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Healthful Climate, Fertile Soil, Mines, Inhabitants, Laws, etc. by Capt. Sleigh, 8vo. cloth, Is. 6d. pub. bs. . . 1851


G028 Harbour of PORT LOUIS, with SHIP BELZONI entering, fine large MARINE VIEW, (17* by 11) 1*.

6029 Another, finely coloured, 3s.

6030 MAURITIUS and its Dependencies, Historical, Political. Statistical Account, by PRIDHAM, 8vo. cloth, large map, 3s. pub. 10*. H86

6031 Jeremie and Reddie, Recent Events at Mauritius, 1835 ; Jeremie's Case, ditto, from Christian Advocate, on ditto, " Confidential," 1835, 2s.

6032 Mauritius, Why has so much English Capital been swallowed up in, roy. 8vo. 1». 1848

6033 Milbert, Voyage a l'lle de France, Cap de Bonne Esperance, He de Teneriffe, 2 vols. 8vo. no atlas,2s. . . Pari*, 1812

206 MAUSOLEUM of Theodoric at Ravenna, Account of, by Smirke, pill, fine view of prevent stale, alto Details of External Masonry, 1830, 1>. 6d. Mnvor (Dr.).

6034 Ancient History from Earliest Records of Time, complete, with General Index, in 9 vols, ■m. 8vo. hf. bnd. uncut, 10s. . 1802

T5035 Classical English Poetry, for Schools, 12mo. bnd. new, 2s. pud. bs. 6d.

6036 ETON LATIN GRAMMAR, translated, with Notes, from various Grammarians, 1*. pub. 2s. 6d.


6037 Shorthand, Practical System, Is. 6d. cost 6s.

6038 Mawdsley (/., Lay Member of Ch. of England) Correspondence with Two esteemed Friends, Lay Members of Ch. of Rome, cloth, new, Is. 6d.

Liverpool, 1845

6039 Mawe, Wodarch's Introduction to CONCHOLOGY, Orders, Genera, Species, of SHELLS, Directions for Collecting, Cleaning, 4c. 8vo. coloured plates, 4s. pub. Us. . 1825

6040 Mawe and Abercrombie, Every Man his Own GARDENER, Complete Calendar, Directory, for Kitchen, Flower, Fruit Garden, Orchard, Hothouse, &c. Catalogue of Plants, &c. genuine edit, by Main, bnd. 2s. 8s. . 1829

6041 Maximiani Cornelii, Etrusci Galli, Elegise Sex, Notis Wernsdorfii, edited by Dr. Giles, only 100 copies elegantly printed, 8vo. 2s. pub. 10s. 6d. 1838

6042 Maxims for MEDITATION, CONCEITS for CONVERSATION, GEMS of GENIUS, or PEARLS of GREAT PRICE, a Selection of the best THOUGHTS from the most VARIED AUTHORS, " employ all your leisure moments in eagerly attending to the lips of Wisdom; for thus what others have invented with difficulty and labour, you w.ll attain to the knowledge of, with ease,"—Tsocrates, "I selected from each volume the most curious passages, from every Nutshell I extracted the Kernel, and from the whole I formed this treasury of a Compilation."Nizam, "Mental Food for the Rail," 12mo. (234 pages) with very neat cover, 1». 6a*. . 1852

6013 Maxims and Opinions of WELLINGTON, with Life by Francis, 8vo. cloth, port. 7s. pub. Us. . . . 1845

6044 Maxims, Moral, by Rochefoucault, translated, with Notes, cf. lt.Gd. . . 1749

6045 Maxims, New, of State, and Conversation, or Laconics {all 3 parts), 8vo. cf. Basil Montagu's copy, 2s. 1701

6045 Maxims, Morals, Poetical Gleanings, Extracts, Useful, &c. also Bible Selections, 4 excellent works collected, cloth, 2s. . . 1844

6047 MAXIMI TYRII, Dissert. Gr. et Lat. Notis Heinsii, Davisii," captivating powers ofeloquence," Parr, 8vo. cf. 2s. 6d. . . 1703

6048 Maximus, VALERIUS, first ALDINE edition, russia, extra, 6s. cost \l. Is. . 1502

6049 Ditto, Notis VARIORUM, Thysii, 8vo. desirable copy, vellum, uncut, 3s. Lugd. 1651

6050 Maxwell (Col.), Victories of Wellington and British Armies, complete to present time, cloth, plates, 3s. pub. 5*. . . 1852

6051 Mayers (Rev. M. J.) the Present Condition of the JEWS, favourable to further their Conversion, cloth, It. . . Norwich, 1845

6052 Mayers (Rev.W,) 24 Evangel. SERMONS, with Life, 8vo. (422 pages) 3s. pub. 12s. Nisbet, 1831

C053 Ufayhew (Henry) WHOM to MARRY and HOW to GET MARRIED, a Work of Amusement, Illustrations by George Cruikshank, 2s. 1851

6053*M'Caul (Dr.) on Rationalism, Revelation, Divine Authority of Old Test. 12mo. cloth, 2s. 1850

6054 M. Combie, the Christian Church considered, in relation to Unity and Schism, cloth, new, Is. 6d. pub. 6s. . . 1836

6055 M'Diarmid, Scrap Book, Collection of Amusing, Striking Pieces, Prose and Verse, 2s. pub. 8s. 1822

6056 M'CULLOCH, Commercial Dictionary, thiek large 8vo. cloth, maps and plans, lis. pub. 21. 10*. . . . 1844

5057 Mead (Dr.) Library, Medals, Pictures, Prints, Catalogues of, collected, and with the prices the articles sold for, 8vo. hf. cf. 2s. . 1755

6058 Mead (Sir John May) the London Merchant, a Romance of Real Life, by Urquhart, thick vol. cloth, new, 2s . 1848

6059 Meade, Reply to Bp. of Lincoln, on cause Meade v. Rev. C. Daubeny, for Slander to prevent Marriage, Damages 500/. 8vo. (347 pages) 2s.

Priv. Print. 1806

6060 Meadley, Memoirs of PALEY, with Appendix, 8vo. fine portrait, 2s. pub. 10s. Editib. 1810

C061 measuring- Tables, SUPERFICIAL (contents of boards, deals, sawing, S(c.) and CUBIC (or solid contents of any plank, tree, scantling, Hfc.) with copious Remarks, for Artificers, Contractors, and Timbers Dealers generally, by Goldfinch, of Dover, 1». pub. 8s. . . 1846

6062 Ryde, Surveyor's Pocket Companion and

Ready Reckoner, for Land and Timber Valuers, Farmers, Stewards, most valuable Xableg of land, either by Links or Chains, Solid Contents of Thatching, Painting, Glazing, Cubic Contents of Cutting, Ditch or Drain, Links in any number of Yards, &c. cloth, it. pub. 10s. . 1842

6063 Mechanics, and their Institutions, Manual of complete Body of Information for, cloth, portrait of Sir H. Davy, 2s. . . 1846


6064 Mechanics, complete Collection of the various Papers upon, out of 45 vols. (Anchor, Arcs, Curvilinear, Arches, Centering; Bed, Invalid, Raising, Blind Instruments, ditto, Type for, Bliud for Circular Windows, Bookbinder's Rolling Press, Boring, Bit, Bridge,PortableSnspension, CLOCKS, Escapement, Striking, Self Illuminating, Compensating Pendulum, Turret; others on Coaches, Corn Kiln, Cupping, Dead Eyes, Dentist, Floor Raising, Forceps, Fractures, Iron Girder, Grinding, Gun Barrels, Ice Saw, Lathes, Level, Lock, Secret ditto, Expanding Key, Mangle, Plane, Pump, Quadrant, Hand Rail, Screw, Ships, various Papers, Shot, Steamers, Time, Trusses, Chucks, Vermin Trap, and Numerous others), selected from the Transactions of Society of Arts, 4 thick vols. 8vo. numerous fine plates, 13s. . 18—

6065 Christian, Mecanique Industrielle, the 2 folio vols, of plates only, hf, cf. nt. 36 large plates of engineering work, is.

