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ley Shovel reduce Barcelona-The Earl's surprising

Progress in Spain-New Parliament in England

Bill for a Regency in case of the Queen's Decease-

Anne succeeds to the throne-She resolves to fulfil Debates in the House of Lords upon the supposed

the Engagements of her Predecessor with his Allies Danger to which the Church was exposed- The Par.

-A French Memorial presented to the States-gen- liament prorogued-Disputes in the Convocation-

eral-The Queen's Inclination to the Tories-War Conferences opened for a Treaty of Union with Scot.

declared against France-The Parliament pro- land-Substance of the Treaty..


rogued-Warm Opposition to the Ministry in the
Scottish Parliameni-They recognize her Majesty's

Authority-The Queen appoints Commissioners to Battle of Ramilies, in which the French are defeated
treat of a Union between England and Scotland- -The Siege of Barcelona raised by the English
State of Affairs on the Continent-Keiserswaert Fleet-Prince Eugene obtains a complete Victory
and Landau taken by the Allies-Progress of the over the French at Turin-Sir Cloudesley Shovel
Earl of Marlborough in Flanders-He narrowly es. sails with a Reinforcement to Charles King of Spain
capes being taken by a French Partisan-The Im- -The King of Sweden marches into Saxony-The
perialists are worsted at Fridlinguen-Battle of French King demands Conferences for a Peace-
Luzzara, in Italy-The King of Sweden defeats Au- Meeting of the Scottish Parliament-Violent Oppo.
gustus at Lissou in Poland-Fruitless Expedition sition to the Union-The Scots in general averse to
to Cadiz by the Duke of Ormond and Sir George the Treaty, which is nevertheless confirmed in their
Rooke-They take and destroy the Spanish Gal- Parliament-Proceedings in the English Parliament
leons at Vigo-Admiral Benbow's Engagement -The Commons approve of the Articles of the Union
with Ducasse in the West indies-The Queen as. -The Lords pass a Bill for the Security of the
sembles a new Parliament-Disputes between the Church of England - Arguments used against the
two Houses-The Lords inquire into the Conduct Articles of the Union, which, however, are confirm-
of Sir George Rooke-The Parliament make a set. ed by Act of Parliament—The Parliament revived
tlement on Prince George of Denmark-The earl by Proclamation-Tbe Queen gives Audience to a
of Marlborough created a Duke-All Commerce and Muscovite Ambassador--Proceedings in Convoca-
Correspondence prohibited between Holland and tion-France threatened with total Ruin-The Al-
the two Crowns of France and Spain-A Bill for lies are defeated at Almanza-Unsuccessful At-
preventing occasional Conformity-It miscarries- tempt upon Toulon-Sir Cloudesley Shovel wrecked
Violent Animosity between the two Houses, pro- on the Rocks of Scilly-Weakness of the Emperor
duced by the Inquiry into the Public Accounts- on the Upper Rhine-Interview between the King
Disputes between the two Houses of Convocation- of Sweden and the Duke of Marlborough-Inactive
Account of the Parties in Scotland-Dangerous Campaign in the Netherlands-Harley begins to
Heats in the Parliament of that Kingdom-The form a Party against the Duke of Marlborough- The
Commissioner is abandoned by the Cavaliers-He Nation disconiented with the Whig Ministry-Meet
is in danger of his Life, and suddenly prorogues the ing of the first British Parliament-Inquiry into the
Parliament-Proceedings of the Irish Parliament- State of the War in Spain-Gregg, a Clerk in the
They pass a severe Act against Papists—The elec- Secretary's Office, detected in a Correspondence with
tor of Bavaria defeats the Imperialists at Scardin. the French Ministry-Harley resigns his Employ.
gen and takes Possession of Ratisbon-The Allies ments-The Pretender embarks at Dunkirk for
reduce Bonne-Battle of Eckeren-The Prince of Scotland-His Design is defeated-State of the Na.
Hesse is defeated by the French at Spirebach- tion at that Period-Parliament dissolved-The
Treaty between the Emperor and the Duke of Sa. French surprise Ghent and Bruges-They are rout.
voy-The King of Portugal accedes to the grand Al- ed at Oudenarde-The Allies invest Lisle-They
liance-Sir Cloudesley Shovel sails with a Fleet to defeat a large Body of French Forces at Wynendale
the Mediterranean-Admiral Graydon's bootless -The Elector of Bavaria attacks Brussels-Liste
Expedition to the West Indies-Charles King of surrendered-Ghent taken, and Bruges abandoned--
Spain arrives in England...

.. 179 Conquest of Minorca by General Stanhope-Rup.

ture between the Pope and the Emperor-Death of

Prince George of Denmark-The new Parliament

The Commons revive the Bill against occasional Con. assenabled-Naturalization Bill-Act of Grace-Dis.

fornity-Conspiracy trumped up by Simon Fraser, putes about the Muscovite Ambassador comprom-

Lord Lovat-The Lords present a Remonstrance to



the Queen- The Commons pass a vote in favor of


the Earl of Nottingham-Second Remonstrance of

the Lords-Further Disputes between the two Negotiation for Peace ineffectual—The Allied Army

Houses—The Queen grants the First Fruits and the besieges and takes Tournay-The French are de.

