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Being appointed some time ago to conduct a course in Conveyancing, the author had occasion to seek for a book suitable for use as a guide for those taking the course. While excellent works have been written on conveyancing, no book has been written which covers the modern practice or forms. The author therefore was compelled to write out his own lectures and while doing so conceived the idea of enlarging them so as to make a compact and practical book for the use of all persons transacting a real estate business.

The modern conveyancer, whether lawyer or layman, not only wants to know the law of conveyancing but what to do and how to do it. With this thought in mind the author has endeavored to set forth the law of conveyancing as clearly and concisely as possible and with ample citation of authorities. Everything obsolete has been omitted. Little space has been used discussing doubtful propositions of law. The dangerous shoals have been pointed out and the method to avoid them set forth. Liberal use has been made of forms to illustrate the text and many more have been added in an appendix so that it is hoped every form used in modern conveyancing will be found included; a convenience which will probably be appreciated by the busy lawyer, conveyancer and beginner alike.

The methods of carrying on a real estate business have changed radically within the last score of years. The custom of insuring title and making settlements through Title Insurance Companies, especially in the larger cities has developed marvelously. A chapter has therefore been added on Title Insurance Companies, including their mode of transacting business and stating settlements. At the same time a chapter on Title Searching and instructions how to search has also been included for the use of those who still prefer to do their own searching.

The author desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to Albert H. Ladner, Jr., Esq., of the Philadelphia Bar, for many valuable suggestions and forms embodied in this book.


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