6066 Engineers, Civil, Transactions of Institution of, first 3 vols, in 7 parts, 4to. cloth, many fine plates, 21. . 1836—1842

6067 Ditto, vol. 1, 4to. cloth,many plates, lis. 1836

6068 Engineers, Civil, and Architects Journal, vol. 1, 4to. cloth, numerous cuts, is. . 1837 & 38

6069 Ditto, and Railway Gazette, vol. 5, 4to. cloth, plates, 4s. . . 1842

6070 Engineer, Surveyor, Architect, Journal of Physical, Practical Sciences, by Mudie, and others,

3 vols. 4to. hf. cf. very nt. numerous fine plates, 16s. . . 1840—42

6071 Francoeur, Traite Elementaire de Mecanique, adopte par l'lnstruction Publique, 8vo. cf. 2s.

Paris, 1807

6072 Kater and Lardner, Treatise on Mechanics, cf. nt.3s.6d. . . 1830

6073 Engineers, Mechanic, and Practical Magazine,

4 vols. 4to.hf. cf. nt. many fine plates, II. 1842-45

6074 Mechanic's Magazine, vols. 12, 13, 32, 3s. each, cost, 8s. 6d.

6075 Poissou Traite de Mecanique, 2 thick vols. 8vo.

3*. . . Paris, 1811

6076 Meckel, Manual of descriptive and Pathological AlitltOlliy, translated from German and French, with notes by Jourdain, Breschet, and Doane, 2 vols, cloth, is. pub. 12s. 1839

6077 General ANATOMY, work of highest

class, translated from German, includes Notes of American, French, Editors, Jourdain, Breschet, Doane, cloth, 2s. pub. 7s. . 1837

medals, Coins, &c.

6078 Medals, Essay on, by Pinkerton, Progress, Connection with Fine Arts, Sizes, Value, Legends, Explanation of Abbreviations, &c. 8vo. 2s. 1784

6079 Folkes, English Silver Coins, a set of the Illustrations to, FORTY-TWO PLATES, with Hundreds of Coins, elegantly and most correctly drawn, 4to. 4s.

6080 Hit W k Ins (Keeper of Antiquities in British Museum) Silver Coins of England, arranged and described with Remarks on British Money, previous to Saxon Dynasties, " indispensable to Coin Collectors," 8vo. hf. morocco, fine plates, with 158 coins, 11. . . 1841

601 SEAL, Grand, of England, by WYON (said to be his chef d'asuvre) A very SPLENDID PRINT (14 by 11) beautifully engraved, by FREEBAIRN, in Collns raised style, representing both sides, Obverse ami Reverse, QUEEN VICTORIA on HORSEBACK and on the THRONE, 3«. pub. lbs.

6082 maxillliltan, Prince, TravelsinNORTH AMERICA, translated, royal 4to and very large folio, both hf. morocco, Atlas of 81 most exquisitely coloured plates, 12 gs. pub. 25/.

6083 Another copy, plates, tinted, 61.

6084 —— Letter Press, English Translation, very elegant vol., 11*, pub. 21.12s.6d. 1843

medical Books.

6085 ARTI8 Medicje PRINCIPES, post Hippocratem ct Galen, (Aretatus to Palemon) H. Stephanie, 2 large vols, folio, cf.nt. lis. Paris, 1567

6086 Antiqui, Seriptores, de Chirurgica. Joannis Tagaultii J. Holleri M. Sancti, M. A. Blondi, B. Maggii, A. Ferrii. Neapol. Galenus, Oribasius, &c. thick folio, cf. nt. multitude of cuts, but no title, 8«. . . Tiguri, 1555

6087 Chirurgici Grsecorum VETERI, Soranus

de Fract. Signis Oribasius de Fractis. et Luxatis, Gr. et Lat. et Antiquiss. et Optimo, Cod. edidit cum Notis Cocchius, large folio, hf. cf. nt. bs. 6d.

Floren. 1754

6088 ABERNETHY, Lectures on Anatomy, Surgery, Pathology, is. pub. lis. . 1828

6089 Surgical Observations on Constitutional

Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases, and on Aneurisms, "my book," 8vo. 3s. pub. 8s. 1826

6090 Andral, Clinique Medical, Reports of Medical Cases, condensed and translated, with Obs. extracted from most distinguished Authors, by DR. SPILLAN,verythick8vo. cloth, 25«.1836

6091 Armstrong (Dr.) Lectures on Elements of Pathology, and Theory and Practice of Physic, Causes, Symptoms, &c. iucluding Typhus, Scarlet, Puerperal Fevers, Diseases of Children, edited by Dr. Thompson, cloth, 3s. pub. 6s. 1838

6092 Balfour on Influence of Moon on Fevers, Calcutta, reprinted by desire of Dr. Cullen, Edinb. 1785; (Dr. Darwin) Experiments establishing Criterion between Mucaginous and Purulent Matter, and Retrograde Motions of Absorbent Vessels in Diseases,;i780; Trotter on Scurvy, 1786, 8vo. 2».

6093 Baron (Dr.) Recherches, Observations, et experiences sur le Developpement, Naturel et Artificiel, des MALADIES TUBERCULEUSES, et nouvel exam, des Doctrines pathol. traduit, par Boivln. 8vo. (510 par/es) coloured plates, 3*.

Paris 1825

6094 Bed Side Manual of Physical Diagnosis, applied to Diseases of Lungs, Pl«urse, Heart Vessels, Abdominal Viscera, Last Edition, enlarged; also, Plan for Registration of Cases in Hospital and Private Practice, and Farr's Statistical Nosology, by Dr. l owan "Most judicious work, of greatest use to form accurate diagnosis, precisely what it professes," cloth, \s. jmb. 3s. M. 1842

6095 Bell (G.)«n COW POX, Facts in History of ftlrillcal Books.

Disease, Method of Inoculation, Means of Distinguishing genuine from Spurious Cow Fox, coloured plates. Is. . . 1815

6096 Killanl (Dr.) Traite Jes Maladies des ENPANS, Nouveau Ncs, a la Mamelle, Nouvelles Obs. Cliniqueset d'Anatomie Patholigique, avec Notes, Mcmoire sur la Yiabilite du Foetus, et Vie, par Dr. Ollivier, thick 8vo. (728pages) hf. cf. neat, 3s.

ParU, 1833

6097 Billing (Dr.) First Principles of Medicine, ilh edit. Hvo. cloth, St. pub. 13s. . 1841

6098 Ditto, 5th edition, cloth, it. Gd. 1849

6099 Blaine, Veterinary Art, Structure, Functions, (Economy of the Horse, more scientific successful manner of Treating his Diseases; also of Neat Cattle and Sheep, 8vo. hf. cf. anatom. and turgical pub. It. . . 182b°

6100 Bostock(Dr.) History of Medecine.from Origin, to End of Eighteenth Century, a View of Various Revolutions of the Science, History, Characters, Individuals,Facts.snd I>.tv«, •«vo.2s.p>/i. 7*.6<'. I >.">.*>

6101 Braithwaite, Retrospect of Medecine, 1848, 1849, 2 vols, cloth, St. pub. U. it.

6102 Bright (Dr. and Dr. Addison, Elements of Practice of Medicine, 8vo. (G13pages) hf. cf. nt. \6t. . . 1839

6103 SBOtAny, Medical, Systemat. Synopsis of as connected with London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Pharmacopoeias, Outline of III. Systems, (Linncean Artificial, Linnaan Natural, alto Hatural of Jutlieu) Explan. of each Class, Number of Plants in each Order, Time of Flowering, Soil, Duration, as Annuals, Shrubs, Different Names by Different Authors, Improvements, Alterations in Genera, Tribes, &c. by CASTLE, 4to. planitphere, with revolving plate of Medical Genera, it. 1813

6104 Buclian, Domestic Medicine, good edition, with additions, 8vo. cf. it. pub. lOt. . 1826

6105 Burns' (Glasgow Professor) Principles of MIDWIFERY, and Diseases of Women and Children, thick 8vo. 16s. . 1824

6106 Burslem (Dr. W. M.) Pulmonary Consumption and its Treatment, Hvo. cloth, it. 1825

6107 Cabanis' du Degre de Certitude de la Medicine, It. , . Parit, 1819

6108 Campbell (Dr.) Ob». on Tuberculous Consumption, New Views on Nature, Pathology, Cure, attempts to found its Treatment on Rational Principles, deduced from Physiology and confirmed by Extensive Applications, 8vo. cloth, col. plalet, 3s.


