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sions to his fallen fortunes, 162. 165. Oft, when the watching stars grow pale, Palestine and the river Jordan, 354.
487. 602.

Paradise and the Peri, 350—356. Criti-
Natal Genius, the, a Dream: to, Oh ! Abyssinian tree, 650.

cisms of Fadladeen on this romance,
the morning of her birthday, 60. Oh! breathe not his name, 173.

National Airs, 223, &c.

Oh! banquet not in those shining Paradise, of Epicurus, 625. of Maho-
National Music, a Melologue upon, bowers, 204.

met, 470.

Oh! blame not the bard, if he fly to the Parallel, the, 202.
Nature's Labels, a fragment, 56.

bowers, 180.

Parliament, the recess of, a hymn, 495.
Nay, do not weep, my Fanny dear, 87. Oh! but to see that head recline, 469. Occasional Address, for the opening
Nay, look not there, my love, 477. Oh ! call it by some better name, 290. of the New Theatre of St. Stephen
Nay, tempt me not to love again, 112. Oh! come to me when daylight sets, 226. (Nov. 24. 1812.), 168. Satirical no-
Nea, Odes to :- Written at Bermuda, Oh! could we do with this world of tice of some Members of the H. of
ours ! 214.

Lords, 525_534. 539.541. Report of
Necropolis, and lake near Memphis, Oh ! days of youth and joy, 231.

Speeches relative to Maynooth col-
617. et seq.

Oh, do not look so bright and blest, 308. lege, 569. Exhibition of models of
Nets and Cages, 233.

Oh! doubt me not, -the season, 191. the two Houses of, 569.
Ne'er ask the hour, what is it to us? Oh fair! oh purest ! be thou the dove, Passion, 250. 290. 315.

Patrick's Purgatory, and mystic lake in
Ne'er talk of Wisdom's gloomy schools, Oh for the swords of former time! 201. Donegall, 209.
Oh, guard our affection, 237.

Patrons and Puffs, &c., 577.
Never mind how the pedagogue proses, Oh! had we some bright little isle of Paul the Silentiary, 111.310, 311.
our own, 190.

Peace, 636.
Night Dance, the, 213.

Oh! hint to the bard, 'tis retirement Peace and glory, 86.
Night-thought, a, 81.

alone, 1.

Peace be around thee, 228.
Nightingales, song of, 296. 303. 307. Oh! idol of my dreams! 475.

Peace to the slumberers ! 232.

Oh ! Love, Religion, Music, all, 483. Peace! Peace to him that's gone, 298.
Nights, such as Eden's calm recall, 259. Oh, Memory, how coldly, 268.

Pearls, 114. 236. 476. Mythos as to their
Nile, river, 637 ; the Isle of Gardens, or Oh, no! not ev'n when first we lov'd, production, 394. n.
Antirrhodus, near Alexandria, 626. 227.

Pearls, Irish, 207.
Nile, navigation of the, 615, 636. 639. 641. Oh, say ! thou best and brightest, 239. Peer, how to make oneself a, 553.
Nile, nymphs of the, 641.
Oh, soon return, 295.

Peers, batch the first, 512.
Nile, the Garden of the, 393. Sources Oh stranger ! if Anacreon's shell (An- Perceval, Right Hon. Spencer, on the
of the river, 445.
thologia), 47.

death of, 399.
No life is like the mountaineer's, 273. Oh! teach me to love thee, 247.

Perfumes for the hair and beard, 11.n.
No, not more welcome the fairy num- Oh! the sight entrancing, 205.

Peri, Paradise and the, 350_355.
bers, 193.

Oh! think not my spirits are always as Peris, and fairies, 393. 443. Vide Lalla
Noble and illustrious authors, 525. 529. light, 174.

Rookh, &c.
Nonsense, 83.

Oh think, when a hero is sighing, 601. Periwinkles, fiscal, 511.
Nora Creina, 185.

Oh thou! of all creation blest (Ode Periwinkles and Locusts, 511.
Not from thee the wound should come, XXXIV. Anacreon), 27.