Tenths to the poor Clergy-Inquiry into Naval Af seated at Malplaquet-Mons surrendered -Cam-

fairs-Trial of Lindsay-Meeting of the Scottish paign in Spain-The French King's Proposals of

Parliament-Violent Opposition to the Ministry in treating rejected by the States-general- Account of

that Kingdom-Their Parliament pass the Act of Dr. Sacheverel-He is impeached by the Commons

Security-Melancholy Situation of the Emperor's --His Trial-Debates upon it in the House of Lords

Affairs-The Duke of Marlborough marches at the - He is silenced for three Years-Conferences at

Head of the Allied Army into Germany-He defeats Gertruydenburgh-Pride and Obstinacy of the Dutch

the Bavarians at Schellenberg-Fruitless Negotia. -Douay besieged and taken by the Confederates,

tion with the Elector of Bavaria- The Confederates as well as Bethune, Aire, and St. Venant-King

obtain a complete Victory at Hochstadt-Siege of Charles obtains a Victory over Philip at Saragossa,

Landau-The Duke of Marlborough returns to Eng. and enters Madrid-Battle of Villaviciosa-The

land-State of the War in different parta of Europe Whig Ministry disgraced–The Parliament is dis.

-Campaign in Portugal-Sir George Rooke takes solved-Meeting of the New Parliament- The Duke

Gibraltar, and worsts the French Fleet in a Battle of Marlborough insulted and reviled-Inquiry into

off Malaga-Session of Parliament in England-An the Conduct of the War in Spain - Severe Votes in

Act of Alienation passed against the Scots-Manor the House of Commons against those who invited

of Woodstock granted to the Duke of Marlborough over the poor Palatines-Harley stabbed at the

-Disputes between the two Houses on the Subject Council Board by Guiscard; and created Earl of

of the Aylesbury Constables--The Parliament dis. Oxford-Death of the Emperor Joseph-Representa-

solved-Proceedings in the Parliament of Scotland tion by the Commons to the Queen-Proceedings in

-They pass an Act for a Treaty of Union with Eng. the Convocation-The Duke of Marlborough con.

land-Difference between the Parliament and Con- tinues to command the Allied Army-He surprises

vocation in Ireland-Fruitless Campaign on the the French Lines-Reduces Bouchain-The Duke

Moselle-The Duke of Marlborough forces the of Argyle commands the British Troops in Spain-

French Lines in Brabant-He is prevented by the King Charles elected Emperor-Expedition to Can-

Deputin of the States from attacking the French ada-Insolence of the Jacobites in Scotland-A Ne-

Array-1 visits the Imperial Court of Vienna- gotiation set on Foot between the Courts of France

State of War on the Upper Rhine, in Hungary, and England-Prior is sent to Fontainpeau-Man-

Piedmont Portugal, and Poland-Sir Thomas Dilkes ager arrives privately in Englan'-T'he French

destroys I t of ihe French Fleet, and relieves Gib. King's Proposals disagreeable to the Alliesovic

raltar-Tie Earl of Peterborough and Sir Cloudes- lent Debate upon them in the House of Lords--The

Duke of Hamilton's Title of Duke of Brandon die. gents—who are attacked at Preston, and surrender
allowed--Bill against occasional Conformity pasges at discretion-Battle at Dunblain-Tbe Pretendes
-Duke of Marlborough dismissed from all his En- arrives in Scoiland-He retires again to France-
ployments-Twelve new Peers created-Prince Eu- Proceedings of the Irialı Parliament-The Rebul
gene of Savoy arrives in England-Walpole expell- Lords are impached, and plead Guilty-The Earl
ed the House of Commons-Votes against the Duke of Derwentwater and Lord Kenmuir are beheaded
of Marlborough-Resolutions against the Barrier- --Trials of Rebels-Act for Septennial Parliaments
treaty and the Dutch-Acts unfavorable to the -Duke of Argyle disgraced-Triple Alliance be-
Presbyterian Discipline in Scotland..

203 tween England, France, and Holland-Count Gyl-

lenburgh, the Swedish Minister in London, arrested

- Account of the Oxford Riot-7'he King demands
The Conferences opened at Utrecht --The Queen's an extraordinary Supply of the Commons--Division
Measures obstructed by the Allies-Death of the

in the Ministry - The Commons pass the South Sea
Dauphin and bis Son-The Queen demands Philips Act, the Bank Act, and the General Fund Act-
Renunciation of the Crown of France-The Duke Trial of the Earl of Oxford-Act of Indemnity-
of Ormond takes the Command of the British Forces Proceedings in the Convocation with regard to Dr.
in Flanders-He is restricted from acting against Hoailley, Bisliop of Bangos..