6109 CANSTATT (Dr.} die specielle Pathologie und Therapie vom Klinischen Standpunkte aus bearbeitet, r> parts, (vol. 1, pt. 1, vol. 3 and vol. i) large 8vo. 9t. . Erlangen, 1843-5

6110 Carpenter, Manual of Human Physiology, with applications to Pathology, Hygiene, and Forensic Medicine, thick 8vo. (226 pages) cloth, cult, \2t. pub. II. . . 1846

6111 Manual of Physiolojy, including Physiological Anatomy, cloth, 190 illustrations, 8«. 1851

6112 Cdthcrwood, Concise and Pract. Treatise on Principal Diseases of Air Passages, Lungs, Pleura, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. Gd. . 1841


6113 Medicina, "very best edition," by Dr. Milligin, with Life, Critical, Medical Notes, applicable to Present Practice, Ancient, Modern Terms, Synonymes, Weights, Measures, everything useful to Medical Student; most copious Index, of every word, large type {so correct, 100/. teat offered for any error) 8vo. (639 pages) cloth, 6». pub. 16s. . . . 1831

6114 Medicina, diligentissime emend, cum Indice, Tahulis, &c. n Futoyc, 12mo. 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. 1837

6115 Medic.Targoe, accurate, Collier, 2*.pub.Os. 1831

6116 In English, best Translation, " much learning and ability," by Dr. Grieve, edited, with Notes, by Futvoye, thick 12mo. (468pages) 3s. (or 6 for 14f.pui.7f. . . 1838

6117 Mediciuse. Targsc, large paper, 4 to. calf, 2t.

Patavii, 1769

6118 Chailly (Dr.) Practical Treatise of Midwifery, translated and edited by Dr. G. S. Bedford, large 8vo. doth, 216 cutt, 6s. pub. 18s. New York, 1844

6119 CHITTY, Practical Treatise, Medical Jurisprudence, as much Anatomy, Physiology, Pnthothology, Medicine, Surgery, as necessary to be known by Lawyers and Medical Men, with essential information for Barristers, Legal Practitioners, Magistrates, in Prosecutions for Rape, Sexual Offences, Infanticide, Injuries to Person, Actions in Life Assurances, and on best means of eliciting Evidence, 8vo. hw calf, very fine illustrative anatomical platet, 10*. pub. II. . 1834

6120 Christison (Dr.) DISPENSATORY, or Commentary on Pharmacopoeias of Gr. Brit. Nat. Hist. Descript. Chemistry, Pharmacy, Actions, Uses, Doses, of Articles of Materia Medica, very thick 8vo. (lOOi pages) cloth, U. 1848

6121 Clarke (Dr. Sir Arthur) BATHING, Warm, Cold, Vapour, Pract. Obs. on Sea-bathing, Skin Diseases, Bilious, Liver Complaints, Dropsy, 2*. pub. it. Gd. . . 1820

6122 Clarke (Dr. J.) Comment on important Diseases of Children, large 8vo. 2s. pub. 10s. 1815

6123 Clcghorn on Epidemical Diseases in MINORCA, 1744-49, with Account of Climate, Productions, Inhabitants, Endcmical Distempers of Island, last edition of this very valuable work, 8vo. Is. 9s. . . 1815

6124 Clutterback (Dr.) Inquiry into Seat and Nature of FEVER, as deducible from Phenomena, Causes, Consequences, of Disease, Effects of Remedies, Appearances on Dissection, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 3s. pub. 12s. . . 1825

6125 Coley (Dr.) Practical Treatise on Discasrs of INFANTS and CHILDREN, a most comprehensive work, of great research, on Surgical and Medical Treatment, including 40 years' experience. Cases, Facts, Pathological Inquiries, German and French Works, 8vo. cloth, is. pub. 14s.

Longman, 1846

6126 Combe (G.) Constitution of Man, in relation to External Objects, best edit. 3s. . 1836

6127 Ditto, Reprint, roy. 8vo. Is. . 1836

6128 Elements of Phrenology, prints and cuts,

"it. pub. 3s. 6d. . . 1845

6129 COOPER (Sir Astley) Principles and Practice of Surgery, from 50 years' Hospital Practice, Qualification, &c. of Surgeon, Cases of Mal-practice, Puncturing, on Arteries, Irritation, Treatment, Inflammation, Treatment, Counter Irritation, Adhesive ditto, Suppuration.Ulceration, Acute, Chronic, Abscess, Granulation, Ulcers, Gangrene, Head Injuries, Brain Compression, Wounds of Scalp, Aneurism, Tying Arteries, Hydrocele, &c. edited by Dr. Lee, 8vo. cloth, plalet, it. pub. 18s. 1836

6130 Cooper, Dictionary of Practical Surgery, Instruments, Remedies, &c. thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. it. pub. 11.

6131 Copland, Dictionary of Practical Medicine, Sec. 3 first parts, 7s. pub. It. 7s.

6132 Courtenay (T. B.) Stricture of Urethra, Pathothology, rational treatment, in all Varieties, Complications, Use and Abuse of Urethral Instruments, Numerous Cases, cloth, 3s. pub. 12s.

Balliere, 1848

6133 CRAIGIE (Dr.) Elements of Practice of PHYSIC, Present State of Special Pathology and Therapeutics, Fevers, Cutaneous and Mucous Inflammations, also of Serous, Cellular and Membranes, Adipose Tissue of Compound Organs, fcc. 2 very thick vols. 8vo. 16s. Gd. pub. U. 16s. 1837

613 i Elements of ANATOMY, General and

Pathological, Present State ot Knowledge in, very thick 8vo. (1072 pages) cloth, 14s. pub. 24s. 1848

6135 CRITCHETf (G.) Lectures, at London Hospital, on Causes and Treatment of ULCERS, of Lower Extremity, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 1849

6136 CULLEN, WORKS, Physiology, Nosology, First Lines, edited with numerous extracts from his MSS. and Materia Medica, by Dr. Thomson, 2 vols. 8vo. it. pub. \l. 14s. . 1827

6137 Curie (Dr.) Principles of Homoeopathy, presentation copy, most elegantly bound. Hue morocco, super extra, gilt leaves, tilk insides, is.


6138 Cyclopedia of Practical Surgerv, edited by Costello, vol. 1 only, cloth, Us. pub. 21. 1841

6139 Davis, Elements of Obstetric Medicine, thick

8vo. hf. cf. no title page, is. pub. \l. 1841

6140 ]>UVi* (Surgeon in 6.<:?ordshirp} Popular ■ Manual of Art of PRESERVING HEALTH by

Diet,Air, Exercise, Gymnastics, Education, general and physical, Bathing, Clothing, Ventilation, ic. for all Ranks and Professions, 8vo. cloth, (300 pages) 3s. pub. 10s. . 1836

6141 Denman (Dr.) Series of Engravings Illustrating ]?ISl!w iferj', with Descriptions, 4to. 17 very fir.e plates, 3s. pub. 15s.

6142 Ditto, Aphorisms, on Pract. Obstetricy, Use, Application of Forceps, Vectis, Preternatural Labours, with Hemorrhage, Convulsions, &c last edition, highly esteemed work, cloth, cuts, is. pub. 2s. Gd. ... 1838

6143 Dewees,Compendious Syst. of MIDWIFERY, chiefly to Facilitate Inquiries, 8vo. hf. cf. platet, 5s. pub. 18s. . . 1825

6144 Ditto, Treatise on Physical and Medical Treat, ment of Children, hf. cf. 5s. . 1626

6145 Dick (Dr.) Derangements, Primary, and Reflex, of Organs of Digestion, cloth, 2s. pub. 7s.

Edinb. 1840

6116 Drummond (Dr.) First Steps to Anatomy, cloth, 32 cuts, 2s. pub. 5s. . Van Voorst, 1845

6147 Dublin Dissector, of Manual Anatomy, by Harrison, 2s. 6d. pub. 9s. . 1836,

6118 Another, latt edition, 2 vols, cloth, cutt, 8s. pub. 15s. . . .1817

Gl-19 Dubois (Profess.) Prelecons de Pathologie Experimentale, Obs. sur l'Hvperemie Capillaire, 8»o. plates, 2s. Gd. .' Sailliere, 1841

6150 Kitrle (Sir J.) Pract Obs. on Operation for STONE and INSTRUMENT, 8vo. Is. 1893

6151 Economy of X<>etli, Gums, Interior of Mouth, Medical, Mechanical, Moral Treatment, Means of correcting Breath and other Efflaiii, Is. Gd. pub. 2s. Gd. . . 1831

6152 Edinburgh Dissector, or System of Pract. Anau (by Knox) cloth, 2s. pub. 9s. . 1837

6153 ELLIOTSON (Dr.) Principles and Practice of MEDICINE, edited by Dr. Rogers and Cooper Lee, thick 8vo. cloth, 13s. pub. II. 5s. 1846

6154 Ellis, Demons, of Anatomy, Guide to Dissection, 8vo. cloth, is. Gd. pub. 12s. . 1849

6155 Family Oracle of Health, Economy, Medicine, Good Living, adapted to all Ranks, by Drs. Crell and Wallace, 1814; Medical Adviser and Guide to Health and Long Life, edited by Dr. Burnett, cut!, 1824, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. is.