Persecution, the Decian, 656.

Oh! thou who dry'st the mourner's Persia and the Persians, 154, 155. V'ide
Nourjehan, “ the Light of the World," tear, 243.

Lalla Rookh, 323. 397. et passim. Su-
386. n.

Oh, tidings of freedom! Oh accents of perstitious notions of this eastern
Nourmahal, the Light of the Haram,

hope, 524.

people, 464. 467. n.
356. 383, 389. Her spells, 390. Her Oh! where art thou dreaming? 259. Philadelphia and the Schuylkill river.
sleep, 391. She is regretted by Selim, Ob! where's the slave so lowly, 194. 123.
393. Her disguise, 394, 395. The

Oh woman, if through sinful wile, 83. Phillis, to, 83.
Georgian maid's song, 394. Suc- Oh, ye dead! 203.

Philodemus:-“ My Mopsa is little."
ceeded by that of Nourmahal herself, Olden time, The Song of the, 299.

395. Her reconciliation with Selim, Olympus, latest accounts from, 576. Philosophy, a vision of, 97. Vide the
One dear smile, 295.

classical notes to this poem, 97–99.
Now Neptune's month our sky deforms On one of those sweet nights that oft, Philosophy: Poems relative to, treat.
(Ode LxvIII. Anacreon), 43.

ing of Philosophers, ancient and mo-
Now the star of day is high (Ode xviii. Once in each revolving year (Ode xxv. dern, 66. 188. 471. Aristotle, 98. n.
Anacreon), 18.
Anacreon), 22.

Pythagoras, 98. Democritus, 98.
Nymph of a fair but erring line, 350. One bumper at parting, 189.

Plato, 98. n. Epicurus, 608. n. ; 646.
Nymphs of the Nile, 641.

One day the Muses twined the hands et seq. Alciphron, 143. et seq. Pyr.
(Ode xx. Anacreon), 19.

rho, 66. Aristippus, 85. Zeno, 67.
Oppression, memory and record of, 235. Maupertuis, n.

Orangemen of Ireland, their Petition, Philostratus, a thought of, imitated by
O'Branigan, Larry, to his wife Judy, 502.

Ben Jonson, 8. n.
588. 596. To Murtagh O'Mulligan, Orcus, the heathen priest, 665. 678. Pictures, Italian galleries of, xlvi.

Orcus, High Priest, to the Prefect De- | Pigeons, carrier, 242.
O'Connell, his election for Clare, 523. cius, 678.

Pilgrim, Man a, 249.
O'Connor, Arthur, Esq., XXX.

Origen, 642. 658.

Pilgrim, the, 272. Still thus, when twi.
O'Donohue's Mistress, 203.

Ormuzd, of the ancient Persians, and light gleam'd, 283.
O'Keefe's song for the character of his angels, 465.

Planets, the, 471. n.
Spado, xxxviii.
Osiris, or Serapis, 625.

Plato, Epigram of, 19. n. He wrote
O'Mulligan, Mortimer, his epistle (vide Ossian, allusions to, 214. 216.

in bed, 446.
“ Fudge Family in England"), 598. Ossian, fragments in imitation of, xxx. Platonic philosophy, and followers of
O'Ruark, Prince of Breffni, the song of, Our home is on the sea, boy, 256. Plato, 97. et seq.

Pleasure contrasted with Pain, 231.
Oblivion, the fabled gates of, 620.


Plumassier, to a (Anacreontic), 163.
Observe when mother earth is dry (Ode

Poco-Curante Society, the, 439. (See
XXI. Anacreon), 20.
Paddy's Metamorphosis, 552.

Rhymes on the Road.) Song of, 604.
oft, in the stilly night, 226.

Painting, 109. 271. 315. 447.

Poesy, 211. 214.

Poet's dream : Dinner of Type and Co., Resemblance, the: Yes, if 'twere any Sailor boy, 'tis day, 312.

common love, 70.

Salmagundi, 51).
Police Reports, case of imposture, 568. Reuben and Rose, 53.

