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correct general idea of this new world, from all sorts of incongruous things and places ; as the gold-hunter shakes the precious dust from the points of the moist rushes ; — nay, but that is too ambitious a comparison : or as the chemist scrapes the tiny stream of opium from the stalks of a thousand poppies ; — that, again, has unlucky associations, but we will let it pass. I shall take all kindness for granted.


What power benign, bestow'd by bounteous Heaven,

Links in one chain the hearts of human kind ? Binds, when by fate each bond beside is riven,

Man to his fellow — mind to distant mind ?

One spring for all our tears, one chord entwin'd With all our smiles, is Nature's blest decree:

O! priceless gift! to forest life consign'd, What were our soulless hours, bereft of thee ! Shorn of thy gracious aid, divinest Sympathy!

The careless world, of worldly hearts the school,

Thrills yet within its ice at touch of thine;
Its genius, knowledge-chill'd and bow'd to rule,

Train'd but to analyse, dispute, refine,
And crush with critic skill the light divine,

Owns yet this tie of brotherhood, and sees
With answering drops the dew of sorrow springing,

Or joins in heart the dance beneath the trees,
With forest girls, their simple carols singing,
While, through deep-sounding woods, young mirth is sweetly

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