The Encyclopedia of pure materia medica, Volume 2

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Boericke & Tafel, 1875

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Page 280 - ... processes; but, after two or three days spent in acute pain, a sharp pain is frequently complained of in the seventh, eighth, and...
Page 86 - Now came on the affection of the eyesight, every object growing dim, as though a cloud were between the eye and it. Sometimes objects appeared double, and with an undulating motion passed before the eye. I observed that by a strong effort of the will, a concentration of the nervous power, this paralysis of the retina might for a moment be combated ; but only to return with greater severity when...
Page 421 - PM, without shivering, even in the open air, the head feels freer, the breathing easier, and the voice stronger and deeper,1. — The heat continues unabated after 5 PM; only that cold drinks cause shivering,1. — Flushes in the forehead, in the evening (after eight hours),1. — [60.] Sensation of heat in the face after eating, of the hands and feet, and an hour afterwards, thirst (second day),1. — Towards evening, a feeling of heat in the otherwise cold hands and whole body, with creeping chills,...
Page 454 - ... suggested more or less coherent images. They presented themselves to me in a double form: one physical, and therefore to a certain extent tangible; the other spiritual, and revealing itself in a succession of splendid metaphors. The physical feeling of extended being was accompanied by the image of an exploding meteor, not subsiding into darkness, but continuing to shoot from its centre or nucleus — which corresponded to the burning spot at the pit of my stomach — incessant adumbrations of...
Page 38 - With these symptoms there was a peculiar feeling in the head, which is never felt except during the presence of fever — a sort of excitement of the brain, which is the preliminary, or rather the beginning, of delirium.
Page 596 - Aggravated feeling of sickness about stomach (soon after 10 drops),". — * While eating a little breakfast, felt every now and then as if he had to get up and vomit (from 20 drops),15. — Vomiting and dysphagia,25. — Stomach. Slight gastritis (for some days),65. — An attack of acute gastritis followed the immediate symptoms,".
Page 475 - On regaining consciousness, violent shocks pass through his brain. In the daytime, dreams, returning periodically, or dreamy attacks. He could not read, partly on account of dreamy spells, and partly because he had not full power of vision. Fixed ideas. He forgot his last words and ideas, and spoke in a low tone, with a thick voice, as if tired. Every few moments he would lose himself, and then wake up, as it were, to those around him.
Page 71 - The slight delirium that followed the action of the narcotic, was of a strange, yet not unpleasant kind. I wished to be in constant motion, and it certainly afforded me an infinite deal of satisfaction to be able to walk up and down. The intellectual operations at times were very vivid. Thoughts came and went, and ludicrous and fantastic spectacles were always uppermost in my mind.
Page 468 - ... from the floor of the porch to the topmost moulding. One of these eyes was golden, like the midday sun, another emerald, another sapphire, and thus onward through the whole gamut of hues, all of them set in such collocations as to form most exquisite harmonies, and whirling upon their axes with the rapidity of thought. At the mere vestibule of the temple I could have sat and drunk in ecstasy forever; but lo! I am yet more blessed. On silent hinges the doors swing open, and I pass in. I did not...
Page 452 - ... stepped aside, intending to pass around him and go on my way. This change of our relative position allowed the blaze of a neighboring street-lamp to fall full on his face, which had hitherto been totally obscured. Horror unspeakable ! I shall never till the day I die, forget that face. Every lineament was stamped with the records of a life black with damning crime ; it glared upon me with a ferocious wickedness and a stony despair, which only he may feel who is entering on the retribution of...

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