6156 Faraday, Chemical Manipulation, tcarce,\3t.Gi. pub. 18s. . . . ll42

6157 Fowncs, Manual of Element.Chemistry.Theoret. and Pract. numerout engravings, 8s. 6d. put. Ut.Gd. . . .1648

6158 Furnivall (Dr.) Diseases of HEART, Diagnosis, Prevention, Treatment, and of Aneurism, with Obi. on Rheumatism, cloth, is. pub. St. 1845

6159 Gray, Supplement to Pharmacopoeias, including Drugs and Compounds, by Professional Practitioners, Chemists, Herbalists, Explan. of Contractions, 8vo. 4s. pub. 14s. . 1836

6160 Gully (Dr.) Simple Treatment of Disease, deduced from Methods of Expectancy and Revolt ion, cloth, 2s. . . 1842

6161 Guy (Dr. W. A.) Principles of Forensic Medicine, cloth, 6s. pub. 10*. . 1S41

6162 GUY, HOSPITAL REPORTS, 11 Nos. (1,4 to 9, 12 to 15) lis. cottM. is. 1836-1842

6163 Ditto, New Series, 3 vols, in parts, lis. ctiit 21. it. Gd. . . 1843-5

6164 Ditto, N. S. Vols. 6 and 7.6s. pub. U. 6s. ISiO

6165 Ditto, N. Series, vol. 1, cloth, 3s.

G166 Hahnemann, Exposition de la Doctrine Medicate HOMOZPATHIQUE, ou Organon de l'Art de Guerir; traduit de l'AJlemand avec DiversOpuscules de l'Auteur et Traduction de Ilartmann, PHARMACOPEE HOMOJPATHIQUE, par Jourdan, thick 8vo. (666 paget) 3s. Parts, 1834

6167 Hall (Dr. Marshall) Letters to a Mother on Watchful Care of Infant (or felicity of bavin*; Healthy Children) Nurse, Cold, Damp, Open Air, Clothing, Infantile Diseases in General, Remedies, Cogent Reasons for Mother Nursing ber own Childrenc/of A, 2s. pub. 3s. Gd. 1848

6168*—, on Blood Letting, principally on Morbid 169

TOTeillcal Books.

and Curative Effects of, 3*. pub. N. 18.(0 6169 Hastings (Dr. J.) Pulmonary Consumption, successfully treated with Naphtha, with Cases from other Medical Men, in support of treatment, and on Utility of Puncturing Tuberculous Cavities in Care of Phthisis, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. tie. 1845 61 "0 Heberden, Comment, de Morborum Historia, et Curatione, curavit Soemmerring, 8vo. 2s.

Francif. 1804

6171 Heden. Tract, de Glandulu Thyreoidea turn Sana quam Morbosa, imprimis de Struma, eiusque Causisatque Medela, 8vo. N. Lips. 1822

6172 Henle (Dr.) Pathologische Untersuchungen, 8vo. In firf. . . Berlin, 1840

61 73 Holland (Dr. H.) Medical Notes and Reflections, 2nd Edit, cloth, Is. pub. 18*. 1840

6174 Homoeopathy, Concise View of System of, and Refutation of Objections against (published by Irish Homaopalhic Society) 8vo. cloth, 2s. Dublin, 1848

6175 Hooper, Physician's Vade Mecum, Manual of Principles and Practice of Physic, best edit, with Gen. Pathol, and Therapeut. by W. A. Guy, cloth, 3#. IN. . 1842

6176 Hunter (John) Treatise on BLOOD, Inflammation and Gun Shot Wounds, best edition, thick 8vo. plates, 4s. pub. Us, . 1828

C177 Imray (Dr.) Cyclopadia of Popular Medicine for Domestic Use, Causes, Symptoms, Methods of Cure, Diseases of Women, Children, and Warm Climates, Medicines, in Use, Diet, Directions for Fractures, thick 8vo. cloth, plates, Ss. pub. 18*.


6178 Kirkes* (Dr. and Paget) Hand Book of PHYSIOLOGY, thick vol. cloth, plates, cuts, Ss. Oil.


6179 Kittoe (Dr. Hamilton) Treatment of Diseases incident to Females, from early period, Advice to Mothers on Management of Infants, Original Prescriptions (familiar reference, simplest, readiest means of treatment, cure, in most delicate and simple manner) cloth, 2s. pub. lis. 1845

6180 Ditto, on Consumption and Asthma, Description of Diseases of Chest, and its Appendages, Causes, Sympoms, that they may not be confounded, Stethoscope, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Heart and its Derangements, Pleurisy, Inflammation of Lungs, Spitting Blood, Winter Cough, Difficulty of Breathing, Consumption, Causes, Tests, Hippocrates, Darwin's, Young's, Sir Ev. Home's Treatment; Milk Diet, Asthma, Danger, Causes, Prevention, Digestion, Diet, &c. 12mo. 6<f. pub. 3s. . 1845

6181 LAENNEC, Traits de 1'Auscultation Mediate et des Maladies des Poumons et du Cceur, 2 thick vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. bs. Paris, 1826

6182 , Treatise on Mediate Auscultation and

Diseases of Lungs and Heart, with Notes and Additions of Laennec and Andral, translated by Dr. Herbert, Practical Notes by Dr. Ramadge, thick 8vo. cf. nt. plates, 12s. pub. IN. 1846

6183 Lancet, very fine Set, Commencement 1823 to 1850, forming complete MEDICAL LIBRARY, invaluable from original papers, but especially correct verbatim Reports of all Principal Lectures, by English and Foreign Professors, Abernethy, Armstrong, Clutterbuck, Blundell, Bell, Lawrence, Marshall Hall, Spurzheim, Watson, Sic. (wants vol. 6 and 1844, pt. 2) 43 vols. 8vo. 12 small folio (47 hf. cf. nt. 8 cloth) it.

6184 Lawrence, Lectures Compar. Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, Nat. Hilt, of Man, thick 8vo. plates, 4s. 6d. pub. 1/. . 1819

6185 Le Pelletier (Dr.) Traite complet sur la Mala die SCROPHULEUSE, et differentes varietes, toutes les OPINIONS des AUTEURS, Theorie, Naturelle, Causes, Symptoms, Complications, Moyens, Traitcment, etc., thick 8vo. (508 pages) 3s. cost N. . . Paris, 1830

6186 UfjranieiltM of the Human Body, with Letter Press Descriptions, by J. L. Milton, large 8vo. 30 very fine and clever plates, 4s. 1851

6187 London MEDICAL GAZETTE, from Commencement, 1827 to 1848, 42 vols. 8vo. M. cf. eery nt. 41.

6188 Lord, Popular Physiology, Familiar Ezplan. of

most interesting Facts connected with Structure and Functions of Animals, particularly Man, cloth, numerous cuts, 2s. 6d. pub. Is. 6d. 1839

6189 Louis, Consumption, or Phthisis, Pathological Researches on, translated from French, with Introduction, Notes, Additions, Essay on Treatment, "Most complete work on Pathology and Symptoms yet published," " Excellent Translation of most excellent Work,"—Lancet, " Most valuable production of foreign Press, by first Physician of France, probably of Europe," "A complete Monography, exhibiting all present medical knowledge on Etiology, Pathology, Semiography, and Therapeutics of Phthisis," Dignified Translation, numerous important additions, clear Philosophical Views, excellent Preface, by Dr. Cowan, 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 12». . 1836

6190 Lugol (de I'Hospital St. Louis) Rechcrches et Observations sur les Causes des MALADIES SCROFULEUSES, 8vo. 4s. Paris, 1844

6191 Luxmore, Practical Obs. on Strictures of URETHRA, with Cases illust. of Comparative Merits of Caustic and Common Bougie; also Fistula in Ano, Improved Treatment of Tinea Capitis, and Cases, 8vo. 1*. 6d. pub. bs. Grf. 1809

6192 Marculloch (Dr.) Malaria, on Production and Propagation of this Poison, Nature, Localities, Euum. of Diseases caused by it, Means of Preventing and Diminishing, at Home, in Naval and Military Service, 8vo. 2s. put. 16*. . 1827

6193 Madden (Dr.) Thoughts on PULMONARY CONSUMPTION, with Appendix on Climate of Torquay, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. . 1849

6194 Marx (Dr.) Grundzuge zur Lehre von der Krankheit und Heilung, 8vo. 2s. Carlsruhe, 1338

6195 de Herophili (celebre. Medici) Vita,

Scripta, atque in Medicina Merites, 4to. 1». 6d.

