The works of John Marston, repr., with notes [&c.] by J.O. Halliwell, Volume 1

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Page 71 - Who winks, and shuts his apprehension up From common sense of what men were, and are, Who would not know what men must be; let such Hurry amain from our black visag'd shows : We shall affright their eyes.
Page 130 - I ha' but played a part Like to some boy that acts a tragedy, Speaks burly words and raves out passion; But when he thinks upon his infant weakness, He droops his eye. I spake more than a god, Yet am less than a man.
Page xiii - He had many quarrells with Marston, beat him, and took his pistol from him, wrote his Poetaster on him; the beginning of them were, that Marston represented him in the stage, in his youth given to venerie.
Page 127 - Screch't out so lowd that he brought back her soule, Calde her againe, that her bright eyes gan ope, And starde upon him. He, audatious foole, Dar'd kisse her hand, wisht her soft rest, lov'd bride ; She fumbled out, thanks good, and so she dide.
Page 32 - I'll muster forces, an unvanquish'd power ; Cornets of horse shall press th' ungrateful earth, This hollow wombed mass shall inly groan, And murmur to sustain the weight of arms : Ghastly amazement, with upstarted hair, Shall hurry on before, and usher us, Whilst trumpets clamour with a sound of death.
Page xi - I ask't Phisitions what their counsell was For a mad dogge, or for a mankind asse ? They told me, though there were confections store Of poppie-seede and soveraigne hellebore.
Page 250 - I wasted lamp-oil, baited my flesh, Shrunk up my veins: and still my spaniel slept. And still I held converse with Zabarell, Aquinas, Scotus, and the musty saw Of antick Donate: still my spaniel slept. Still on went I; first, an sit anima; Then, an it were mortal.
Page 248 - And you have a propensitude to him, he shall be for you. I was solicited to graunt him leave to play the lady in commedies presented by children ; but I knew his voice was to smale, and his stature to loe.
Page xxii - Mr. Halliwell, at the close of his Preface to the Works of Marston, (vol. ip xxii,) says, " The dramas now collected together are reprinted absolutely from the early editions, which were placed in the hands of our printers, who thus had the advantage of following them without the intervention of a transcriber. They are given as nearly as possible in their original state, the only modernizations attempted consisting in the alternations of the letters i and^', and u and v, the retention of which

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