the Enemy-Debate in the House of Lords on this

Subject--A loyal Address of the Commons-Philip
promises to renounce the Crown of France-The Difference between King George and the Czar of Mus.
Queen communicates the Plan of the Peace in a covy-The King of Sweden is killed at Frederick-
Speech to both Houses of Parliament-Exceptions stadt-Negotiation for a Quadruple Alliance-Pro-
taken to some of the Articles in the House of Lords ceedings in Parliament-James Shepherd creculer
--A Motion for a Guarantee of the Protestant Suc- for a Design against the King's Life-Parliament
cession by the Allies rejected in the House of Com- prorogued-Nature of the Quadruple Alliance-Au-
mons--The Duke of Ormond declarce to Prince Eu- miral Byng sails to the Mediterranean-He destroys
gene, that he can no longer cover the Siege of Ques- the Spanish Fleet off Cape Passaro-Remonstrances
noy-Irruption into France by General Grovestein of the Spanislı Ministry--Disputes in Parliament
-The Foreign troops in British pay refuse to march touching the Admiral's attacking to Spanish Fica
with the Duke of Ormond, who proclaims a Cessa- -Act for strengthening the Protestant Interest-
tion of Arms, and seizes Ghent and Bruges-The War declared against Spain--Conspiracy against
Allies defeated at Denain-Progress of the Confer. the Regent of France-Intended Invasion by il
ences at Utrecht - The Duke of Hamilton and Lord Duke of Ormond-Three hundred Spaniards land
Mohun are killed in a Duel-The Duke of Marlbo- and are taken in Scotland-Account of the Peerage
rough retires to the Continent- The States-general Bill-Count Merci assumes the Command of the Im.
sign the Barrier-treaty--The other Allies become perial Army in Sicily-Activity of Admiral Byng --
Inore tractable–The Peace with France signed at The Spanish Troops evacuate Sicily-Philip oblige!
Utrecht-Both Houses of Parliament congratulate to accede to the Quadruple Alliance-Bill for secur.
the Queen on the Peace--Substance of the Treaty ing the Dependency of Ireland upon the Crown of
Withi France-Objections to the Treaty of Commerce Great Britain-South Sea Act-Charters granted to
-Debates in the House of Lords on the Malt-tax the Royal and London Assurance Offices--'i'reaty
for Scotland--The Scottish Lords move for a Bill to of Alliance with Sweden-The Prince of Hesse
dissolve the Union-Address of the Commons about elected King of Sweden-Effects of the South Sea
Dunkirk-Violence of Parties in England-Proceed- Scheme-The Bubble BreakR-A secret Committee
ings of the Parliament of Ireland-New Parliament appoinied by the House of Commons-Inquiry car-
in England-Writers employed by both parties- ried on by both Houses-Death of Earl Stanhope ani
Treaty of Rastadt between the Emperor and France Mr. Craggs, both Secretaries of State-Tite Estates
---Principal Articles in the Treaty between Great of the Directors of the South Sea Company are con
Britain and Spain-Meeting of the Parliament- fiscated --Proceedings of the Commons with respect
The House of Lords takes Cognizance of a Libe! to the Stock of the South Sea Company...
against the Scots---Mr. Steele expelled the House of

Commons-Precautions by the Whigs for the Secu-
rity of the Protestant Succession-Debates in the Bill against Aiheism and Immorality postponed
House of Lords concerning the Pretender and the Session closed--Alliance between Great Britain,
Catalans-They Address the Queen to set a Price France, and Spain--Plague at Marseilles-Debates
on the lead of the Pretender--A Writ demanded in the House of Lords about Mr. Law the Projector
for the Electoral Prince of Hanover, as Duke of -Sentiments of some Lords touching the War with
Cambridge _Death of the Princess Sophia--Bill to Spain-Petition of the Quakery--The Parliament
prevent the Growth of Schism--Another against all dissolved ---Rumors of a Conspiracy-The Bishop
who should list, or be enlisted in a Foreign Service of Rochester is committed to the Tower-New Par.
-The Parliament prorogued–The Treasurer dig. liament-Declaration of the Pretender-Report of
graced-Precautions taken for securing the Peace the Secret Committee-Bill of Paing and Penaltics
of the Kingdom-Death and Character of Queen against the Bishop of Rochester-who is deprived

anddriven into perpetual Exile-- Proceedings against

those concerned in the Lottery at Hamburgh-Af-

fairs of the Continent-Clanior in Ireland on Ac.

count of Wood's Coinage--Death of the Duke of Or.
State of Parties in Great Britain-King George pro- leans-An Act for lessening the Public Debts-Phil.

claimed - The Civil List granted to his Majesty by ip, King of Spain, abdicates the Throne-Abuses in
the Parliament-'The Electoral Prince created Prince Chancery-Trial of the Earl of Macclesfiehl-De-
of Wales—The King Arrives in England - The To. bates about the Debts of the Civil List-A Bill in
ries totally excluded from the Royal Favor --Pre- Favor of the late Lord Bolingbroke--Treaty of Al-
tender's Manifesto-New Parliament-Substance liance between the Courts of Vienna and Madrid-
of the King's first Speech-Lord Bolingbroke with Treaty of Hanover-approved in Parliament-Rints
draws himself to France-Sir William Wyndhain in Scotland on account of the Malt-tax-A smali
reprimanded by the Speaker-Committee of Secrecy Squadron sent to the Baltic-Admiral Hosier's Ex-
Sir John Norris sent with a Fleet to the Baltic- pedition to the West Indies--Disgrace of the Dukr
Discontent of the Nation --Report of the Secret de Rippcrda--Substance of the King's Speech to Par-
Committee--Resolutions to impeach Lord Boling. liament-Debate in the House of Lords upon the
broke, the Earl of Oxford, the Duke of Oriond, and approaching Rupture with the Emperor and Spain
the Earl of Strafford-The Earl of Oxford sent to the -Memorial of Mr. Palms the Imperial Resident at
Tower-The Proclamation Act--The King declares London-Conventions with Sweden and Hesse-Cas.
to both Hoåses, that a Rebellion is begun-The sel-Vote of Credit-Siege of Gibraltar by the Span-
Duke of Ormond and Lord Bolingbroke attainted- iards—Preliminaries of Pace-Death and Charac.
Intrigues of the Jacobites-Death of Louis XIV.- ter of George I. King of Great Britain........ 355
The Earl of Mar sets up the Pretender's Standard