Gotling, 1840

6196 Mayo (Herbert. Profess. King's Coll.) Outlines of HUMAN PATHOLOGY, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. pub. IBs. . . 1835

6197 Mayo (Dr. T.) Clinical Facts and Reflections; also, on Impunity of Murder in Cases of Presumed Insanity, 8'o. cloth, 3s. pub. Ss. 1847

6198 Mayow (Dr. J.) Tract. Medici Physici de Sal Nitro Spiritu, Nitro Aereo, Respiratione, Motu Musculari Rhachitide, thick sro. 8vo. splendid old portrait, Ojcon. 1674; also, Dr. Charleton de Scorbuto, 1672, 2 books, 2s.

6199 Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, 10 first vols. M. cf. nt. and vol. 11 to 15, pt. 1, 11. 10«. pub. 141.

6200 Ditto, first 3 vols. 3».; also vols. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, pt. 1 & 15, pt. 1, 2s. each.

6201 Millengen (Dr.) Curiosities of Medical Experience, 2 vols. 8vo. bs. pub. 16*. 1837

6202 Mohr and Redwood, Practical PHARMACY, Arrangements, Apparatus, Manipulations of Pharmaceutical Shop and Laboratory, 8vO. cloth, 400 fine engravings, Ss. pub. 12s. 6d. 1849

6203 Muller (Dr. J.) Intimate Structure of SECRETING GLANDS, with subsequent Discoveries of other Authors, by S. Solly, 8vo, cloth, plates and cuts, 3s. pub. Is. 6d. . 1839

6204 Museum of Coll. Surgeons, Catalogue Descript. and Illust. of Calculi and Animal Concretions, 4to. cloth, 12 finely coloured plates, bs.

Priv. Print. 1842

6205 Neill (Dr. Hugh, of Liverpool Eye and Ear Infirmary) Cure of CATARACT, best Modes of Operation, Continental and British, N. 1850

6206 Newnham, Human Magnetism, its claims to dispassionate inquiry, attempt to show Utility of its Application, for relief of Human Suffering, cloth, 4s. pub. N. . . 1845

6207 Osborne (Dr. Presid. of Dublin Queen's Coll.) Dl'OpslC'Sel Diseases, from Suppressed Perspiration, Diseased Kidneys, Imped, to Circulation, Trop. Affections, Nature, Treatment, Last Edit. 8vo. coloured plates, Is. pub. N. . 1837

6208 PARIS (Dr.) Elements of Medical Chemistry, 8vo. cf. nt. numerous engravings, 4s. pub. 16*. 1825

6209 Ditto, and Fonblanque, Medical Jurisprudence, 3 vols. 8vo. 9*. pub. ll. 16*. . 1823

6210 Parkes' Chemical Catechism, thick 8vo. hf. cf. port, and plates, 3s. pub. IO. . 1826

j 6211 Chemical Essays, principally relating to

| Ats and Manufactures of British Dominions, best edition, enlarged, by Hodgetts,, M. cf. nt. numerous pits, and wood cuts, 4s.lid. pub. IN. 1830

6212 Parry (The on Diet, with its Influence on Man, an Address to Parents how to obtain Health, Strength, Sweetness, Beauty, Development of Intellect, Long Life, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. bs. 184 4

6213 Paxton, Introduction to Study of ANATOMY, concise and clear demonstration of Human Body, and Glossary of Terms, 2 vols, in 1, thick 8vo. cloth, 300 superior cuts, \ 35*. 1841

6214 Pettigrew (Dr.) on Superstitions connected with History and Practice of Medicine and Surgery, 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 7s. . 1844

6215 Philip (Dr.) Treatise on Nature and Cure of DISEASES, preceding change of Structure, with view to Preservation of Health, particularly Prevention of Organic Disease, Notes and Append, by Dr. Miller, 3*. . Baltimore, 1831

6216 Phillipps' Translation of the Pharmacopoeia, with Notes and Illustrations, hf. cf. Ss. 6d.


6217 Ditto, Later edition, 8vo. cloth. 4s. 6d. pub. 10*. 6d. . . . 1841

6218 Phrenological Society, Transactions, 8vo. engravings, 3s. pub. 14*. . 1824

G219 Plumbe, Diseases of SKIN, Arranged with View to their Constitutional Causes and local Characters, thick Svo. plates, bs. pub. II. 1837

6220 PRICHARD (Dr.) Natural History of MAN, Inquiries into Modifying Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on different Tribes of Human Family, large 8vo. hf. cf. very nt. 36 fine cold, plates, and 90 fine cuts, ll. 2s. pub. ll. lis. 6d. 1843

6221 Physical History of Man complete, 4 vols.

plates, 11. lbs. pub. 31. 2s. 1841, &c.

6222 Prout (Dr.) Nature, Treatment of Diabetes, Calculus, and Affections of Urinary Organs, Importance of attending to state of Urine in Organic Diseases of Kidney and Bladder; practical Rules, determining Nature of Disease from sensible and chemical properties of that secretion, cold, plate, 3s. pub. 12s. . 1825

6223 Quain and Sharpey, Elements of ANATOMY, 2 vols. M. bnd. numerous cuts, 10s. pub. 27*. 1843

6224 Ditto, Descriptive Letter Press only, on the ARTERIES, 8vo. (550 pages) cloth, 4s. 1844

6225 Ramadge, ASTHMA, Varieties, Compl cations, Researches into Pathology of Disordered Respiration, Treatment applicable to each. Diseases of Heart, 8vo. cloth, cold, plates, 4s. pub. 10*. 1847

6226 —— Consumption curable, manner in which Nature as well as Remedial Art, operate in Healing, Cases, with Treatment to prevent development of Tubercles, 2s. 6rf. pub. Ss. 1836

6227 Ramsbotham (Dr.) Principles and Practice of OBSTETRIC MEDICINE and Surgery in reference to Parturition, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 100 illustrations, 16s. pub. 11.2s. . 1841

6227*Raspail, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, New System of, translated, with Notes by Dr. Henderson, 8vo. cloth, IN. . • 1843

6228 Reece, Medical Guide for Clergy, Heads of Families, Practitioners, Domestic Dispensatory, Symptoms, Prevention, Cure, of Diseases, and Latest Discoveries, 8vo. 3*. pub. IN. 1820

6229 Rennie, Supplement to the Pharmacopoeias, of Lond. Edinb. Dublin, Paris, New French, American, Medicines, Poisons, Symptoms, Treatment, Tests, Nostrums, Recipes, &c. 3s. pub. IN. 1837

6230 Renou, STRICTURE, and other Diseases of the URETHA, Practical Obs. on, describing effectual Mode of CURE; also, Origin, Symptoms, Treatment of Rectum, Liver and its Diseases, 7th edit, new, 6d. pub. 4s. 6d. 1834

6231 Richcrand, Elements of Physiology, translated by De Lys, with full Notes and Copious Index, by Copland, thick 8vo. (738 pages) cloth, new, 4s. pub. IN. . . 1829

6212 R1LLIET et BARTHEZ (Drs.) Trai'e Clinioue et Pratique des Maladies des EnTans, 3 thick vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. IN Paris, 1843

6233 Robinson on TEETH, Surgical, Mechanical Medical Treatment, 8vo. cloth, 139 engravings, N. pub. IN, . 1849 Medical Books,

6234 RYAN, Manual of MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE and State Medicine, compiled from latest Legal and Medical Works, Beck, Paris, Christison, Fodere, Orfila, Medical Ethics, Laws, Sec. 8»o. 4*. pub. 13s. . . 1836

6235 , Medico, Cbirurgical Pharmacopoeia, best

Prescriptions, 1838; ditto, New Pract. Formulary of Hospitals, 1835, 2 book; 3«. pub. 11*.

