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mind. Having engaged, however, to trace my Outlines” as they appear in nature, I must add to the picture of Betty Warner, that her jagged disposition often combats with the festivity of faith. Our evidences are never intercepted but by the unwelcome intrusion of sin.

To be preserved from actual transgression is a great mercy; but we are entitled to allure by amiable habits. The uniform propriety of thoughtful utterance, and what is justly expressed by “ walking softly all our days,” not merely after outbreaking infirmities, or because of recent temptations; but through every hour of our life, to desire solemnized minds, in contrast to the levity which besets us. A thousand decencies ought constantly to flow from all our words and actions. In proportion as the standard of our aim is high, and accurate, we shall be progressively. humbled in the view of our stoppages, deviations, and inefficiency. Humility is the cement which joins Gospel doctrine with Gospel practice; by this grace we assimilate into the constitution of the inner man the strength and food of those comprehensive words, “ Jesus Christ; who of God, is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.” 1 Cor. i. 30.

Within a short distance of Betty Warner, I have note of another follower of Jesus; whose meek address and serene experience always leave an abiding composure in the participation of her gifts. Jane Crossdale welcomes her visitors into the neatest room, ensures the open page of her Bible with her spectacles, places the old arm chair within the warmth of her frugal fire, and enters upon the theme of love and praise, which has been animating her solitude. Every blossom affords honey to the bee, so does every providence bear instruction for those who learn wisdom of Christ. “ My dear woman, were you alarmed by the thunder storm last evening ?”

No, Ma'am, I was saved from the frailness of my own heart; a neighbour came to see me, who is a gracious man, he had not been here six months; but it so fell, his will was to pass an hour or two in talk, on the best things, yesterday; and we had not sat long before the lightning began: as the storm increased, I saw the remembrance of the Lord in sending me a

companion ; for not only did the presence of a friend keep me from boding over the storm, but the weather showed us some grand tokens of the sovereignty of the great King. When we can hear that Jesus is the workman of these awful sights, we need fear no evil from them. There is one whom I have long known and loved, who is terribly alarmed at thunder; I recollect a night like this past, when the dear woman was sadly bewildered : a blessed man (now asleep in Jesus) who knew her weakness, came on purpose to comfort her; he entered the room just as a flash of lightning was followed by a crash as if it would break the roof. “My dear,' he said, calmly, 'the glorious Lord thundereth. Now these words lulled her fears, they brought to her mind who ordereth the tempest, and whose voice uttereth the thunder. Believers should not tremble like hinds in the field, these know no ruler of such appointments: we see Jesus in every wonder of nature.”

The sweet and primitive conversation of these two faithful women supplied my return home with thoughts fertile in joy and gratitude: just as I entered the shady lane which opens to our green gate, I was unexpectedly greeted by my sister with her husband, accompanied by Mrs. S-, whose appearance in the family group, after an abode in her husband's ship of a few months, was doubly welcome to her friends,


Cheerful recreation in the arrival of a friend

Simple pleasures give thetruest enjoymentConversation between the Author and Mrs. S.Change in the family scene Separation from relativesSolitude accompanied with peaceConclusion.

When the domestic scene is retired, as ours, the entrance of a familiar friend gives a holyday to customary employments; every day's routine goes on, but with hilarity as well as comfort: the niceties of the garden are culled, and a cook's warrant is issued against the choicest chickens; the prettiest walks are debated, and a fine scene appears to lend its charms in aid of our recreations. Thus replenished, the draught of life invites us to taste its cheering influence. Those who seek a better country, “ that is an heavenly,” should be very anxious not to undervalue the accommodations on their journey : the appointed dwelling, the assured

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