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Queen of nations; glorious in her goodly apparel, and majestic in her beautiful form.

“And now who wants to see her with troubled countenance and tear-stained face, with bowed head and disheveled hair, and her fair limbs marred with manacles, at the tail end of a dismal mewling procession, ecclesiastically led, trailing along the old and hateful paths of despotism, back down into the dark valley of the humiliation and despair of mankind and the world?

“No, no, no. Let her be devoutly kept and sacredly guarded —free, body, soul, and spirit, forever free. And she with noble head erect, and her face to the light; her countenance radiant and eyes sparkling, her glorious tresses joyously tossing in the bracing breezes of religious liberty, herself leading the grand march of mankind and the world upward to the sublimest heights of the divine destiny.”

—A. T. Jones, “Washington Herald,” March, 1912. Washington, D. C.


This drama at the moment of its narration is on the point of penetrating in the depths of a densely dark cloud, more tragic than any that has yet enveloped the human race.

For fifty years and more things have been done akin to sprinkling salt on the tails of the human race in order to abolish the eagle.

In plain words, a counter revolution has taken place. It has not been a bloody revolution; it has been a quiet revolution by which the seeds of monarchy have been implanted, not in name, but in reality; the name Republic is retained, and ever will be. Silently yet swiftly and surely as one's narch toward the grave is the revolution in progress destroying the doctrines of the fathers. By means of the press, the pulpit and the platform this revolution has been effected. The very air is filled with the seeds of monarchy, pregnant with dissolution. Moreover this revolution has passed from the realm of the press, pulpit and platform, in to the realm of action and practice. “The immortal principles of civil and religious liberty, born and cradled in the United States in the closing part of the eighteenth century have been abandoned by the nation which gave them birth.

“The United States government has in principle deliberately and expressly repudiated every principle of its Constitution as a republican government.—See Congressional record dated Wednesday, February 27, 1901.

There are now in existence federations more extensive and more powerful than any that the world has ever known, as reactionary and subversive of the “New Order” of things as anything can possibly be. The glory of the New Order of things which thrilled this poor old world is now being reversed to the old order of the dismal glory of despotism.

The following is only some of the most recent history of facts:

“In the month of November, 1905, there was held in New York City a conference of five hundred delegates from twenty professed Protestant denominations, to consider the question of the general federation of the Protestantism of the United States. “The call for delegates to the proposed conference distinctly stated that the object of the meeting was to secure an effective organization of the various Protestant communions of this conutry, and to form a bond of union that will enable Protestantism to present a solid front to the forces of evil, and in every possible way unite its activities for the spiritual conquest of the world and the final triumph of the kingdom of God. It was plainly stated that the purpose of the Federation was that thereby the churches could “bring pressure to bear upon city, county, state and national governments,’ in order that by these the collective will of the churches shall be made effectual in law and by the power of the governments, of city, county, state and nation. “It was explained that there are things which the churches wish to accomplish, but which can be done effectually only through law and by the power of the government.


Words of warning were spoken by Bishop Fowler of the M. E. Church of the Conference in New York City, that organized the Federal Council:

“If this Federation shall grow into a centralized power, then we shall see here despotism, cruelty, and persecution, by Protestantism.

“It was a sorry day for the world when there was but one human brain in religion, and that brain in the chair of St. Peter's at Rome.


“And human nature has not changed.” “Centralized power in religion is certainly intended by the Federation. And centralized power will come as certainly as it is intended. “Even though this were not intended, it would certainly come. It is inherent in the very idea and philosophy of Federation in religion. “But it is definitely intended. Witness the fact that at Hays, Kansas, March 13, 1915, Rev. Frank Strong, Chancellor of the University of Kansas, said: “‘Christianity must end its divisions, so it may speak with unity and authority. “‘It must become a governing force in our economic and political system. “‘Christianity must control political forms, so that through political agencies it may adequately express itself.” “‘If Christianity had remained without division, and there was one universal church, then the head of the church, whatever his office or title, could have prevented the great war.” “This is but the expression also of the whole thought of the set speeches in the California State Federation of churches in annual meeting at Sacramento, March 16, 1915. “Are you ready, are you willing, to have it so? “Can such a thing be for any kind of good at all in the world 2 “If you say no, then it is very urgent that you be wideawake and diligent to oppose this whole scheme yourself, and to do all possible to enlighten all others in order that they, too, may be kept from being swallowed up and carried away by this enormously evil tide.

That is, it is very urgent that you be Protestant. “And now is the time. “It must not be forgotten that all the consequences are in the principle. “And the only surety of avoiding the consequences is in denying the principle. “And the only proper time to deny the principle is when it is avowed. “It is too late when only experience of oppression and suffering cause dissatisfaction and complaint. “And that is no true denial of the principle. It is only a selfish plea for relief from inconvenience. “Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation.”


“All that here has been written of the meaning and consequences of the principles and declarations of the Federal Council, is true as to the Federal Council in itself considered. “And it reveals that the Federation of churches is an element of positive danger to this Nation, and to the liberties of the people. “Yet all of this could be waived as to the Federal Council in and of itself considered and still that Council would stand as an element of the greatest danger to civil and Religious Liberty in this Nation, because of its settled friendliness to Rome. “Although the Federal Council was organized as exclusively Protestant and stands as the Federation of Protestantism only, its settled friendliness to the Roman Catholic church is beyond all possibility of question.

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