6236 Ryland (Dr.) Treatise of different methods of investigating Diseases of CHEST, Percussion, Use of Stethescojie, It. . . 1836

6237 SarKent (Dr.) on BANDAGING, and other Operations of Minor Surgery, 8vo. cloth, 127 illustrations, is. . Philadelphia, 1848

6238 Sat-Deygalliercs (Dr.) Theorie Nouyelle de la Maladie Scrofuleuse, 8vo. 3*. Parti, 1829

6239 Soberer (Dr. J. J.) Chemisclie und mikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Pathologie angestellt un den Kliniken de> Julius Hotpitales zu Wurzburg, 8to. 2s. fid. Heidelberg, 1843

6240 Schonlein (Dr. Profesior in Berlin) Allgemeine und Specielle, Pathologie und Therapie, complete, in 4 parts 8vo. 6». 6d. St. Gallen, 1841

6241 Seymour {Phytic, to St. George's) on Nature and Treatment of Diseases of Body, principally in reference to the Cure, from Obs. in Public and Priv. Practice {Stomach, Gout, Mental Derangement, Sciatica) Svo. cloth, 3s. . 1847

6242 Sibly (Dr.) Medical Mirror, Treatise on Impregnation of Human Female, Origin of Disease, &c. 8vo. coloured platet, 3«. . 1794

6243 Simon (/. Demoustral. of King's College) Physiological Essay on the Thymus Gland, 4to. cloth, it. pub. U. . . 1845

6244 Simon (Dr. T.) Beitrage zur Physiologischen und Pathologischen Chemie und Mikroskopie, vol. 1 (pit. 2, 3, 4, 5) 3t. . Berlin, 1843

6245 Sobernheim (Dr.) und J. F. Simon, Handbuch der Praktischen Tozikologie, nach dem neuesten standpunkle dieser Wissenschaft und ihrer Hilfsdoktrinen, thick 8vo. (734 paget) it. Berlin, 1838

6246 Stevenson {J. Ocultit to Roy. Family) Practical Treatise on Cataract, 8vo. 1* pub. St. 1814

6247 Stockhardt (Dr. Profess.) Principles of Chemistry illustrated by Simple Experiments, translated from German, by Dr. Peirce, thick 8vo. (G56 paget) cl. numerouscutt, 6t. Cambridgs{U.8.)lib0

6248 Stokes (Dr.) Lectures on Theory and Practice of Physic, numerous notes, 12 additional Lectures, by Dr. Bell, thick large 8ro. bnd. 6t. 6d,

Philadelph. 1840

6249 Sydenhnm Society, Works, complete set of, 23 vols. 8vo.; and Hunter in folio, cloth {u>antt Simon't Chemittry), 51. cost SI.


6250 Taylor, Medical Jurisprudence, thick vol. cloth, 7t. 6d. pub. 12s. 6o*. 1849

6251 Teale, Treatise on Neuralgic Diseases, dependent on Irritation of Spinal Marrow and Ganglia of Sympathetic Nerve, large 8vo. 2s. Philadelphia,1830

6252 Teste, Practical Manual of ANIMAL MAG. NETISM, Methods of producing Magnetic Phenomena, its Application to Treatment and Cure of Diseases, translated by Spillan, cl. 3s. cost 6s. 1843

6253 Thomson (Dr. A. Todd) London Dispensatory, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Therapeutics, many useful tables, thk. ivo, plates, it. 1IW1831

6254 Another Edition, very thick 8vo. cloth, 11. 1837

6255 Domestic Management of the Sick Room

necessary in aid of Medical Treatment for Cure of Diseases, iivo. cloth, 6s. pub. 10«. . 1845

6256 Thomson (Dr. J.) Lectures on INFLAMMATION, 8vo. hf. cf. rare, lis. . 1813

6257 Thomson (Dr. T.) System of Chemistry, 4 thick vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, is. pub. 31. . 1817

6258 Outline of Heat and Electricity, 8vo. 3s.

pub. lit. . . 1830

625'J Todd (Dr. R. B.) Anatomy of BRAIN, Spinal Cord, Ganglions and their Coverings, Descriptive and Physiological, for Students, cloth, cuts, 3s. pub. It. 1845

6200 Pract. Remarks on Gout, Rheumatic Fever,

Chronic Rheumatism of Joints, Croonian Lectures at Coll. of Physicians, cloth, 3*. pub. 7t. 6d. 1843

6261 Turner (Dr. E.) Elements of CHEMISTRY, including actual State and Doctrines, edited by Liebig and Gregory, thick 8vo. (1274 paget) cloth, lit. pub. 2is. . . 1842

62C2 Ure, Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, with their Applications, thick 8vo. tcarce, 9s. pub. U. . . 1821

6263 Uwin (Dr.) Treatise on Diseases, either directly or indirectly connected with INDIGESTION, and Ailments of Children, 2s. cost 7s. 6d.


6204 VALENTIN (Dr. G.) Lehrbuch der Physiologie des Menschen {or Hand-book of Human Physiology, a work of highest character) complete, 3 vols, in 7 large parts, exquisite woodcuts, 10*. Braunschw. 1844

6265 Vering (Dr. C. J. de) Maniere de Guerir la Maladie Scrofuleuse, 8vo. 2s. Vienne, 1832

6266 VOGEL (Dr.) Pathological HUMAN ANATOMY, translated, with additions by Dr. Dayv 8vo. cloth, 100 plain and cold, engravings, lis. pub. ISs. . Baillierc, 1847

6267 Walker, Philosophy of the EYE, familiar exposition of its Mechanism and Phenomena of Vision, with view to Evidence of Design, 8vo. cloth, numerous illustrations, 2*. 10>. 1837

0208 Wardrop (Dr.) Diseases of HEART, Nature, Treatment, account of Musculo Cardiac, Pulmo Cardiac, Veno-Pulmonary, Functions, thick 8vo. cloth. It. . . 1S51

6269 Whately, Pract. Obs. on Cure of Wounds and ULCERS of Legs, without Rest, and Cases, . . 1799

6270 White, VETERINARY Art, Plain Rules for Treatment of all Disorders and Accidents of Horse, also Grooming, Feeding, Exercise, Stables, Horse's Foot, Shoeing, Digestive Organs, 3 vols. elf. 5». cost 11.

6271 White (Dr.) Treatise on the Plague, especially Police Management, also Plan of Operations on late Plague of Corfu, and Hints on Quarantine, Sio. cloth, is. pub. 10s. . 1846

6272 Williams (Dr.) Principles of MEDICINE, General Pathology, Therapeutics, Etiology, Nosology, Semicology, Diagnosis, Proguosis, Hvgienics, 8vo. cloth, 9s. pub. Us. . 1848

6273 Wilson (Erasmus) Anatomist's Vade Mecum, a System of Human Anatomy, cloth, 186 illustrations, 6s. pub. 12s. 6d. . 1845

62"4 , Healthy SKIN, Practical Treatise, with

Rules for Medical and Domestic Treatment of Cutaneous Diseases, cloth, 6 engravings, bi. pub. lOt.


0275 Woodall (J.) Surgery, dedicated to King Charles, folio, cf. nt. quaint old plates, us. 1639

0276 Young (Dr. T. P.) Consumptive Diseases, Practical, Histor. from Original Observ. and Authors of All Ages, 8vo. cf. 2s. 6d. pub. 12*. 1815

6277 Medicina Flageilata, or Doctor Scarify'd, laying open the Vices of Faculty, Insignificancy of great part of Materia Medica, Essay on Health, Power of Regimen, cVc. 8vo. cf. 2s. 1727

6278 Medicina Gymnastic*, or Treatise on Power of Exercise with respect to Animal (Economy, and Great Necessity in Cure of several Distempers, by Fr. Fuller, 8vo. cf. 2s. 1705

6279 MEDICINA MENTIS, sive Tentamen genuinse zLoificm, in qua disseritnr de Methodo detegemli incognitas vcritates {B. W. de Tschinliausen) 4to. vellum, 3s. Amst. 1087

6280 Mediocra, or most Natural and Plain Understanding of Great Doctrines of Election, Redemption, Justification, Covenants, &c. recom. by Baxter and Manton, sm. 4to. hf. cf. 2t. 1674

6281 Meditations, Comfortable, upon Advancing Years and Declining Life {by Rev. J. Brewster) Is. pub. 3s. 6d. . Hatchard, 1829

6242 in Verse, or Collects for Year and Holydays, by E. T. 2s. pub. 3s. 6d. Rivingtou, 1849

6283 Meditation, Method of, with Pracl. Reflections on Mysteries of Faith, and Moral Duties of Christians, for Every Day, 10th edit. cf. 2t. 1816

6283*Mediterranean, Voyage up, in Swifttnre, under Nelson, with Description of Battle of Nile, and subsequent Events in various parts of Mediterranean, by Rev, C. Willyams, 4to. cf. nt. 43 platet,

9s. pub. 31. 13s. 6d. . 1802

6284 Medleys, and Whig Examiners, attacking Smfi and his party with considerable spirit, by itayuwaring, Orator Henley, Steele, Otdmuton, tec. large paper, cf. 2s. . 1712

6285 Meek (Mrs.) Introd. to Mythology of Greeks and Romans, for Young of both Sexes, cloth. It.


6286 Meeres (Rev. N.) 12 Sermons in Somen' Chapel, St. Pancras, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 19s. 1843

6287 21 Sermons, Histor. Doctr. Philos. Practical, 8vo. cloth, 3s. . Seeley, 1851

6288 Medulla Theologise PATRUM Clariss. Yet. Eccles. Doct. analytical abstract of works of early fathers, Justin Martyr to Hilarius, "most candid and credible that ever wrote," Milner, com Pnef. D. Parei, 4 vols, in 2 very thick vols, sm. 4to. calf, very nt. 10*. . 1613

6289 Meerman, Conspectu Orig. TYPOGRAPHICARUM, Priv. Print, in usum Amicorum, 1761; Charts: Vulgarisseu Lincse Origine. Yrmfat. Van Vaassen, Hague, 1767; sm. Svo. vellum; Catalogue of Meerman's Library, 4 vols, in 2.MSS. prices, Crat Eulog. Meermanni, fine portrait, 4 books, is.