Sannazaro, his Gallicio nell' Arcadia,
Political allusions, by the author, xxv. Revenue, decimating, and decimal quoted, 10. n.
et seq.; and Satirical Poems, 215. 235.

arithmetic, 511.

Sappho, lyre of, 259. Legends of Leu-
See "The Fudge Family," 482. et seq.; Reverend Pamphleteer, the, 562.

cadia, 264.
581. et seq. See the Satirical Poems, Reverends and Right Reverends, reso- Sarpi, Fra Paolo, 444.
491.&c. See also 491–580. et passim. lutions passed at a meeting of, 532. Satirical and Political Poems, 399. &c.
For the poet's allusions to the affairs Reynolds, Mr. Thomas, 402.

Say, what shall be our sport to-day,
of N. America and of France, see 105 Rhodope, 620. Fable of the Lady of 230.

the Pyramid, 620.

Say, what shall we dance, 288.
Political and Satirical Poems, 399. &c. Rhymes on the Road, extracted from Sceptic, the ; a Philosophical Satire,
Politician, how to make a good, 530. the Journal of a Travelling Member 143. The Preface on Ancient Philo
Politics, Irish, allusions to, xxix. et seq. of the Poco-Curante Society, in 1819, sophy, and the Pyrrhonists, 103. The
See 491–580. et passim.

Satire, 144-147.
Polycrates of Samos, 3.

Rich and rare were the gems she wore, Scepticism, 486.
Poor broken flower, 290.


Scott, Sir Walter, his musical taste.
Porcelain and China, 394. 396.

Rich in bliss, I proudly scorn (Ode xxxvi. Interesting scene at the Edin-
Porte, Ode to the Sublime, 506.

LXVII. Anacreon), 43.

burgh theatre, xxxvii.
Power, Mr. Richard, xlviii.
Ring, the; a tale of Rupert, 72.

Scriptures, the Holy, 246.
Prayer of Mahometans, 355.

Ring, the :- The happy day at length Sculptor, wouldst thou glad my soul
Press the grape, and let it pour, 54. arriv'd, 72.

(Ode v. Anacreon), 10.
“Press, the," newspaper, xxx.

Ring, the :- No, Lady! Lady! keep Sea, the Old Man of the, 509. A Rs.
Priestess of the Moon, the, 631.

the ring, 70.

fection at, 57.
Prologue, spoken at the opening of the Rings and Seals, 94.

See you, beneath yon cloud so dark,
Kilkenny Theatre, October, 1809, 457. Ripen'd by the solar beam (Ode Lix. 130.
Proxy, how to write by, 519.

Anacreon), 39.

See the dawn from heaven, 33.
Psaphon, his birds taught to pronounce Rival Topics :- An Extravaganza, 560. Selim and Nourmahal, 389–96.
his name, 445.

Roche, Sir Boyle, his blunders, 516. Sephiroths or Splendors of the Cabala,
Psyche, 79. 91. 486.

Rock, Captain, his Epistle to Lord 484. n.
Puck, song of old, 567.

Lyndhurst, 579. His Letter to Terry Sepulture, ancient Egyptian mode de
Puir, profligate Londoners, 534.

Alt, 580.

Purgatory, 476.

Rogers, Mr., accompanied by the author Seraphim, 482.
Put off the vestal veil, nor, oh, 75. to Paris, xliv. See the Dedications Serapis, the God, 625.
Pyramids of Memphis, 614. Rhodope, to Samuel Rogers, Esq.

Seth, traditions relative to the patriarch,
the Lady of the Pyramid, 620.

Rome, artists at, xlvi. The Palatine 482.
Mount, xlvii.

Shalimar Palace, the, 333. 397.
Rokeby, allusions to, 153, 156.

Shall the Harp then be silent, 204.

Romaika, the, danced in Zea, 265. et Shamrock, Oh the, 188.

Shannon, Stanzas from the banks of the
Quadrilles, 488. Episcopal, 540.
Romaldkirk, to the Curate of, 549.