in Scotland-Divers Members of the Lower llouse
taken into Custody- The Pretender proclaimed in

the North of England by the Earl of Derwent water George II. ascends the Throne of Great Britain-Char-
and Mr. Forster-Mackintosh crosses the Frith of aciers of the principal Persons concerned in the
Forth into Lothian, and joins the English Insur- Ministry-Debates ia Parliament concerning the
Civil-List-Changes and Promotions-New Parlia- presentations, Letters, &c. relating to the Spanish
ment-Violent Dispute concerning the National Depredations should be laid before the House-Pe
Debt-Vote of Credit-A double Marriage between titions against the Convention--Substance of that
the Houses of Spain and Portugal-Liberality of Agreement --Debate in the House of Commons on
the Commons-Debates on the Subsidies of Hesse. the Convention-Secession of the chief Members in
Cassel and Wolfenbuttle-Committee for inspecting the Opposition-Debate in the House of Lords upon
thu Gaois-Address touching the Spanish Depreda- an Address to his Majesty touching the Convention
tions--A sum voted to the King on Account of Ar- - Message from the Throne touching a Subsidy to
rears due on the Civil-List Revenue-Proceedings Denmark, and a Power to augment the Forces of
in the House of Lords-Wise Conduct of the Irish the Kingdom-Parliament proroguedThe King of
Parliament- Abdication of the King of Sardinia- Spain publishes a Manifesto- The Emperor and
Death of Pope Benedict XIII.-Substance of the Czarina conclude a Peace with the Turks-Prepa
king's Speech to both Houses--Objections to the rations for War in England-Apology in the House
Treaty of Seville in the House of Lords--Opposition of Commons for the seceding Memberg--Pension
in the Lower House to a standing Army-Bill pro- Bill revived, and lost-Porto Bello taken by Admi.
hibiting Loans to foreign Princes or States-Char. ral Vernon-Hard Frost-Marriage of the Princess
ter of the East-India Company prolonged–The Em- Mary to the Prince of Hesse--Strong Armament
pror resents the Treaty of Seville-Seven Indian sent to the West Indies-Death of the Emperor and
chiefs arrive in England-Revolution at Constan. Czarina---Proceedings in Parliament-Seamen's
tinople-England infested with Robbers, Assassins, Bill-Discontents against the Ministry-Motion for
and Incendiarias-Bill against Pensioners sitting as removing Sir Robert Walpole from his Majesty's
Members in the House of Cominons-Treaty of Vi. Councils and Presence for ever--Debate on the Mu
enna-Death of the Duke of Parma-Don Carlos tiny Bill-Proceedings in the House of Lords--Close
takes Possession of his Territories-France distract. of the last Session of this Parliament......... 416
ed by religious Disputes-The Ministry violently
opposed in Parliament-Debate on a standing Army

Account of the Charitable Corporation-Revival The Army under Lord Cathcart and Sir Chaloner
of the Salt-tax-Mr. Pulteney's Name struck out of Ogle proceeds to the West Indies-Nature of the
the List of Privy-counsellors-The King sets out for Climate on the Spanish Main-Admiral Vernon


sails to Carthagena-Attack on Fort Lazar-Expe-

dition to Cuba-Rupture between the Queen of

Hungary and the King of Prussia-Battle of Mol.
Remarkable Instance of Suicide-Affairs of the Con- witz-The King of Great Britain concludes a Treaty

