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Lucifer. What, if I show to thee things which have

As I have shown thee much which cannot die ?

Cain. Do so.
Lucifer. Away, then, on our mighty wings.
Cain. Oh, how we cleave the blue! The stars fade

from us !
. The earth! where is my earth? Let me look on it,
For I was made of it.

'Tis now beyond thee, Less, in the universe, than thou in it ; Yet deem not that thou canst escape it: thou Shalt soon return to earth and all its dust : 'Tis part of thy eternity, and mine.

150 Cain. Where dost thou lead me ? Lucifer.

To what was before thee, The phantasm of the world; of which thy world Is but the wreck. Cain.

What! is it not then new ? Lucifer. No more than life is; and that was ere thou Or I were, or the things which seem to us Greater than either : many things will have No end; and some, which would pretend to have Had no beginning, have had one as mean As thou; and mightier things have been extinct To make way for much meaner than we can Surmise; for moments only and the space Have been and must be all unchangeable. But changes make not death, except to clay : But thou art clay—and canst but comprehend

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Cain. Clay, spirit! what thou wilt, I can survey.
Lucifer. Away, then !

But the lights fade from me fast,
And some till now grew larger as we approach'd,
And wore the look of worlds.

And such they are.



Cain. And Edens in them ?

It may be.

And men ?
Lucifer. Yea, or things higher.

Ay! and serpents too? Lucifer. Wouldst thou have men without them? must

no reptiles Breathe save the erect ones? Cain.

How the lights recede ! Where fly we?

Lucifer. To the world of phantoms, which
Are beings past, and shadows still to come.

Cain. But it grows dark, and dark—the stars are gone!
Lucifer. And yet thou seest..

'Tis a fearful light!
No sun, no moon, no lights innumerable.
The very blue of the empurpled night
Fades to a dreary twilight, yet I see
Huge dusky masses : but unlike the worlds
We were approaching, which, begirt with light,
Seem'd full of life even when their atmosphere
Of light gave way, and show'd them taking shapes
Unequal, of deep valleys and vast mountains ;
And some emitting sparks, and some displaying
Enormous liquid plains, and some begirt
With luminous belts, and floating moons, which took,
Like them, the features of fair earth :-instead,
All here seems dark and dreadful.

But distinct.
Thou seekest to behold death and dead things?

Cain. I seek it not : but as I know there are
Such, and that my sire's sin makes him and me,
And all that we inherit, liable
To such, I would behold at once, what I
Must one day see perforce.


'Tis darkness.



Lucifer. And so it shall be ever ; but we will
Unfold its gates!

Enormous vapours roll
A part—what's this?

Enter !

Can I return?
Lucifer. Return ! be sure: how else should death be

peopled ?
Its present realm is thin to what it will be,
Through thee and thine.

The clouds still open wide
And wider, and make widening circles round us.

Lucifer. Advance !

And thou !

Fear not-without me thou Couldst not have gone beyond thy world. On ! on!

[They disappear through the clouds.

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They name thee before me,

A knell to mine ear;
A shudder comes o'er me-

Why wert thou so dear?
T'hey know not I knew thee,

Who knew thee too well :-
Long, long shall I rue thee,

Too deeply to tell.

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