Quakers, 595.

Rondeau :-“Good night! good night," She is far from the land where her
Quarterly Review, the, 532. 573. Re-


young hero sleeps ! 186.
flections addressed to the Author of

Rosa, to, 64.
the article of “the Church" in the, Rosa, to, written during illness, 58.

She never look'd so kind before, €2.

She sung of Love, 209.
Rosa, to, 68. 83.

She has beauty, but still you must keep
Quick ! we have but a second, 207.
Rose of Cashmere, 386.

your heart cool, 292.
Rose, the Alpine, 231.

Sheridan, Rt. Hon. Richard Brissley,
Rose, the, and summer bee, 235.

Lines on the Death of, 400. His cba
Rose of the Desert ! 299.

racter described, 401. Intended Life
Raise the buckler, poise the lance, 266.
Rose and Nightingale, 307.

of, 1.
Raphael, his Fornarina, 447.
Rose, the young, 296.

Sheridan, Mrs., air composed by, 20.
Rawdon, to the Lady Charlotte, from
Rose tree, the pretty, 291.

Shield, the, 57.
the banks of the St. Lawrence, 128.

Rose in nettles hid, the: - Conundrum, Shine out, stars, 291.
Romance of the Indian Spirit, 129.


Ship a-hoy ! - Song, Xxxvii.
Reason, 87. 191. 225. 292. 311.

Roses, the, Festival of the Scattering of, Ships, and wrecks, 105. 111, 112 295
Reason, Folly, and Beauty, 225.

318. 387. n. 396. of the Garden of the 239. 249.
Red Fox, the, xxx.

Nile, 393. Attar Gul, 397.

Ships, the Meeting of the, 287.
Redbreast, the, in December, 225.
Roses, political, 171. n.

Shiraz wine, 394.
Rector and his curate, the, 551.

Round the world goes, by day and night, Should those fond hopes, 295.
Reform, notions on, 545.


Shrine, the, 55.
Religion, the “ Sacred Songs," 241. Row gently here, 231.

Silence, emblem of, 212.
Religion and trade, 572.

Rubi, the second Angel, 470. His Story, Silence is in our festal halls, 215.
Religion in the East, Brahma, &c., 321.


Silence, chain of, 196. n.
(See Lalla Rookh.)
Ruby, magnificent, 394.

Simonides, epitaphs on Anacreou
Religious emblems and types, 246. “In-

Russell, Lord John, remonstrance on 47. n.
tolerance" satirized, 138. et seq. On

his intended retirement from politics, Sin, 466. 479.
Toleration, 154. et passim.


Since first thy word, 249.
Remember him thou leav'st behind, 52.

Russian Lover, the :- Fleetly o'er the Sing, sweet harp, 211.
Remember the time in La Mancha's moonlit snows, 317.

Sing, sing, music was given, 210.
shades, 295.

Sinking Fund cried, 494.
Remember thee ! 198.

Sinners, 250.

Remonstrance: addressed to Lord John

Sirmio, peninsula of, 4602
Russell, after a conversation in which Sacred Songs, 241. Dedication to Ed- Slumber, oh slumber ! if sleeping the
he had intimated some idea of giving ward Tuite Dalton, Esq., 241.

mak'st, 237.
up all political pursuits, 458.

thou fearless bark, 201. Slumber, poetical allusions to 224

Sail on,

sail on,


Smile, One dear, 295.
Susan, 600.

Think on that look whose melting ray,
Smoothly flowing through verdant vales, Swallow, the, 657.

Swans, the Muse's, 261.

Those evening bells ! 224.
Snake, the, 63.

Sweet is your kiss, my Lais dear, 111. Thou art, O God, the life and light !
Snow Spirit, the:- No, ne'er did the Sweet lady, look not thus again, 56.
wave in its element steep, 116.

Sweet spirit ! if thy airy sleep, 60. Thou art not dead, 274.
So warmly we met, 224.

