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By permission of the proprietor of the CopyRight. *-

- 1817.

p1st Riot of connecticut, ss.

... BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the twenty, , first day of October, in the thirty-sixth year of the independence of the United States of America, SAMUEL GREEN, of said District, hath deposited in this office the

... title of a Book, the right whereof he claims as Proprie

tor, in the words following, to wit:—“Daboll's Schoolmaster’s Assistant : improved and enlarged. Being a plain lso system of Arithmetic: adapted to the Unite! States. Stereotype Edition. By NATHAN DABOLL. In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “An Act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the Authors and proprietors of them during the times

therein mentioned.”

Clerk of the District of Connecticut. A true copy of Record: Examined and sealed by me, H, &. Edwards, Clerk of the Dist. of Conn.

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wale-college, Nov. 27, 1799,

I HAVE read Danoll's Schoolmaster's Assistant, The arrangement of the different branches of Arithmetic is judicious and perspicuous. The author has well ex

plained Decimal Arithmetic, and has applied it in a plain
and elegant manner in the solution of various questions,
and especially to those relative to the Federal Computa-
tion of money. I think it will be a very useful book to
Schoolmasters and their pupils.
JMathematics and JNatural Philosophy.
[Since Surveyor-General of the United States.]

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I HAVE giver some attention to the work above men

tioned, and concur with Mr. Professor Meigs in his opin

ion of its merit. NOAH WEBSTER. New-Haven, December 12, 1799.

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I HAVE run through Mr. Danoli's Schoolmaster's
Assist ANT, and have formed of it a very favorable opin-
ion. According to its original design, I think it well
“ calculated to ń. Schools in general with a method-
ical, easy and comprehensive System of Practical Arith.
metic.” I therefore hope it may find a generous patron-
age, and have an extensive spread.
ASA MESSER, Professor of the
Learned Languages, and Teacher of Mathematics:
[President of that Institutioni

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