6290 Melancthonis de Controvert. Coenae Domini, sm. 4to. Ratisbon, 1560; ejusd. Epistolse. > Saaberto (vol. 5) thick 12mo. (736 pages) vellum.1 books) 2s. 1616

6291 MELLISH Ship, and S vrilicv HARBOUR, 8tc. beautiful View, by HUGGINS, (17, by 11) 1*. 6d. elegantly cold. is. pub. 16s. 6<f.

6292 Melmoth, Fitzosborne's Letters, {highly admired, chiefly of objects with which the heart is most conversant, various domestic scene*, tranquil felicitiet of private life, harmonies of social fellowship and concord, tyr. peculiar elegance, specimens of purest eloquence, sound wisdom) 8vo. cf. nt. 3t.


6293 translation of CICERO'S LETTERS.

"translation almost as beautiful and perfect ex original," 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 6s. pub. 11. is.


6294 of Pliny's Letters, 2 vols. Svo. beautiful

copy, bright calf, 6s. . 1777

6295 Melodien zu dem Mildheinischen Lndeibucbe {music, with words, for Piano) 4to. 3*.

Gotha, 18—

6296 Melrose, concise Practical Arithmetic, by Ingram and Trotter, *no*. It. . 1839

0297 Melvill (Rev. H.) Sermons before Cambridge University, &c, "most admirable specimens of practical divinity, for real power, thought, eloquence."—Brit. Mag. 2s. pub. bs. 1836

0298 Ditto, ditto, 1837, 2t. pub. bs.

6299 Ditto, 1839, 2*. pub. bs.

6300 Memoire et Consultation sur le Pretendne Viol et Pretendu Assasrinat, de la Demoiselle Rouse, imputer a Six Personnes par un Enfant de b\ Ass. Paris, 1770; and 1 other, 4to. It. 6rf.

6301 Memoires de la Soclete des Sciences, Agricolculture et Arts, de Lille, 2 vols, {includes Macquart, Dipteret, Exotiquet, 39 fine plates, ire. it.

IMst, 1838-9

6302 Memoire des Eveques Francois a Londres, qai n'ont pas donne leur demission, 1802; Apol. ues Emigres Franc, contre Proclam. Defani. de Napoleon, 1S03; Eluc. of Conduct of Pius VII. « Bishops and Eccles. Affairs of France, Trans, cf Briefs, by Rev. J. Milner, 1802. 8vo, 2*.

6303 Memoires d'un Voyageur qui se Repose, Anecdotes Historiques Politiques et Li tt era ire- its Principalis Personnages du Siecle, par Du;ess. "entartaininy work," Lowndet, 3 volt. Svo. a/. cf. nt. it. pub. II. . . m:

6304 Memoirs, Histor. Illnst. of Chelsea Botanic Garden, belonging to Society of Apothecaries ol London, by H. Field, 8vo. It. Priv. Print. lj>20

6305 M emoirs of Monkeys, &c. {satirical, by Steirsrt Rose) cloth. It. 6d. . 18J3

6306 Memorials of a Departed Friend, 2t. pub. 6s.

Ri ping ton, 1S33

6307 Memoirs, Diaries, Letters, of Pbilip Melvill, Gov. of Peudennis Castle, Cornwall, Fuanai Sermon, 8vo. hf. cf. 2s.

6308 of Two Sisters, with

Sketches, by Author of " Aids to Developement," cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. . 1843

6309 of various Members of the Robin Hood

Society, manner of managing their Debates, Original Speeches, &c. cf. Is. 6rf. . 1763

C310 Memorial of a Christian Life, with such things as appertain unto a Christian to do from beginning of Conversion to end of his perfection, from Spanish of LEWIS of GRANADA, thick 12mo. (762 pages) cf. nt. rare and very valuable, 5s.Rouen,}b99

C311 Memory, Art of, by which the Knowledge of Facts is made to assist the Recollection of Dates, applied to Scripture, English History, Principal Eras, 12mo. 3d. pub. 2s. i6 for Is.) 1823

6312 Memory, Feinagle, Art of, translated, with Account of the VARIOUS SYSTEMS of Artificial Memory, from Earliest Period; also, Instances of Rztnoidinary Powers of Natural Memory, 8vo. 14s. . . 1813

G313 Memoria Technics, or New Method of Artificial Memory, Chronology, History, &c. with Tables by Dr. Grey, Is. Gd.

6314 Memoria Artificial)*, seu Schenkelius detectus hactenus Occultata ac in Multis quam diu Desiderata (rare work on artificial memory by Galbaicits) 12mo. cf. 2s. . 1617

6315 Men and Manners in America, by Col. Hamilton, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 4s. pub. II. 1834

6316 Men of Genius, Characteristics of, a Series of Biographical, Historical, and Critical Essays, selected chiefly from North American Review, "essays of very high order, great power and interest," 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 7s. pub. 12s. 1846

6317 Menageries, Quadrupeds, described and drawn from living Subjects, vol. 1, hf. cf. 77 cuts, Is. Gd. pub. is. 64. . . 1829

6318 Menagiana, ou Bons Mots et Remarques, Critiques, Historiques, Morales et d'erudition, de Menage, Recueillies par ses Amis, " amusing, full of tight anecdote," 4 vols. 12mo. cf. 5s. Gd. 1729

6319 Menandri et Philistionis sententia? compar. Paris, 1613; Weitzius de Laudibus Vita; Rustics;, Comment. Francf. 1625; Lipsius Tract, ad Histor. Romannm, Lugd. 1592, vellum, Is.

6320 Menckenius, de Charlatanerie Eruditorum Declens. cum Notis Varior. et Epist. Stadelli, " sup. pressed and seized from its severe attacks," 8vo. cf. nt. Neap. 1781; ejusd. Dissert. Liter, de Vet Rom. Stipend Militaribns, edidit F. O. Menckenius, Lips. 1734, 2 Works, 3>. replete with literary frauds

6321 Mendeli-Sohn, Moses, "Juif, gloire de VAllemagne," Phedon, ou Entretiens sur la Spiritualite et Immortalite de I'Ame, traduit par Junker, Amst. 1773; Nicocles, Entretiens de Phocion sur la rapport de la Morale avec la Politique traduits du Grec avec Remarques, Zurich, 1765, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s.

6322 Ditto, Memoirs, with the celebrated Correspondence on the Christian Religion with Lavater, by Samuels, 8vo. hf. cf. 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1827

G323 Mendoza, Historiade la Guerra de GRENADA, por el Rey Don Pelipe II. contra los Moriscos, 12mo. vellum, 'is. . Valencia, 1730

G324 Menegihtt, la Badia di, A consults sora el Dialegh della Lengua Toscana, da Zert Student de Kettorica (in Tuscan Dialect) am. 8vo. 2s.

Milan, 1760

6325 Mens Divinitus Inspirata SS. Patri Domino N. Innoc. Papte X. circa Propos. Jansenii et Mens Tjivi August, de duplici Adjutorio grstise sive Quo non et Quo authore V. P. Fr. Francisco, 2 vols, in 1, am. 4to. vellum, 3s. . London, 1653

6326 Mensa Philosophies seu Enchiridion, in quo de Qutest. Mensalihus, a M. Scoto. Collectio Facetiarum German. Tract, de Pulicibns circa Fcemineis, thick 18mo. cf. formerly ]>riceii II. lit. Gd. 3s.

Francf. 1602

6327 Mensurarum Harmonia, sive Analysis et Synthesis, per Rationum et Angulorum Mensurns Promotse et alia Opusc. Mathematics, per R. Cotesium auxit R. Smith, 4to. cf. (esteemed, in other catalogue Us.) 3s. Cantab. 1722

6328 Mental Astronomer, easy guide to direct student, complete Knowledge of Constellations, by Machan, 8vo. maps of Stars, 2s. pub. 8s. 1827

6329 Mental Recreation, 8elect Maxims, Sayings, and Obs. of Philosophers, Statesmen, Divines, and other great meVi, Ancient, Modern, from works of 100 authors, comic and serious, originals, alphabetically arranged, hf. cf. nt. 2s pub. 6s. 6d. 1831

6330 MENZEL, German Literature, or Panorama of Tendencies and Characteristics of this most voluminous Literature of Europe, showing forth the Gold of each Author, excellently translated, with Notes, by Horrocks, 3 vols, cloth, Is. cost 10s. Gd.