Sweet Innisfallen, fare the well, 206. Thou lov'st no more, 238.
Soliman, throne of, was called the Star Swings, an Eastern pastime and exer- Thou, whose soft and rosy hues (Ode
of the Genii, 323.
cise, 387.

XVI. Anacreon), 16.
Some mortals there may be, so wise, or Sword, the warrior's, 201. 205. 211. 214. Thou bid'st me sing the lay I sung to
so fine, 255.
Sylph's Ball, the, 457.

thee, 307.
Songs, some of the occasional, inter- Sylphs and Gnomes, 476. n.

Though humble the banquet, 210.
woven in Mr. Moore's poems: - 51, Syra, holy fount of, 269.

Though sacred the tie that our country
52, 53. 59. 69. &c. Many early songs

entwineth, 602.
occur from p. 49/103. 172_222. 254,

Though sorrow long has worn my heart,

255.257, 258, 259, 260, 261. &c. Songs

interspersed in the “ Evenings in Tables of Stone, the Seven, 631. Though the last glimpse of Erin, 175.
Greece," 244_279. Songs from the Take back the sigh, 86.

Though 'tis all but a dream at the best,
Greek Anthology, 310—313. Unpub- | 'Take back the virgin page, 176.

lished songs, &c., 313_317. Occa- Take hence the bowl, 234.

Through grief and through danger, 182.
sional Songs, 558. 604. Songs from Tar barrels, 'Thoughts on, 548.

Thus have I charm'd with visionary lay,
"M.P., or the Blue Stocking," 600- Tara, the halls of, 174.

602. Songs of the Church, No. 1., 566. Tear, the, 63. 173. 183.

Thy harp may sing of Troy's alarms
Sovereign, a golden, 492.
Tears, 245, 246. 291. 310.

(Ode xxvi. Anacreon), 23.
Sovereign woman, a ballad, 605

Tears, poetical allusions to, 229. 234. Thy song has taught my heart to feel,
Soul, the, 629.

243. 250.

Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's Teflis, or Tiflis, brooks of, 394.

Tibullus to Sulpicia, 460.
dark sea, 244.

Tell me, gentle youth, I pray thee (Ode Tighe, to Mrs. Henry, on reading her
Southey, to Robert, Esq., Announce- XI. Anacreon), 12.

Psyche, 79.
ment of a new Thalaba, 559.
Tell me not of joys above, 358.

Time, a poet's allusions to the hand of,
Speculation, a, 463.

Tell me, why, my sweetest dove (Ode 185. 189. 228. 231. 237. 485.
Speeches, a Corrected Report of some xv. Anacreon), 15.

'Tis gone, and for ever, the light we saw
late, 541.
Temples, Lake of the, 608.

breaking, 195.
Spencer, Hon. W. R., lines addressed to Thalaba, announcement of a new, to 'Tis sweet to think that, where'er we
him from Buffalo and Lake Erie, in Mr. Southey, 559.

rove, 182.
N. America, 125.

That wrinkle, when first I espied it, 54. “ 'Tis the vine ! 'tis the vine !" said the
Spirit of Joy, thy altar lies, 600.

Temple, the, at Jerusalem, 246. 249. cup-loving boy, 279.
Spirit, the Indian (or N. American), The bird, let loose in Eastern skies, 242. 'Tis true, my fading years decline (Ode
The garland I send thee, 240.

XLVII. Anacreon), 33.
Spirit of Love, whose locks unroll'd The more I view'd this world, 459. 'Tis time, I feel, to leave thee now, 96.
(Ode Lxxv. Anacreon), 45.

The Phrygian rock that braves the 'Tis the last Rose of Summer, 189.
Spirit of the Woods, the Evil:- Song, storm (Ode xxn. Anacreon), 20. Tithe Case, late, 550.

The sky is bright, the breeze is fair, Tithe, Song of the Departing Spirit of,
Spring and Autumn, 240. 312.


Sc. Lawrence, river, 127, 128.; the Gulph The song that lightens our languid way, To all that breathe the air of heaven
of, 130.

(Ode xxiv. Anacreon), 22.
St. Senanus and the Lady, 201.

