ; descent. Con'se-quence, that which follows ; Ded'i-cate, to devote. importance.

De-fect', want; failing.
Con-sign', to make over to. De-fici'en-cy, something wanting
Con-sist'ence, agreement with itself. De-file', to go off file by file; to
Con-sol’i-date, to form into a com- pollute; n. a narrow pass.

pact and solid body, (guished. Det'i-nite, certain; limited.
Con-spic'u-ous, eminent; distin- De-form'i-ty, ugliness.
Con-spir'a-tor, one who plots. De-fy', to challenge.
Con'sti-tute, to makeup; to appoint. De-gen'er-ate, to grow worse.
Con-straint', compulsion.

Deign, to vouchsafe.
Con-tem-pla'tion, meditation. De-jec'tion, lowness of spirits.
Con-tempt', scorn.

De-lici'ous, sweet; delightful.
Con-tin'ù-al, incessant.

De-lin'e-ate, to describe. Con-tin'u-ous, joined together. De-mean'our, behaviour. Con'trite, penitent.

De-mol'ish, to destroy. Con-trol', to restrain.

De-mon'strate, to show; to prove. Con-ve'ni-ence, accommodation. De-mur', to doubt; to delay. Conʻvent, a religious house; a nun-De-nom’i-nate, to name. nery.

Dense, close; thick.
Con-vert', to change.

De-pos'it, to lay up.
Con'vex, a projecting surface. De-pre'ci-ate, to undervalue.
Con'cave, a hollow surface. Dep-re-da'tion, a robbing.
Con’vict, one proved guilty. De-rive', to trace; deduce.
Con-vulsion, violent commotion. De-serve', to merit.
Co'pi-ous, plentiful,

Des'ig-nate, to mark out.
Cor'di-al, sincere; hearty.

Des-per-a'do, a desperate person. Co-ri-a'ceous, of a substance re-Des'pi-ca-ble, mean; worthless : sembling leather.

contemptible. Cor-o-na'tion, the act of crowning. De-spond'ent, hopeless. Cor'o-net, a small crown.

Des'tine, to doom.
Cor-ri-dõr', a gallery.

De-tect', to discover.
Cor-rode', to wear away by degrees. Dev-as-ta'tion, a iaying waste.
Coun-ter-balance, to act against De-vel'ope, to unfold.
with an opposite weight.

De-vi-a'tion, a going astray. Coun’ter-scarp, that side of the ditch Dex-ter'i-ty, expertness. which is next the camp.

Di-am'e-ter, a straight line passing Cours'er, a swift horse. (ment. through the centre. Cov'e-nant, a contract; an agree-Dic'tate, to prescribe with authority. Cox'comb, a fop.

Dif-fuse', to spread abroad. Cra'ven, coward; dastard; poltroon Di-gest'ion, a dissolving of food in Crea'ture, any thing created.

the stomach. Cred'it, belief; trust.

Dig'ni-ty, rank; merit. (subject Crit'i-cal, exact; nice.

Di-gres'sion, a turning from the Culprit, an offender.

Di-late', to extend. Cum'ber, to embarrass.

Di-men'sion, measure; size Cur' few, an evening peal announc-Di-min'ish, to lessen.

ing that the fire must be covered. Di-min'u-tive, small,


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