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Then, instead of answering his own question directly or even at all by an open definition and analysis of the term, he sails away off and beggingly insinuates an utter fallacy and falsity which he expects the people with him to assume is the answer.

“And this fallacy and falsity is his answer as to what is liberty. But it is only Rome's answer; and it is only Rome's ‘liberty’ that is insinuated. And that is as far from American Liberty, or liberty as it is in truth, as heaven is from earth, as essential truth is from falsity, and as Rome is from the right.

“And in this beggingly insinuated answer, there is insinuated all that Rome herself is. Here is how he does it:

“‘And what is liberty? For if it is true that America has given us liberty, it is truer still that liberty alone can preserve America.’

“In this discussion of ‘America,’ he means the government of the United States.

“Note the fallacy—‘If it be true that America has given us liberty?”

“And that fallacy of ‘America having given us liberty' and ‘granted’ liberty is so repeated—three times repeated, four times said in all—that it stands perfectly plain as the only conception of liberty that Rome has, and that “granted liberty' is the only ‘liberty’ that Rome knows.”


“But that is the absolute opposite of American Liberty. American Liberty never was granted by anybody to anybody; much less was it granted by the American government to anybody. “American Liberty cannot be 'granted.’ It is not of the sort of things that can be “granted.’ “American Liberty is originally and inherently possessed by every soul, as the direct endowment of the Creator in the very act and fact of the creation of man. “Accordingly these Americans said that “liberty’ that is ‘granted’ or that can be granted is not liberty: “‘That when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organzing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.’ “Thus in just two sentences there was annihilated the doctrine of despotism that had been anointed and ‘hallowed' by the church of Rome, and fortified with the ‘holy’ precedents of twelve hundred years—the doctrine of the divine right of rulers. “And in the place of the old falsehood and despotic theory of the sovereignty of the government and the subjection of the people, there was declared to all nations and for all time, the self-evident truth and divine principle of the snbjection of the government and the sovereignty of the people.


“But Rome's ‘liberty' is the opposite of all this. And it is the antagonism of all this. “Her claim is that the people can not govern themselves, that they can not be trusted, that government is of divine right from the church and under the submissive guidance of the church and for the honor and glory of the church.

“And this is precisely the point to which Cardinal O'Connell runs under cover of his fallacy of the government “giving' and ‘granting’ ‘liberty.’ And then with a would-be mighty swoop, he declares:

“‘And so every human being in search of liberty must inevitably accept one or another of these three things—either the whim of a tyrant resting alone on force of arms, or sacred law or no law at all. Let him seek and seek forever, but from this inexorable logic he never can hope to escape.”

“But the truth is, that there is no inexorable logic in it, nor about it; for neither inexorable logic nor any other begins with fallacy.

“And when, as in this case, attempt is made to do it, then simply puncture the fallacy and ‘this inexorable logic' instantly becomes a vacuum abhorred by nature, and more by grace, and no less by American Liberty, which is both nature and grace.

“Yet it must be said that at the rate at which has for some time been moving the increasing tide of the dependence of the people on the government for help in many things, it will be only a little while before they will actually be depending on the government for liberty and will be willing to accept as liberty what the government grants. And then government and people and all will be fully on Rome's ground, instead of on American ground, and Rome can and assuredly will take full possession.

“The American principle is self-help and governmentalprotection. But when that is reversed to governmental help, then the reversal inevitably reaches to self-protection. And among a helpless people, self-protection becomes a vacuum that can be filled only by Rome or ruin. “And for it to be filled by Rome, means equally ruin. “Therefore, the one thing most needed in this Nation is the full restoration of original American principles. “In order that American Liberty shall be preserved. “In order that Rome's ‘liberty' shall never find place; “And in order that ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.’”

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“The next would-be “thundering' declaration of Cardinal O'Connell’s “great speech' of his ‘inexorable logic,’ that is not logical, is this: “‘It follows very clearly from this that the State which throws off religion must by inevitable necessity accept either anarchy or tyranny, and both end in utter destruction.’ “Now, it is certain that this thunderbolt is aimed at America alone. For this is the one State of all history that did throw off religion; and that specifically ‘the Christian religion.’ “When this nation was begun, in the Declaration that ‘these colonies are and of right ought to be free and independent States,” every one of ‘these colonies’ except Rhode Island had religion. And with the Declaration began the blessed process and the American principle of throwing off State religion. The State of Virginia immediately threw off the established religion of the Church of England, and the people of Virginia had American Religious Liberty. “At this point, let the reader please turn to chapter XI and read again the story of the contest for religious liberty and how it was won for America and the world.


“By the principles and arguments here set down in the very words of the men of the contest, as well as by the facts of the case, the demonstration is complete that this Nation did “throw off religion,” did throw off particularly the religion of ‘the Church of Rome,’ and did throw off specifically ‘the Christian religion.’ “Thus they not only threw off somebody's religion, or somebody's view of religion they were actuated by principle, they were thorough, they went to the foundation, and for the organized government—the State—of the United States, as the result of thirteen years of public and general discussion, they threw off all religion; leaving all religion and all questions of religion and all matters touching religion, just where it belongs—to the individual himself, and he therefore subject and responsible only to ‘the Universal Judge.’ “That is the fundamental and crowning principle—the foundation and the coping—of this nation. “American patriotism is loyalty—supreme and unswerving allegiance—to that principle. “The voice of Rome, by Cardinal O'Connell, on the special occasion with the applause of the two other Cardinals and ‘the apostolic delegate' in this country, in most vigorous terms denounces and repudiates that principle.

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