The time I've lost in wooing, 194. To ladies' eyes around, 199.
Star of the Waters, Sothis, 640.

The turf shall be thy fragrant shrine, To Love and Bacchus ever young, 5.n.
Stars, some of the poet's allusions to the, 244.

To Love, the soft and blooming child
176. 233, 234. 244. 270. 272. 275. 317. The women tell me every day (Ode vii. (Ode LXI. Anacreon), 42.
471. 476. 639.

Anacreon). 11.

To my Shadow, 585.
Steersman's Song, the, 119.

The world had just begun to steal, 59. To sigh, yet feel no pain, 600.
Stephens, Henry, wrote on horseback, The world was hush'd, 305.

To thee, the queen of nymphs divine
The wreath you wove, 59.

(Ode LXVI. Anacreon), 42.
Stevenson, Sir John, poetical tribute to, Thee, thee, only thee, 204.

To-day, dearest ! is ours, 289.
215. See also xxxix. n. 216. 243, 244, Then, fare thee well, 228.

To see thee every day that came, 100.
245, 248, 251.
Then first from love, 315.

To weave a garland for the rose, 310.
Still, like dew in silence falling, 312. Theocritus, in praise of Anacreon, 47. n. Too plain alas, my doom is spoken,
Still thou fliest, and still I woo thee, 315. Theora of Alexandria, and her daughter 238.
Still when daylight o'er the wave, 304. Alethe, 642. Death of a mother, 645. Torch of Liberty, the, 431.
Storm at Sea : Lines written in a, 112. There are sounds of mirth, 213. Tories, destructive propositions of the,
Stranger, the heart-wounded, 284. There comes a time, 227.

Strangford, to Lord; written on board There is a bleak desert, 249.

Tortoise-shell of Pegu, triple coloured,
the Phaeton frigate, off the Azores, There's something strange : Buffo 397.

Song, 314.

Tory, Mad, and the Comet, 542.
Strew me a fragrant bed of leaves (Ode They know not my heart, 209.

Tory Pledges, 546.
XXXII. Anacreon), 25.
They may rail at this life, 200.

Tory, Doctor, and Dr. Whig, 548.
Sublime was the warning that Liberty They met but once in youth's sweet Translations. See Horace, Anthology,
spoke, 179.
hour, 305.

Sulpicia, Tibullus to, 460.

They tell how Atys, wild with love (Ode Tribune, the young, 665, 667.
Summer clouds, 475.

XII, Anacreon), 13.

Trinity College, Dublin, an examination
Summer Fète, the, 252.

They tell us of an Indian tree, 463. political, xxxii. et seq.
Summer webs that Boat and shine, They tell me thou'rt the favour'd guest, Tripe, tout pour la, 515.


Truth, 195. 247. 309.
Sunday Ethics, a Scotch Ode, 534. They wove the lotus band to deck (Ode Truth characterised, 236. 249. 667.
Surprise, the, 65.

LXIX. Anacreon), 43.

Tuckt Suliman, mountain, 387. n,


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Tulip, said to be of Turkish extrac- Voiture's Kiss, rendered by Mrs. When o'er the silent seas alone, N.
tion, 321.


When the first summer bee, 235.
'Twas in a mocking dream of night Vulcan ! hear your glorious task (Ode When the wine-cup is smiling before
(Ode xxx. Anacreon), 25.
IV. Anacreon), 9.

us, 235.
'Twas night, and many a circling-bowl

When thou shalt wander, 232.
(Ode xxxvII. Anacreon), 28.

When the sad word “Adieu," 311.

'Twas noon of night, when round the

When thou art nigh, it seems, 307.
pole (Ode xxxiii. Anacreon), 26. Wake thee, my dear-thy dreaming, When to sad music silent you listen, 309
'Twas one of those dreams, 206.


When on the lip the sigh delays, 289.
'Twas when the world was in its prime, Wake up, sweet melody ! 303.