tinent-Meeting of the Parliament, Address to the of Neutrality with France for the Electorate of
King, touching the Spanish Depredations-The Ex- Hanover-A body of French Forces join the Elector
cise Scheme proposed by Sir Robert Walpole-Op- of Bavaria-He is crowned King of Bohemia as
position to the Scheme-Bill for a Dower to the Prague-Fidelity of the Hungarians-War between
Princess Royal-Debate in the House of Lords con- Russia and Sweden-Revolution in Russia-The
cerning the Estates of the late Directors of the Spanish and French Squadrons pass unmolested by
South Sea Company-Double Election of a King in the English Admiral in the Mediterranean--Inac-
Poland-The Kings of France, Spain, and Sardinia, tivity of the Naval Power of Great Britain--Obsti.
join against the Emperor- The Prince of Orange nate Struggle in electing Members in the new Par
arrives in England-Altercation in the House of liament-Remarkable Motion in the House of Com
Commons-Debate about the Removal of the Duke mons by Lord Noel Somerset-The Country Party
of Bolton and Lord Viscount Cobham from their re. obtain a Majority in the House of Commons-Sir
spective Regiments-Motion for the Repeal of the Robert Walpole created Earl of Oxford-Change in
Siptennial Aci-Conclusion of a remarkable Speech the Ministry-Inquiry into the Administration of
by Sir W. Wyndham-Message from the King for Sir Robert Walpole-obstructed by the New Minis-
Powers to augment the Forces in the Intervals be. try-Reports of the Secret Committee-The Elector
tween the two Parliaments-Opposition in the House or Bavaria chosen Emperor-The King of Prussia
of Peers-Parliament dissolved-Dantzick besieged gains the Battle at Czaslaw-Treaty at Breslau-
by the Russians-Philipsburgh taken by the French The French troops retire under the Cannon of
-Don Carlos takes Possession of Naples-Battle of Prague--A fresh Body sent with the Mareschal do
Parma-The Imperialists are again worsted at Gus. Mallebois to bring them off-Extraordinary Retrear
talla-An edict in France compelling the British of M. de Belleisle--The King of Great Britain forms
Subjects in that Kingdom to enlist in the French an Army in Flanders-Progress of the War betwee!
Army-New Parliament in Great Britain-Debate Russia and Sweden-The King of Sardinia declare-
on a subsidy to Denmark-Petition of some Scot. for the House of Austria-Motions of the Spaniards
tish Noblemen to the House of Peers-Bill ex. in Italy and Savoy-Conduct of Admiral Matthews
plaining an Act of the Scottish Parliament touch. in the Mediterranean-Operations in the West In-
ing wrongous Imprisonment-Misunderstanding be. dies-The Attention of the Ministry turned chiefly
tween the Courts of Spain and Portugal-Sir John on the Affairs of the Continent-Extraordinary Mo.
Norris sails with a strong Squadron to Lisbon- tion in the House of Lords by Earl Stanhope-Warns
Preliminaries signed by the Emperor and the King and obstinate Debate on the Repeal of the Gin Ac:
of France-Proceedings in Parliament-Bill for -Bill for quieting Corporations-Convention be
preventing the Retail of Spirituous Liquors-An- tween the Emperor and the Queen of Hungary-
other for the Relief of Quakers in the Article of Difference between the King of Prussia and the
Tithes-Mortmain Act-Remarkable Riot at Edin. Elector of Hanover-The King of Great Britain ob
burgh-Rupture between the Czarina and the Otto. tains a Victory over the French at Dettingen-
man Porte--The Session of Parliament opened by Treaty of Worms-Conclusion of the Campaign-
Commission-Motion in both Houses for a Settle. Affairs in the North-Battle of Campo Santo-
ment on the Prince of Wales-Fierce Debate on Transactions of the British Fleet in the Mediterra.
this Subject--Scheme by Sir John Barnard for re- nean-Unsuccessful attempts upon the Spanish sei-
ducing the Interest of the national Debt-Bill against tlements in the West Indies..

the City of Bill....... 394


Debate in Parliament against the Hanoverian Troops
The Russians take Oczakow-Death of Gaston de -Supplies granted-Projected Invasion of Great

Medicis. Duke of Tuscany-Death of Caroline, Britain-A French Squadron sails up the English
Queen Consort of England-Dispute in Parliament Channel - The Kingdom is put in a posture of Defence
about the standing Army-Spanish Depredations- -The Design of the French defeated-War between
Motives of the Minister for avoiding a War-Ad. France and England-Bill against those who should
Wress to the King on the subject of the Depreda- correspond with the Sons of the Pretender-Naval
tions--Bill for securing the Trade of his Majesty's Engagement of Toulon-Advances towards Peace
Subjects in America-Debates in the House of made by the Emperor-Treaty of Franckfort-Pro.
Lords-Birth of Prince George-Admiral Haddock gress of the French King in the Netherlands-Prince
fails with a Squadron to the Mediterranean-Pro. Charles of Lorrain passes the Rhine-The King of
urous of the War against the Turks-Dispute and Prussia makes an İrruption into Bohemia-Cam.
Rupture between Hanover and Denmark ---Sir Rob. paign in Bavaria and Flanders--The King of Na-
ert Walpole extols th- Convention in the House ples joins Count Gages in Italy-Battle of Coni-
of Commons-Motion for an Address, that the Re. Return of Commodore Anson-Sir John Dulchen

