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TERMS.--The Magazine may be obtğined from Booksellers, Periodical Agents, or the Publishers, at Three DOLLARS a year, or TWENTY-FIVE Cents @ Number: The Semi-annual Volumes, as completed, neatly bound in Cloth, at Two Dollars, or the Muslin Covers at Twenty-five Cents each, are für. nished by the Agents or Publishers.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS It has been called “The Giant of the Month- There is nothing in the country so cheap lies," and "The Prince of the Monthlies," to and excellent as this.--Alb. State Register. both which titles we think it has a just claim. The Monthly Record of Current Events” In six months after it was begun it had a cir- is a valuable epitome of political, literary, and culation of 50,000 copies. The reasons for social history, and is itself worth all that is this unprecedented success are simply merit asked for the Magazine.-Boston Courier. and cheapness. Each number is a book. The The cheapest work ever published. - Spirit January Number, for instance, opens with of the Times. Goldsmith's Traveler, embellished with those This Magazine consists of selections from elegant wood-cuts which have made Harper's the whole compass of British periodical literedition of the poem the best in America. This ature, including popular extracts from favoralone is worth 25 cents. So is the Monthly ite English books, which the publishers reRecord of Current Events. We a

are free to ceive in advance of their publication in Lon- say that if just such a monthly record were don. The plan keeps curiosity alive, and with

published at $3 00, we would readily sub- the contents of the Magazine it will be abund-
scribe. The clear exposition of that tangled antly gratified, each number containing as
subject, German politics, in the January Num- much matter as a volume of Macaulay's His-
ber, is worth the price of the volume. In ev. tory of England, and sold at the ridiculously
ery intelligent family that Monthly Record low price of 25 cents.- London Times.
ought to be carefully read. We study it.- The Monthly Record of Current Events is
Southern Methodist Pulpit.

drawn up with masterly judgment. We see We know of no work we could more heart-nothing to prevent a monthly circulation of ily commend. De Bow's Commercial Rev. 100,000 copies regularly next year. --Southern

This enterprise was started to supply what Christian Advocate. seemed to be a vacancy in American Litera- The unparalleled success of this periodical ture. It was designed for the People, and; is no marvel, even in the extraordinary annals with the view to give it a wide and general of magazine literature-for the people are applace it within the reach of most readers. | far circulation, the price was fixed so low as to snorting, a thing that repays ! The experiment has succeeded beyond the well as this Magazine does. To those (and expectations of the Publishers. It has, in- we suppose there are some) who have not yet deed, been signally successful. Even. Journ. taken this monthly, we would cordially coinIt is by all odds the best periodical in the mend the bound volumes nowy

for sale, world.-New York Day. Book.

As you will, of course,

cribe ,

to be The article on the Novelty Iron Works in the the other two, they being such a concentraMay Number, elaborately written by Jacob tion of riches. - Albany Atlas. Abbott, and illustrated with great accuracy We have repeatedly expressed our opinion and beauty, alone is worth four times the price of the singular ability with which it is conof the number, and is a striking proof of the ducted. This Magazine is eminently entitled determination of the publishers to maintain to the consideration of every fainily.-Balti. and increase the high reputation which their more American. Magazine has sojustly acquired.-N.Y. Com- It is one of the wonders of this printing age, mercial Advertiser.

that so much first-rate reading matter, so No periodical in this country has had an handsomely gotten up, can be furnished for equal circulation in the same time. Its month-25 cents. - N. 0. Christian Advocate. Jy issues are upward of fifty thousand. It is Never hac elegantly executed, replete with the most cu- success in this country in so short a time, and rious information, and beautifully illustrated. Its popularity has exceeded the most sanguine riety and interest, as well as for quality of

never was success So well deserved. For va... expectations of tlie publishers, who are seldom reading matter, it has no superioje mistaken in their plaus.-- Southern Methodist least commendable feature is the Monthly Quarterly Review.

Record of Current Events, Boston Journai.

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