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. :th E ... C O N T ItrrT- • S.


N« ..." #jfcr» paged. Pag.

I. ✓SL A U 8 E S of the Act for

an Union of the two King-,

dojns, which relate to the"! ..

Trade and Manufactures, of

Scotland, . - .-I

II. Clauses of " An Act for laying ad

"diyonal Duties on Sope," be. 12 Ann. 4

III. Clauses of " An Act for redeeming

"the Duties and Revenues, ire.' "and for, taking off (he Duties P "on Lintsced imported, and >

"Britijb Linen exported," "3 Ceo. , 9

IV. An Act for better Regulation of . ,.

the Linen and Hempen Manufac-,.' .

tures in .that Part of Great' Bri- .,

tain called Scotland, *" 1) Ceo. 13

V. Clauses of" An Act for further en

"couraging the Manufacture of "Britijh Sailcloth," ire. 4 G#>. II. 47 VL Clauses of " An Act for granting to "his Majesty an additionalUuty "on foreign Carnbricks imported "into Great Britain, and for al- ' ,. "lowing thereout a Bounty upr, *' on certain Species of Britijh "and Irish Linens exported." .

i j & 16 Ceo. II. 49 VTT. An Act for the more effectual preventing of the affixing of counterfeit Stamps to Foreign or other Linens, - - 17 Ceo.lL 51

VIII. An Act for allowing certain additional Bounties on the Exportation of Britijli and Iri/h Linens, 18 Ceo. II. $6 a 2 IX. An

When passed. Pag.

IX. An Act for effectually preventing

the Exportation of foreign Li-

nens under the Denomination of

Britijb or Irijh Linens, - 18 C^o.II. 11

X. An Act for more effectuaHfprevent- \ .

ing the stealing o* Liners, Fustian, ^

and Cotton Goods and Wares in

Buildings, Fields, Grounds, and

''other Places used for 'printing,

,. , .., ^whitening, bleaching, or drying

4 * ■ 'the fame,, . . .- „ „ i8.<7w. ll. 79

XI. Clauses of " An Act for prohibit-

"ing the Wearing and Importa- —9

"tion of Canibricks and French

"Latins," - 18 Ceo. II. 84

XII. An Act for explaining, amending, ,T

and enforcing an Act made in

<x the 18th Year of the Rei^n of

present Majesty, intituled, ".

"Act for prohibiting the We;

"ing and Importation of Cam-

"bricks and French Lawns," 21 Ceo. 11. 89

XIII. Clauses of ". An Act for the more , ,,r

"effectual preventing of Frauds * • *

"and Abuses committed by Per- •

"forisemployed in ihe Manufac-

"l "tore of "Hats, and in the Wool- ,

"leu,, Linen, Fustian, Cn'ton, •'

t "Iron, Leather, Fur,,

Flax, Mohair, and Silk Mariu-

"tu'rek. and for preventing un-

•* lawful Combinations of Jour-

"neymen Dyers rad Journey-

"men Hor-prelfers, and of all

"Persons employed in the said

"several Manufactures, and lor

"the better Payment of .their

"Wage>," 22 Cecil. 96

XIV. Clause of " An Act for granting to ■'

"his Majesty the Sum of One

"Million out of the Sinking

">Fun,(.!.," ire. "And forconti-

"nu'ing the Bounties on the Ex-

"po'rtation of British and Irish

"Liirens," &e. - n Ceo. II. i»

X-V. An


tf» - When faffed. Pag.

XV. An Act for explaining, amending,

and enforcing an Act passed in

the 13th Year of his late Majesty's

: •' Reign, intituled, "An Act for the

"better Regulation of the Linen • -

"and Hempen Manufactures in

"that Part of Great Britain call-

"ed Scotland," and for further

regulating and encouraging the

said Manufactures, - 24 Cecil. 134

XVt. Clauses of " An Act for repealing

"the Duties now payable upon

"foreign Linen Yarns, and for

"granting other Duties in lieu

"thereof," - 24 Geo. II. 143

XVII. An Act for encouraging and impro-

ving the Manufacture of Linen

in the Highlands of Scotland, 26 Geo. II. 146

XVIII. An Act for granting a Bounty up-

on certain Species of Britijh and

Irijh Liriens exported, and ta-

king off the Duties on the Impor-

tation df foreign Raw Linen

Yarns made of Flax, - 29 Get. II. 156

XIX. An Act for the more effectual pre-

venting the fraudulent Importa-

tion of Cambricks and French

Lawns, -' • ■ 32 Geo. II. 17!

'XX. Clauses of an Act intituled, " An

"Act for the better securing and

"further Improvement or the

"Revenues of Customs, Excise,

"and Inland Duties, and for

"encouraging the Linen Mann-

"facture of the Iste of Man,

"and for allowing the Importa-

"tion of several Goods, the Pro-

"duce' and Manufacture of the

"said Ifland, under certain Re-

"strictions and Regulations, 5 C*#e. III. 178

XXI. Clauses of an Act intituled, " An

"Act to remove a Doubt con-

"cerning such Part of an Act

*' made in the last Session of Par-

"liament (j Geo. III.), as re-


When paged. Pag.

"lates to the ascertaining of die

"Duties upon the Importation

"of certain Linen Cloth of the

"Manufacture of Ruffia," Bcc. 6 Goo. Ill* aoi

XXII. An Act to amend and enforce the

Actspof the 18 th, aist» and 32d

Years of the Reign of his late

Majesty, Ceo. II. for the more
effectual preventing the fraudu-
lent Importation and Wearing of
Cambncks and French Lawns* 7 Ceo. III;. v30$

XXIII. An Act for granting to his Majesty

Additional Duties on certain Feu

reign Linens imparted into this

Kingdom, and for establishing a

Fund-ter the encouraging of the
railing and dreffing of Hemp and
Flax, 7 Ceo. III. 9J»

XXIV. An Act continuing the Bounties on

British w&frijh Linens exported,

for further discontinuing the Du-

ties on the Importation of Foreign

Raw Linen Yarns made of Flax,

and for granting a Bounty on the

Exportation of Britilh checqued

and striped Linens, and upon Bri-

tiJI) and Irijh Diapers, Hucka-

backs, Sheeting, and other Linen

of above a- certain Breadth, 10 Gee. 111. - 2JJ

XXV. An Act for appropriating a Fund

established by an Act made in the

7 th Year of the Reign of his pre-

sent Majesty, intituled, "An Act

"for granting to his Majesty Ad*

"ditional Duties on certain Fo»

"reign Linens imported into this

"Kingdom, and for establilhing

"a Fund for the encouraging of


"and Flax," loGei.Ul. 242

XXVI. An Act for further continuing and

extending the Provisions of Two

Acts made in the 29 th Year of

Gee. 11. and 10th of Ceo, Hi. for

granting aBounty on certain Spe-


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