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perishes at Sea-Revolution in the British Ministrybary Corsairs--Disturbances in England -Session
-Session of Parliament-Death of the Emperor opened-Subjects of Debate--Scheme for reducing
Charles VII.-Accommodation between the Queen the Interest of the National Debt--Act passed for
of Hungary and the young Elector of Bavaria-The that Purpose-New Mutiny Bill-Bill for encour.
King of Prussia gains two successive Battles at aging the Importation of Iron from America-Erec-
Friedberg and Sohr, over the Austrian and Saxon tion of the British Herring Fishery-New African
Forces-- Treaty of Dresden-The Grand-Duke of Company-Westminster Election-Earthquakes in
Tuscany elected Emperor of Germany-The Allies London-Pestilential Fever at the Session in the
are defeated at Fontenoy-The King of Sardinia is Old Bailey-Disputes between Russia and Sweden
almost stripped of his Dominions- The English -Plan for electing the Archduke Joseph King of
Forces take Cape Breton-The Importance of this the Romans-Opposition of the King of Prussia-
Conquest-Project of an Insurrection in Great Disputes with the French about the Limits of Nova
Britain-The eldest son of the Chevalier de St. Scotia – Treaty with Spain-Session opened—De.
George lands in Scotland-Takes Possession of bate on the Address-Supplies granted-Death and
Edinburgh-Defeats Sir John Cope at Preston-Paus Character of the Prince of Wales-Settleinent of a
- Efforts of the Friends of Government in Scotland Regency, in case of a minor Sovereign-General
--Precautions taken in England - The Prince Pre- Naturalization Bill-Censure passed upon a Paper
tender reduces Carlisle, and penetrates as far as entitled Constitutional Queries—Proceedings of
Derby-Consternation of the Londoners—The Reb. the Commons on the Westminster Election-Mr.
els retreat into Scotland-They invest the Castle Murray sent Prisoner to Newgate Session closed
of Stirling-The King's Troops under Hawley are -Style altered........

.... 502
worsted at Falkirk-The Duke of Cumberland as.
sumes the Command of the Forces in Scotland-The



Rebels undertake the Siege of Fort William... 459 Death of the Queen of Denmark and Prince of Orange

-Misunderstanding between the Czarina, and King

of Prussia-Measures for electing a King of the Ro.
The Rebels are totally defeated at Culloden-The mans-Death of the King of Sweden-Session open-

Duke of Cumberland takes possession of Inverness, ed-Animosity of the Commons towards Mr. Mur.
and afterwards encamps at Fort-Augustus- The ray-Proceedings upon a Pamphlet, entitled_the
Prince Pretender escapes to France-Convulsion in Case of Mr. Murray-Supplies granted-Civil Reg.
the Ministry-Liberality of the Commons—Trial ulations-Law relating to the forfeited Estates in
of the Rebels-Kilmarnock, Balmerino, Lovat, and Scotland-New Consolidations of Funds-Two
Mr. Ratcliff, are beheaded on Tower-hill-The Ports opened for the Iniportation of Irish Wool-
States-General alarmed at the Progress of the The King sets out for Hanover-Affairs of the Con
French in the Netherlands-Count Saxe subdues tinent-Disputes between Hanover and Prussia,
all Flanders, Brabant, and Hainault-Reduces the concerning East Friezeland-Misunderstanding be.
strong Fortress of Namur, and defeats the Allied tween the Courts of London and Berlin-Improve-
Army at Roucoux-The French and Spaniards are ment of Pomerania-Treaty with the Elector Pala.
compelled to abandon Piedmont and the Milanese- tine-Session opened-Supplies granted-Game Act
Don Philip is worsted at Codogno, and afterwards ---Act for performing Quarantine--and for prevent.
at Porto Freddo--The Austrians take Possession ing the plundering of shipwrecked Vessels --Bill re.
of Genoa-Count Brown penetrates into Provence lating to the Bounty on Corn exported— Turkey
-The Genoese expel the Austrians from their city Trade laid open-Naturalization of the Jews-Mar-
- Madras in the East-Indies taken by the French riage Act-Deliberations concerning the Sugar Col-
- Expedition to the coast of Bretagne, and Attempt onies-Fate of the Register Bill-Sir Hans Sloane's
upon Port L'Orient-Naval Transactions in the Museum purchased by Parliament-Story of Eliza-
West Indies-Conferences at Breda-Vast Supplies beth Canning-Execution of Dr. Cameron-t'u
granted by the Commons of England-Parliament mults in different Parts of the Kingdom-Disturb.
dissolved - The French and Allies take the Field in ances in France-Proceedings of the Diet relative
Flanders-Prince of Orange elected Stadtholder, to East Friezeland-Treaty between the Court of
Captain-general, and Admiral of the United Pro. Vienna and the Duke of Marlborough-Conference
vinces - The Confederates defeated at Laffeldt- with respect to Nova Scotia broke up-Description
Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom--The Austrians under of Nova Scotia-Disputes concerning its limits. 532
take the Siege of Genoa, which, however, they
abandon--The Chevalier de Bellcisle slain in the

Attack of Exilles-A French Squadron defeated Ambitious Schemes of the French in North America
and taken by the Admirals Anson and Warren- -Rise and Conduct of the Ohio Company-Letter
Admiral Hawke obtains another Victory over the from the Governor of Virginia to the French Com-
French at Sea-Other Naval Transactions-Con- mander at Reviere-au-Beuf-Perfidious Practices of
gress at Aix-la-Chapelle-Compliant Temper of the the French in Nova Scotia-Major Laurence de.
new Parliament-Preliminaries signed-Prepara- feats the French Neutrals-British Ambassador at
tions for the Campaign in the Netherlands-Siege Paris amused with general Promises--Session open.
of Maestricht-Cessation of Arms-Transactions in ed-Supplies granted-Repeal of the Act for natu.
the East and West Indies-Conclusion of the De. ralizing Jews-Motion for repealing a former Act
tinitive Treaty at Aix-la-Chapelle..