When through life unblest we rove, 18

Wales, Princess Charlotte of, 149. et seq. When through the Piazzetta, 233.
'Twas but for a moment, and yet in Walton, Isaac, 387. n.

When Time, who steals our years away.
that time, 130.
Waltz Duet, 258.

Twin'st thou with loftywreath thy brow? | Waltzing, 489.

When wearied wretches sink to sleep
Warning, a, 96.

Twopenny Post-Bag, by Thomas War against Babylon ! 251.

When wine I quaff, before my eyes (Ode
Brown the Younger, 147. Dedication War's high-sounding harp, 250.

L. Anacreon), 34.
to Stephen Woolriche, Esq., 147. Warrior, the Dying, 282.

Whene'er I see those smiling eyes, 19.
The Preface, 147. The Intercepted Washington, city of, and the American When twilight dews are falling soft,
Letters:- From the Princess Char- rivers, &c., 119. 122. et seq.

lotte of Wales to Lady Barbara Watchman, the; a Glee, 288.

When 'midst the gay I meet, $.
Ashley, Letter 1., 149. From Colonel Waterloo coin, Advertisement of a miss- Where is the heart that would not fire,
M'Mahon to G. F. Leckie, Esq., ing or lost, 539.

Letter II., 150. Its Postscript, 151. We care not ; Song, 604.

Where are the visions, 237.
From the Regent to Lord Yarmouth, We read the flying courser's name (Ode Where is your dwelling, ye sainted, 30.
Letter III., 151. From the Rt. Hon. XXVII. Anacreon), 23.

Where shall we bury our shame. 3.
Patrick Duigenan to the Rt. Hon. Sir Weep, Children of Israel I 248. Whig, Dr., and Dr. Tory, their consult
John Nichol, Letter IV., 152. (En- Weep not for those whom the veil of ation, 548.
closing an 'Unanswerable Argument the tomb, 243.

While gazing on the Moon's light, 181.
against the Papists,' 153.) From the Weep on! weep on ! your hour is past, While our rosy fillets shed (Ode tum
Countess Dowager of Cork, Letter V.,

Anacreon), 31.
153. Its Postscript, 121. From Ab- Weeping for thee, my love, through the While we invoke the wreathed spring
dallah, in London, to Mohassan in
long day, 265.

(Ode Lv. Anacreon), 36.
Ispahan, Letter VI., 154. From Welcome, sweet bird, through the sunny Who comes so gracefully, 276.
Lackington and Co. to - Esq., air winging, 277.

Who is the maid my spirit seeks, N21
Letter VII., 155. From Colonel Well! peace to thy heart, though ano- Who'll buy my love-knots ? 232
Thomas to Skeffington, Esq., ther's it be, 115.

Who'll buy ? 'tis Folly's shop, 26).
Letter VIII., 156. Appendix to these Well, the Holy, alleged miraculous ap- Whose was the artist hand that spread
Epistles, 157–160.

pearance of the moon night and day (Ode LVII. Anacreon), 38.
Tyrolese Song of Liberty :- Merrily in the, 342

Why does azure deck the sky ? 68.
every bosom boundeth, 294.
Wellington Spa, the, 563.

Why does she so long delay ? 311.
Wellington, Field Marshal the Duke of, Wind thy horn, my hunter boy,

xxxiv. Reinforcements for him, 170. Wine-cup is circling, The, 214.

His Grace and the Ministers, 171.542. Wine, praise of, in Lalla Rookh, 294
Unbind thee, love, 313.

Wellington, Napoleon, and Waterloo, 396. See also other poems and pole,
Up and march ! the timbrels sound, 272. 487.516.

174. 178. 189. 196. 207. 211. 214 $4
Up, sailor boy, 'tis day, 312.

Were not the sinful Mary's tears, 245. 235. 237. Wisdorn, 188. 194. 235.
Up with the sparkling brimmer, 277. What's my thought like ? 164.

Wit, 279. The quiver of, 188.
What shall I sing thee? 487.

With all my soul, then, let us part. 621

What the bee is to the poweret, 187. With twenty chords my lyre is hers!

