Popular Culture: An Introductory Text

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Jack Nachbar, John G. Nachbar, Kevin Lausť
Popular Press, 1992 - Social Science - 504 pages

Popular Culture: An Introductory Text provides the means for a new examination of the different faces of the American character in both its historical and contemporary identities. The text is highlighted by a series of extensive introductions to various categories of popular culture and by essays that demonstrate how the methods discussed in the introductions can be applied. This volume is an exciting beginning for the study of the materials of everyday life that define our culture and confirm our individual senses of identity.

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Taking Popular Culture Seriously
How Much Can You Swallow?
The Cabinet of Dr Seuss
Robert Reich
Three American
The Meaning and Power of Popular Icons
For Whom the Bell Tolled 186 For Whom the Bell Tolled
The Malling of America

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