482 favorable to the Jews-East India Mutiny Bill-

Case of Le***_Session closed-Death of Mr. Pel.

ham-Change in the Ministry-New Parliament
Reflections on the Peace-The Prince of Wales's Ad- assembled and prorogued-Disputes in the Irish

herents join the Opposition-Character of the Min- Parliament Transactions in the East-Indies-Ac.
istry-Session opened-Debate on the Address- count of the English Settlements on the Malabar
Supplies granted-Exorbitant Demand of the Em- and Coromandel Coast-Dispute about the Govern.
press.queen opposed-Violent Contest concerning ment of Arcot-Mahommed Ali Khan supported by
ihe Seamen's Bill-Objections to the Mutiny Bill- the English-Mr. Clive takes Arcot-and defeats
Bill for limiting the Term of a Soldier's Service- the Enemy in the Plains of Arani, and at Koveri.
Measures taken with respect to the African Trade pank-He reduces three Forts, and takes M. D'Au.
--Scheme for improving the British Fishery-At. tenil-Chunda Saib taken and put to death, and his
teinpt to open the Commerce to Hudson's Bay- Army routed-Convention between the East. India
Plan for Manning the Navy-Fruitless Motions Companies of England and France-General View
made by the Opposition-Severities exercised upon of the British Colonies in North America-New.
some Students at Oxford-Duke of Newcastle England and New York-New Jersey-Pennsylva.
chosen Chancellor of the University of Cambridge nia-Maryland --Virginia-The two Carolinas-
-Tumults in different Parts of the Kingdom Georgia, The French surprise Logs-Town, on the
Scheme for a Settlement in Nova Scotia-Town of Ohio-Conference with the Indians at Albany-
Halifax founded-French Attempts to settle the Colonel Washington defeated and taken by ine
Island of Tobago-Rejoicing for the Peace of Aix. French on the Ohio-Divisions among the British
la-Chapelle-Pretender's eldest son arrested at Paris Colonies-The hereditary Prince of Hesse-Casse

- Appearance of a Rupture between Russia and professes the Roman Catholic Religion-Parliament
Sweden-Interposition of the King of Prussja- of Paris recalled from Exile-Affairs of Spain and
-Measures taken by the French Ministry-Conduct Portugal -Session opened-Supplies granted-Bill
of different Huropean powers-Insolence of the Bar.l in behalf of Chelsea Pensioners-Oxfordshire Elec-

takes Point Levi-The English Fleet damaged by a at Blackfriars-Conflagration in Portsmouth Yard

Storm-General Wolfe encamps near the Falls of -Number of Ships taken by the Enemy-Progress

the River Montmorenci, and aitacks the French In. of Monsieur Thurot-lle makes a Descent at Car.

trenchments there, but is repulsed-Brigadier Mur- rickfergus-Is slain, and his Ships taken-Exploit

ray detached up the River-Council of War called- of Captain Kennedy--Remarkable Adventure of

The Troops land at the Heights of Abrabam-Bat. five Irish Seamen-The Ramillies Man-ofWar

tle of Quebec-Quebec taken-Rejoicings in Eng: wrecked upon the Bolthead-Treaty with the Cher


797 okees-Hostilities recommended---Their Towns de

stroyed by Colonel Montgomery–His Expedition tu


the Middle Settlements-Fate of the Garrison at

Siege of Madras-Colonel Forde defeats the Marquis Fort Loudoin-The British Interest established o!

de Conflans near Colapool-Captain Knox takes the Ohio-The French undertake the Siege of Que.

Rajamundry and Narsipore-Colonel Forde takes bec--Defeat Brigadier Murray, and oblige him to

MasulipatamSurat taken by the English-Unsuc- retire into the Town-Quebec besieged--The Ene.

cessful Attack upon Wandewash-Admiral Pococke my's Shipping destroyed- They abandon the Siege

defeats Monsieur d'Apché-Hostilities of the Dutch -General Amherst reduces the French Fort at the

on the River of Bengal-Colonel Coote takes Wan. Isle Royale-and takes Montreal--French Ships de

dewash-Defeats General Lally-and conquers the stroyed in the Bay of Chaleurs-Total Reduction of

Province of Arcot-State of the Belligerent Powers Canada--Demolition of Louisbourg-Insurrection

in Europe--Franckfort seized by the French-Pro. of the Negroes in Jarnaica -- Action at Sea off His.

gress of the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick-Prince paniola-Gallant Behavior of the Captains Obrien

Ferdinand attacks the French at Bergen-The Brit. and Taylor in the Leeward Islands-Transactions

ish Ministry appoint an Inspector General of the in the East Indies-Achievements in the Bay of

Forage-Prince Ferdinand retreats before the Quiberon-Admiral Rodney destroys some Vessels

French Army-Animosity between the General of on the Coast of France-Preparations for a secret

the Allied Army and the Commander of the British Expedition-Astronomers sent to the East-Indies--

Forces--The French encamp at Minden-and are Earthquakes in Syria--Wise Conduct of the Catho.

defeated by the Allies-Duke de Brisac routed by lic King-Affairs of Portugal-Turkish Ship of the

the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick-General Im- Line carried into Malta-Patriotic Schemes of the

hoff takes Munster from the French-who retreat King of Denmark-Memorial presented by the Brit-

before Prince Ferdinand-The Hereditary Prince ish Ambassador to the States General-State of the

beats up the Duke of Wirtemberg's Quarters at Powers at War-Death of the Landgrave of Hesse.