When Bacchus, Jove's immortal boy (Ode LXXI. Anacreon), 44.
Valerian, the emperor, 663.

(Ode xlix. Anacreon), 33.

Within this goblet, rich and deep (Oder
Valletort, to Caroline Viscountess, When, casting many a look behind, 55. XLV. Anacreon.) 32.

written at Lacock Abbey in the year When cold in the earth lies the Friend Wo! wo unto him ! 515.
1832, 462.

thou hast lov'd, 198.

Woman, 123. 213. 272. 466. 471, 472,
Valley of Visions, 631.

When Cupid sees how thickly now, 478.605.
Valley, the Unequalled, 397.

(Ode LxxvIII. Anacreon), 45.

Woman :- Away, away -- you're all the
Van, The Euthanasia of, 526.
When evening shades are falling, 270.

same, 96.
Variety, 51.
When first that smile, 232.

Wonder, the, 65.
Veil, the Silver, 321.

When first I met thee warm and young, Woods and Forests, Ode to the, 938.
Veiled Prophet of Khorassan, 320.

xxiv. 193.

Woodpecker, the : -I knew or the
Venice, former glory of, 444. Wars When Gold, as feet as zephyr's pinion smoke, that so gracefully cursd, 10.
against the Turks, 444.

Her tyran-
(Ode Lvill. Anacreon), 39.

Word awaked my heart, Thy, 99.
nical oligarchy, 444. Tortures, 444. When he who adores thee has left but World, the fashionable, 253.
Her fall a retribution, 444.

the name, 173.

World is all a fleeting show, This, 30
Venus, poetical allusions to the goddess, When I behold the festive train (Ode World, When abroad in tbe, 338.

Lm. Anacreon), 35.

Would that I were a tuneful içre (0
Venus, the planet, 111. 200. 605. When I lov'd you, I can't but allow, 55. LXXVII. Anacreon), 45.
Venus Anadyomene, 447.
When Love is kind, 240.

Wreath the bowl, 198.
Venus Papyria, 492.

When Love, rock'd by his mother, 210. Wreath and the Chain, the, 90.
Virgin of Delphi, the, 62.

When night brings the hour, 239. Write on, write on, ye Barons dear, 39
Virtue, 107. 114.

When Love was a child, 230.
Vishnu, 515.

When my thirsty soul I steep (Ode
Vision, a, by the author of Christabel, XLVII. Anacreon), 33.

When Spring adorns the dewy scene y--th, Earl of, 400. Letter addresse:
Voice, the, 280.

(Ode XLI. Anacreon), 30.

to, by Thomas Brown the younger

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we, 316.

131. Some remarks on the same, 161. You bid me explain, my dear angry
165. 167, 168.
Ma’amselle, 543.

Years have pass'd, old friend, since You remember Ellen, our hamlet's
pride, 191.

Zaraph, 483. His bride, 485.
Yemen, and the rest of Arabia, alluded You, who would try (vide the Epicu- Zea, or Ceos, island of the Archipe-
to, 361. et seq.
rean), 622.

lago :- Scene of the First Evening in
Yes, be the glorious revel mine (Ode Young Love, 240. 282.

Greece, 262. et. seq.
XLII. Anacreon), 30.

Young Love liv'd once in an humble
Yes - loving is a painful thrill (Ode shed, 600.

Zeilan, king of, his ruby, 394. n.
XXIX. Anacreon), 24.

Youth, poetical allusions to, 229. 231. Zelica, see “ The Veiled Prophet of
Yes, sad one of Zion, if closely resem-

Khorassan," 323. et seq.
bling, 202.

Youth's endearing charms are fled (Ode Zinge, and the Zingians, 385.
Yes, yes, when the bloom of Love's boy-
LXI. Anacreon), 41.

Zion, 242. 245.
hood is o'er, 296.
Youth and Age, 282.

Zodiac, the, 477. 635.
You read it in these spell-bound eyes,
Youth and Death, 620.

Zone of bells of an Indian dancing girl,


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