6331 Merati, on Ceremonies of (R. Catholic) Church (Blessing of Holy Water, High Mass, Mass before Blessed Sacrament, Communion, Masses for Dead, High Mass (in Black) Candlemas Day, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, St. Mark's Day,Christmas, Vespers, Description of Vestments, Decrees of Congration, of Rites, &c.) translated, sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s. Gd. . 1837

6332 Menzini, Arte Poetica Italiana, (elegant work, with Preface by Mathias)cf.exlra,\s.cosl9s.Gd.l80i

6333 MERLET, FRENCH Grammar, Pronunciatiun, Accidence, Syntax, 2s. pub. 10s. 6d.

6334 Dictionary of Difficulties, or Append, to

French Grammar, bnd. 2s. pub. 4s. . 1837

6335 Tableau Litteraire de France, Essai sur la

Litterature Francaise depuis son Origine a 1832, Nombreux Extraits des Meilleurs Auteurs et Notes des Difficultes, bnd. 2s. pub. 6s. . 1833

6336 Merrick, Translation or Paraphrase of the PSALMS, "best poetical translation in the language,"Lowndes, Is. . 1766

6337 MERRIFIKLD (Mrs.) Cenillnl, Treatise on l'lallttillii', Translated, " strictly " Practical Directions for Fresco, Secco, Oil, Distemper, Art of Gilding and Illuminating Manuscripts, by the Old Italian Masters, written in 1437, published with Introduction and Notes, by Signor Tambroni, Copious Notes, Preface, &c. roy. 8vo. cloth, beautifully illuminated Title and Dedication, in rich Colours and Gold, also illustrative Plates after the Old Masters, 8s.

"The most complete Treatise ever written on the modes of Painting, eilherby the Masters of those times or those who succeeded them.*'— Tambnmi.

"The Comment of the Italian Editorare of high value, and the English translation is recommended by Notes, which evince much research, knowledge,and familiarity with mysteries of Painter's Laboratory; haidiy a process of limner's art unnoticed, with simple and minute directions."—Quarterly Review.

6338 Mesmerism, Mighty Curative Powers of, in 150 Cases of various Diseases, by Capern, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 1851

6339 Merry weather, Bibliomania in Middle Ages, Sketches of Bookworms, Collectors, Bible Students, Scribes, Illuminators, from the AngloSaxon Periods to Introduction of Printing into England, with Anecdotes illustrating History of Monastic Libraries of Gr. Britain in Olden Time, cloth, 2s. pub. 6s. . 1849

6340 Metnager, Minutes of Negotiation of, at Court of England during last 4 years of Q. Anne, containing many Curious Particulars of those Times, by Himself, translated from French (by Defoe) 8vo. calf, 3s. 6d. . .1736

6341 Messiah, or Redemption of Msn, a Poem, by Strangwayes, 8vo. Is. pub. 10s. Richmond, 1830

6342 Mestrali, Dialogi ad Regent, Sacred and other Poems, Pieces, ifc. Greek, Latin, French, 12mo. vel. 2». . . Avignon, 1623

6343 Metamorphosis Anglire, sive Mutationes varite, Regura, Regni, Rerumquc, Historicum, Politicum, Boxhornius, 18mo. cf. Is. . 1653


6334 Metaphysical Tracts, by English Philosophers of 18th Century, Collected and Printed (but never published) by Dr. Parr, I. Rev. Arthur Collier, Clavis Universalis, Demonstration of Non-Existence, or Impossibility of External World, 1713;

II. Ditto, Specimen of True Philosophy, a Discourse on Genesis, "In the Beginning," 1730;

III. (Hartley David) Conjecture de Sentu, Motu, et Idearum Generatione; IV. (Smith) Inquiry into Origin of Human Appetites and Affections, with Account of Entrance of Moral Evil into the World, &c. 1747; V. Cuthbert, Comment. (Tucker,Author of Light of Nature) Man in Quest of Himself, or

Defence of Individuality of Human Mind or Self, 1763, " Cream of English Philosophy,"Tag art; also see praise in Edinburgh Review, by Sir Wm. Hamilton, thefint Metaphysicianof the Age,8vo.6s.

6345 Memoirs of Life and Writings of REV. ARTHUR COELIER, also Correspondence with Hoadley, Whiston, Clarke, &c. Sermon on Christ'i Resurrection, Account of his Family, by Benson, 8vo. 6s. (or 6/or 18s.)

6346 Danseus (Lambertus, Reformer at Geneva) Pbysice Christiana, sive Disput. de Her. Crcat. Origine et Usu, 8vo. cf. 2s. Gd. Geneva, 1588

6317 METASTASIO, Select Works, in Italisn, "perfect purity, clearness, elegance, sweetness of language, soft melody, extreme loveliness of his songs, purest concentrated musical extract of stale of man,"Schlegel, selected by Zotti, 2 vols. cf. very nt. 4s. Gd. cost 18s. . 1821

6348 Meteorolog°icnl and Physical Society of Gr. Britain, Journal, edited by GUTCII, complete, Valuable Papers, Admeasurement of Mountains, Climatology of St. Andrew's, Atmospheric Electricity, Phenomena, Pressure, Influence,Aurora Borealis, Barometers, Thermometers, Earthquakes, Fogs, Frost, Hail, Hygrometer, Influence of Seasons on Health, Sec, 8vo. (440 pages) plate, 3s. pub. 25s. . . . 1833

6349 Howard, Climate of London, from Meteorological Obs. made in the Metropolis, and at Various Places Around, best edit. Obs. continued to 1830, 3 vols. Sm. /,11s. 11. lis. Gd. 1833

6350 Ditto, Lectures on Meteorology, " most valuable work," 12mo. Is. pub. 4s. 6d. 1S43


6351 Alder, Wresleyan Missions, their Progress stated, Claims Enforced, cloth, Is. . 1842

6352 Are these things so? Quotations and Remarks (in defence) of what the World calls Methodism, 8vo. 2s. . Priv. Print. 1809

6353 Strictures on Hares, letters to Rev. C. Ethelstun, on Unity of Church, and on Methodistic Schism, addressed to Members (not in a laudatory s/iiril) 8vo. (144 pages) 2s. Gd. 1815

6355 Wesley, Beauties of, most interesting passages from his Works, Life, Will, last Illness and Death, by one of the Preachers, cf. nt. 2s. 1805

6356 Hymns, with Supplement, blue morocco,

gilt leaves, 2s. . Mason, 1846

6357 JOURNALS, remarkable revivals in Gr.

Brit, and Ireland, 1739 till his Death; also Miscell. Articles, 6 vols. sm. 8vo. cf. nt. 10s. 1809

6358 SERMONS, complete, 6 vols. sm. 8vo.

cf. 7s. . . 1803

6359 Ditto,Sermons,complete,8vo.4s.pu6.12s. 1823

6360 Whitfield Chapel, Selection of Hymns, a new supplement to Watts, with Originals, by Brake, morocco, gilt leaves, Is. 6<f. . 1841


6361 Bos Greek Ellipses, translated with Notes, by Seagar, 3s. pub. 9s. Gd. . 1830

6362 Burney de Metris, 8s. cost. 21. 1809

6363 Haephestion de Metris, curante Gaisford, 8vo. hf. russia, 10s. . Clarend Press, 1810

6364 Hermann, Doctrine of Metres, abridged and Translated into English, by Seager, 3s. pub. 8s. Gd.

6365 Mattaire, Greek Dialects, abridged and translated, by Seager, from Stuigius Edition, 3s. Gd. pub. 9s. Gd.

6366 Moscopulas, de usitata, Gr. ex omni aevo, Dipthong. Pronuntist. Doctrina Insignia, e Cod. in Bohemi. Animad Titze, 8vo. Is. Gd. Lips. 1822

6367 Primatt defence of Accented Pronunciation of Greek Prose, showing it Comformable to all Antiquity, with Answers to Mekerchus, J. Vossius, Henninius and other opposers of Greek Accents, thick 8vo. cf. 2s. Gd. . 1764

6368 Viger, de Gr. Dictionis, Hoogeveen, Zeunius, and Herman, Notes, very thick 8vo. 2s. Gd,

Lips. 1822

6369 Metrical Miscellany, chiefly unpublished Poems, by Hon. Erskine, Smyth, Darwin, Soame, Sheridan, Roscoe.Lord Palmerston, Maria Riddell, W. Spencer, &c. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. pub. 6s. 1802

6370 Metrologie, ou Traite des Mesures, Poids et Monnoies des Ancieus Peuples et des Modernes, thick 4to (955 pages) cf. 4s. Pans, 1780

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