Fulda- A Body of Prussians make an Incursion Cassel--Offers made by the Neutral Powers of a

into Poland-Prince Henry penetrates into Bohe. place for holding a Congress-Skirmishes in West-

mia-He enters Franconia, and obliges the Impe. phalia during the Winter-Exactions by the French

rial Army to retire-King of Prussia vindicates his in Westphalia-Skirnish to the Advantage of the

Conduct with respect to his Prisoners-The Prussian Allies at Vacha-Situation of the French Ammies-

General Wedel defeated by the Russians at Zullichau Exploit of Colonel Luckner at Butzbach-The

-The King of Prussia takes the Command of Gene. French advance to Neustadt-The hereditary Princ

ral Wedel's Corps-Battle of Cunersdorff-Advan. of Brunswick defeated at Corbach--but retrieves his

tages gained by the Prussians in Saxony-Prince honor at Exford-Victory obtained by the Allies at

Henry surprises General Vehla-General Finck, with Warbourg--The Hereditary Prince beats up the

his whole Corps of Prussians, surrounded and taken Quarters of the French at Zeirenberg--Petty advan.

by the Austrian General-Disaster of the Prussian tages on both sides-The Hereditary Prince marches

General Diercke-Conclusion of the Campaign- to the Lower Rhine-Is worsted at Campen-and

Arrêt of the Evangelical Body at Ratisbon--The repasses the Rhine--Attempt of the Enemy against

French Ministry stop Paymeni-The States-Gene. him-Advantages gained by M. de Stainville-The

ral send over Deputies to England-Memorial pre- Allies and French go into Winter-quarters.... 258

sented to the States by Major-General Yorke-A


counter Memorial presented by the French Minis-

ter-Death of the King of Spain--He is succeeded Exploit of the Swedes in Pomerania-Skirmishes De.

hy his Brother Don Carlos, who makes a remarka. tween the Prussians and Austrians in Saxony-

ble Settlement-Detection and Punishment of the Position of the Armies in Saxony and Silesia--Gen

Conspirators at Lisbon-Session opened in England eral Landohn defeats General Fouquet, and reduces

Substance of the Addresses-Supplies granted- Glatz-and then undertakes the Siege of Breslau,

Ways and Means, Annuities, &c. -Bills for grant- which is relieved by Prince Henry of Prussia-The

ing several Duties on Malt, &c.--Petitions for and King of Prussia makes an unsuccessful attenpt

against the Prohibition of the Malt Distillery-Op- upon Dresden-le marches into Silesia-Defeats

position to the Bill for preventing the excessive General Laudohn, and raises the Blockade of

Use of Spirituous Liquors-Bill for continuing the Schweidnitz-Action between General Hussen and

Importation of Irish Beef-Attempt to establish a the Imperial Army in Saxony-Dangerous Situa-

Militia in Scotland-Further Regulations relative tion of the Prussian Monarch-The Russians and

to the Militia of England-Bill for removing the Austrians make an Irruption into Brandenburg,

Powder Magazine from Greenwich-Act for im. and possess themselves of Berlin-The King of

proving the Streets of London-Bill relative to the Prussia defeats ibe Austrians at Torgau-Both Ar-

Sale of Fish in London and Westminster-New inies go into Quarters of Cantonment- The Diets

Act for ascertaining the Qualifications of Members of Poland and Sweden assembled-Intimation

of Parliament-Act for consolidating the Annuities given by the King of Prussia to the States of West-

granted in 1759--Bill for securing the Payment of phalia-Kingof Poland's Remonstrance-Reduction

Prize and Bounty Money appropriated for the Use of Pondicherry-Part of the British Squadron wreck.

of Greenwich Hospital - Act in Favor of George ed in a Storm-Death of King George II. -His Char.

Keith, late Earl Mareschal of Scotland-Session acter-Recapitulation of the principal Events of his


819 Reign-His Death universally lamented- Account

of the Commerce of Great Britain--State of Relig.


ion and Philosophy-Fanaticism-Metaphysics and

Remarkable Detection of a Murder by William An. Medicine--Mechanics---Genius-Music-Painting

drew Horne-Popular Clamor against Lord George and Sculpture...

.. 894

Sackville-His Address to the Public-He demands Brief Statement of the Armies and Fleets of Great

a Court-martial-Substance of the Charge against

Britain about the Middle of the Year 1760..... 910

him-His Defence--Remarks on it-Sentence of

the Court martial-Earl Ferrers apprehended for List of Men.of. War, French and English, taken, sunk,

Murder-Tried by the House of Peers-Convicted, or casually lost; from the Year 1755 to the Year

and executed at Tyburn-Assassination of Mr. Mat. 1760.


thews, by one Stirn, a Hessian-New Bridge begun /INDEX..


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